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You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: conflicted
Stranger: on the one hand preserving life is what a country should do... on the other hand the woman's freedom and equality should be respected
You: Do you believe that freedom should include the right to take away another person's freedom?
Stranger: no but where does personhood begin?
You: Shouldn't personhood include all human beings?
Stranger: if it isn't at conception, when is it?
You: Why can't it be at conception?
Stranger: no I'm agreeing
You: So you believe that personhood begins at conception?
Stranger: human life should be protected
Stranger: no
Stranger: human life begins at conception
You: But personhood doesn't?
Stranger: do you consider a mentally challenged human a person?
Stranger: no, personhood doesnt begin there, but human life
You: Of course I do.
You: When does personhood begin?
Stranger: when human life begins to think
You: What do you mean by "think"?
Stranger: own thoughts and expressions
Stranger: "i want food" is such an expression
You: Does this extend to other animals as well?
Stranger: no it's not human life
You: Why does it have to be human life?
Stranger: because our topic is abortion?
You: But isn't it important to first establish a definition of personhood before we discuss abortion?
Stranger: it doesn't extend to other animals, because they aren't able to think about future and past....
Stranger: it's instinct for them and they don't actively think about past
You: So you have to be able to think about the future and the past to be a person?
Stranger: yes
You: What about human newborns, who act only on instinct for several months after birth?
Stranger: they are not persons, they are human life
You: But can't they have thoughts like "I want food."?
Stranger: yes i should have clarified
Stranger: an active thought which you can think about itself
Stranger: not instinct
Stranger: so newborns arent included
You: So by your definition, are newborns and those with severe Alzheimer's not persons?
Stranger: newborns arent persons, alzheimer patients were persons, and are now severely limited in their personhood
Stranger: they can plan for a few minutes or for a day
Stranger: so they are human life, no persons anymore
You: If someone is mentally handicapped or degraded to a point where they have the mental age of a newborn, are they a person?
Stranger: no, they are a human
Stranger: and not a person
You: Is it okay to kill them, then?
Stranger: no
Stranger: because human life is protected
You: Should I be allowed to kill a newborn or someone with the mental age of a newborn?
Stranger: it depends
Stranger: no it doesnt depend
Stranger: you should not be allowed
You: What about my freedom?
Stranger: in abortion, its a question if the unborn will prevent a womans freedom
Stranger: if you already have given birth to a newborn, you are responsible for it
Stranger: and if you have already given birth to a baby who will stay a baby mentally forever
Stranger: you are responsible for it
Stranger: you haven't taken measures during or before pregnancy
You: What if it's someone else's baby? Could I kill it then?
Stranger: unborn? no, it's not your body
Stranger: born baby? what are you thinking?
You: What if it's someone else's born baby?
Stranger: human life is protected
You: So my freedom doesn't extend to the taking of human life?
Stranger: it doesnt
Stranger: unless it concerns your body
Stranger: same with unborn and defending yourself
You: What do you mean "defending yourself"?
Stranger: you can take a humans life in defense of your body, if they are threatening to kill you
Stranger: if they severely limit your freedom or want to take away your personhood, you can defend yourself from the threat
You: Should abortion be allowed at 9 months?
Stranger: no
Stranger: you havent been limited by the pregnancy and had enough time to think about how it affects your freedom, now you have a responsibility
You: Have you seen the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!"?
Stranger: no
Stranger: ignorance is really no excuse in law
You: If someone doesn't find out they were pregnant until late in the pregnancy for whatever reason, should they be allowed an abortion at 9 months?
Stranger: they weren't educated, they didn't educate themselves and it is not their fault
Stranger: but being dumb is no excuse
You: But what if they weren't dumb? What if they have a medical condition whose symptoms are very similar to those of pregnancy, and they were using contraception, so they just didn't realize they were pregnant until very late in the pregnancy?
Stranger: it's not dumbness, it's uninformedness and maybe ignorance
Stranger: and with this far into pregnancy, why do you want to abort? it will still be painful
Stranger: the baby can be given to adoption if you so desire
You: What if they fell into a coma before they found out they were pregnant, and only now recovered?
Stranger: but human life is and should be protected, your life now so far into this pregnancy is not being restricted
You: When should the cut-off be for when abortion is allowed?
Stranger: when doctors say so it is
Stranger: really if abortion and healthy delivery are almost the same procedure...
Stranger: girls and women would probably be hurting themselves far more by aborting this far into pregnancy
Stranger: than actually delivering
You: If it's their body, why shouldn't they be allowed to make that decision?
Stranger: because their body is not restricted in any way this far into pregnancy
You: What do you mean?
You: Isn't it much more restricting to be very pregnant?
Stranger: pregnant for a few more days? it would be the same procedure as a delivery but with a dead born!
Stranger: it's restricting to be pregnant, yes!
You: If you're 8 months pregnant, how are you not more restricted than if you are 2 months pregnant?
Stranger: because you could live with it
You: You could live with what?
Stranger: you already were 8 months pregnant
Stranger: you have endured the pregnancy
Stranger: it's not less restricting, but you have apparently had no restrictions whatsoever
You: What if you'd just woken up from a coma?
Stranger: you haven't woken up because of a pregnancy... then you'd have to deliver the baby, because it's healthier for you and the unborn, and it doesn't restrict your freedom
You: So if a woman has just woken up from an 8-month coma and discovers she's pregnant, and she's freaking out and really wants an abortion, she should be denied one/
Stranger: well
You: *?
Stranger: im not a doctor
Stranger: but it would still be roughly the same procedure for a dead baby
Stranger: she would probably freak out more if there is a dead baby coming out of her life-bearing organ
You: If it's her body, shouldn't it be up to her?
Stranger: we're repeating ourselves
Stranger: and yes it is up to her
Stranger: but when it doesn't make a difference, the human life should be protected
You: It makes a difference to her. She really wants to abort.
Stranger: why is she so cruel then?
Stranger: is she sadist and wants to see a dead baby?
You: Does it matter? It's her body, isn't it?
Stranger: it's not her body anymore
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: it's that of another life, too
You: Could you hang on a second while I fix something to eat?
Stranger: she should come to her senses after calming down and think that delivery is really the best option so far into pregnancy
Stranger: of course she will freak out!
Stranger: it's a fucking horror scenario
Stranger: yeahhh im gonna call it a day but its been fun bye...
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Sunday, April 3, 2011


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You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: pro
Stranger: abortion is made of win
Stranger: :D
You: Why?
Stranger: it is cheating life itself, in the words of Eric Cartman
Stranger: i feel no reason to be against it
You: So is murder.
Stranger: no
Stranger: that is ending life
You: So is abortion.
Stranger: cheating it is disallowing it in the first place
Stranger: abortion is not ending life
You: You're thinking of contraception.
You: Abortion ends a life.
Stranger: no
Stranger: it prevents life from beginning
You: abor·tion noun \ə-ˈbȯr-shən\
Definition of ABORTION

: the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: as
Stranger: and personally, i dont even care if it is murder
Stranger: it is not a self aware organism
You: Contraception prevents a life from beginning.
Stranger: it is a group of cells
You: So? It's still alive.
Stranger: so yes it is murder
You: Cells are units of life.
Stranger: but so is taking antibiotics
Stranger: so you go to hell for taking cough medicine?
Stranger: is that what youre saying?
You: So you have to be self-aware to have rights?
Stranger: so you disable your immune system?
Stranger: to save all those little single celled organisms who are living off of you?
Stranger: all the little bugs?
You: Are you saying only self-aware human beings have rights?
Stranger: no
Stranger: I am saying that people, self aware or not
Stranger: do not have rights
Stranger: you only have what you think you should have
Stranger: what you choose to have
Stranger: what you CAN and WILL take
Stranger: as a right
Stranger: the US army has spent years murdering people in afghanistan
Stranger: that is supported by christians
You: So is it okay to kill a newborn, who has no concept of "rights", and thus cannot claim any?
You: I don't give a crap what Christians support.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: yes
Stranger: and its not a newborn
Stranger: it is a foetus
You: I wasn't asking about a fetus.
You: I asked about a newborn.
You: Is it okay to kill a newborn?
Stranger: it is ok to kill anything that could do you harm
Stranger: I mean, shit, it happens in the animal kingdom all the time
Stranger: it is a natural process
Stranger: Lions will kill a lioness's cubs so she will be open to mating
Stranger: it is NATURAL
You: So there would be nothing wrong with just going around and shooting up a local preschool? Someone who did that should face no reprocussions?
Stranger: Depends entirely why they did it
Stranger: if it were a preschool in afghanistan
Stranger: where the taliban were hiring childrent
Stranger: who would be raised to fight
Stranger: and shoot
Stranger: and kill
Stranger: then yes
Stranger: it would be alright
Stranger: everything is subject to perspective
You: Why? What's wrong with what the Taliban are doing?
Stranger: what, raising children to fight?
You: According to you, it's totally natural to kill people.
Stranger: oh yes it is
You: How can you judge the Taliban as wrong?
Stranger: I never said it was wrong
Stranger: but it is in our nature to save ourselves at the cost of others
Stranger: to make it so that there is no competition
Stranger: hence, eliminate the opposition
You: Should a mother be allowed to kill her four-month-old child to make her life easier?
Stranger: well, it would be preferable to have an abortion before hand (WHICH IS WHY ABORTION IS THERE DUUUUUUUH), or to drop the kid off at an orphanage
Stranger: but, yes, if it were dependant on the survival of the mother, yes
Stranger: again, this is something natural
Stranger: i mean, if the mother died anyway, the child would die anyway
You: Why would it be preferable to have an abortion or drop the kid at an orphanage?
Stranger: because that would limit the suffering of the child with the same outcome for the mother
Stranger: I am not pro-suffering
Stranger: i am just anti-illogical
You: But suffering is natural.
Stranger: suffering is natural
Stranger: but so is the base instinct to avoid suffering at any cost
Stranger: that is why people feel pain
Stranger: and fear
Stranger: :/
You: And so is the base instinct not to kill your offspring.
Stranger: as proven by the points above
You: The mother's life is not put at danger by the four-month-old, but you still said she can kill him.
Stranger: I said if it put the mothers life in danger
Stranger: :/
Stranger: durr
You: You said she could kill the child if it was dependent on her.
You: You said nothing about her life being in danger.
Stranger: on her survival
Stranger: dependant on her survival
Stranger: QUOTE
Stranger: :
Stranger: but, yes, if it were dependant on the survival of the mother, yes
Stranger: if the mother's survival depended on it
Stranger: DURR
You: "If it were dependent on the survival of the mother" and "if the mother's survival depended on it" are different things.
Stranger: no they arent
You: In fact, they're opposites.
Stranger: same thing phrased differently
You: There's a difference between "A depends on B" and "B is dependent on A"
Stranger: pah
Stranger: whatever
Stranger: my point still stands
You: If her life didn't depend on killing him, should she be allowed to?
Stranger: it doesnt mean I was wrong
Stranger: it depends on the situation
Stranger: if the child were to suffer needlessly before dying anyway, then yes
You: The child is a healthy child; she just wants to kill him to make her life easier.
Stranger: in what way easier?
You: She doesn't have to take care of him anymore.
Stranger: what way would she kill him?
Stranger: would it suffer?
You: Not for long.
Stranger: then, well, if she has the stones to do it herself, then yes
Stranger: as you say
Stranger: there is a base instince
Stranger: instinct to preserve the life of the child
You: She tried to smother him.
Stranger: if she can do it yes
You: She should be allowed to?
Stranger: it takes a lot of willpower to overcome the mothering instinct
Stranger: yes
Stranger: why not?
You: Because she tried to murder her son!
Stranger: so?
You: So that's wrong!
Stranger: it makes it more of a crime than murdering a complete stranger in the name of your country?
Stranger: for reasons that someone else chooses?
You: I'm not for murdering foreigners either!
Stranger: it is not your place to tell people what to do or why
Stranger: you cannot force your opinions on other people
Stranger: just because you see it as right
Stranger: it doesnt make it right
Stranger: logic and reason should overcome the teachings of a society wrapped in bubbles and sunshine
Stranger: the world is a cruel harsh place
You: If someone decided to run into an elementary school, rape the kids, slowly torture the teachers, and set the place on fire, there would be nothing wrong with that?
Stranger: there would be a lot wrong with that
Stranger: that is a goal of hatred and rage
Stranger: of inflicting pain
Stranger: I said earlier that I do not support SUFFERING
You: Should they be allowed to do it?
Stranger: No
You: Why not?
Stranger: because that is an agenda of inflicting suffering and pain needlessly
Stranger: it is illogica
Stranger: illogical
Stranger: and stupid
You: According to you.
You: Why is it your place to tell people what to do or why?
Stranger: it isnt
You: You can't force your opinions on other people.
Stranger: it is my place to say what is logical or not
Stranger: because logic is basic
Stranger: like maths
Stranger: a universal absolute
You: You said he shouldn't be allowed to do that.
Stranger: Im not forcing it
Stranger: im not stopping anyone from doing
Stranger: it
Stranger: im not going out of my way to
Stranger: stop them
You: Oh, right, I misread.
Stranger: I just think that they shouldnt
Stranger: Im not saying that I wont allow them to
You: Wait, no I read it right.
You: You: Should they be allowed to do it?
Stranger: No
You: You said they shouldn't be allowed to do it.
Stranger: SHOULD
Stranger: it is a question of given that you could choose for it not to happen or for it to happen
Stranger: not ''would you force them not to''
You: If they did do it, should they face consequences?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: because it is NOT NESSESSARY
Stranger: there is a law
Stranger: ''what is nessessary, is legal''
Stranger: nessessary
Stranger: that is not nessessary
You: Neither is abortion.
Stranger: it is not something in which your life would hang in the balance if it did or did not happen
Stranger: and abortion can be
You: I'm not saying I'm against life-saving emergency abortions.
Stranger: you said abortion in general
You: 99% of abortions aren't.
Stranger: is it now ok to decide WHEN abortion is ok?
Stranger: thats rather hypocritical dont you think?
You: You're the one who said murder is okay WHEN it's necessary.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: and I said that from the beginning
Stranger: at the beginning of this conversation
Stranger: you said abortion is murder
Stranger: and murder is wrong
You: So aren't you a hypocrite?
Stranger: ergo
Stranger: abortion is wrong
Stranger: but OH WAIT
Stranger: NOW
Stranger: its oh, abortion is wrong EXCEPT WHEN
Stranger: dot dot dot
You: When did I say abortion was murder?
Stranger: and no
Stranger: right about here
Stranger: So is murder.
You: no
You: that is ending life
Stranger: So is abortion.
You: cheating it is disallowing it in the first place
You: abortion is not ending life
Stranger: You're thinking of contraception.
Stranger: Abortion ends a life.
You: no
You: it prevents life from beginning
Stranger: abor·tion noun ə-ˈbȯr-shən\nDefinition of ABORTION

: the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: as
Stranger: there
You: I said it ended a life.
You: I didn't say it was murder.
Stranger: which you called murder
Stranger: ending a life is murder apparently
You: Squares, rectangles.
Stranger: ''so is murder'' ''so is abortion''
Stranger: you alikened them to the same thing
Stranger: gave them the same definition
Stranger: made them out to be equal
You: Abortion and murder are both ending life, but that doesn't mean abortion is murder.
You: Riddle me this, is an apple an orange?
Stranger: one, dont say riddle me this
Stranger: it is sad
Stranger: :/
Stranger: and two, likening two things to one another or equivilising two things to one another, especially in the manner you were, is IMPLYING that they were the same thing
Stranger: and you were implying for the sake of your argument
Stranger: and I know
You: I implied nothing. You inferred.
Stranger: IMPLYING is not the same as saying
Stranger: but hey
Stranger: dont be pedantic
You: Apples and oranges are both fruits. Does that mean that apples are oranges or that oranges are apples?
You: No.
Stranger: but they are both fruits
You: Abortion is homicide, and in some cases homicide is not wrong.
You: And abortion and murder are both taking life.
You: That doesn't mean abortion is murder.
Stranger: ha
Stranger: now youre arguing my side of the argument for me
Stranger: this is awesome
You: No, I'm not.
You: I'm just saying you're arguing against a strawman.
Stranger: no
Stranger: im arguing against an idiot
You: Abortion is an act of homicide. Like all homicide, it is sometimes wrong and sometimes not.
You: If it is to save your life, like homicide in general, it is sad but acceptable.
You: Otherwise, it's wrong.
You: Okay, it looks like we're misunderstanding each other. :/
Stranger: no
Stranger: looks like YOU misunderstood me
Stranger: and then tried to outwit me
Stranger: and make me look a tool
You: You misunderstood my point about murder.
Stranger: but poorly applying ethics
You: How do you feel about abortion that is not done to save the mother's life?
Stranger: if it is to end a child that will suffer
Stranger: pro
Stranger: frankly, im just generally pro abortion
Stranger: fuck it
Stranger: not my problem
Stranger: im not gunna stop people doing to their body what they want to do
You: The fetus isn't their body, though; the fetus is another organism.
Stranger: which is inside their bodyt
You: Yes.
Stranger: the fetus is
Stranger: a parasite
You: "Inside" and "part of" are not the same thing.
Stranger: and it is part of at that point too
Stranger: it shares the same circulatory system
You: That's not true.
Stranger: it is
Stranger: thats what the ambilical chord is for duh
You: Nutrient exchange occurs through the placenta.
Stranger: indeed it does
Stranger: but before a heart is formed
Stranger: the ovum depends entirely upon mother's nutrients
You: Nutrients, yes.
You: And the nutrients come from her circulatory system.
Stranger: so it is a part of her body
You: They do not, however, share a circulatory system.
Stranger: just like a cancerous tumor
Stranger: they do at that point
Stranger: until the foetus develops a circulatory system of its own
You: The mother's blood never enters the fetus, only the nutrients.
Stranger: the blood never enters muscle tissue either
Stranger: that process occours by diffusion too
Stranger: does that mean a muscle does not share the circulatory system with the organism?
You: Are you denying that the embryo is an organism?
Stranger: no
Stranger: all cells are organisms
You: No, they aren't.
Stranger: every cell is a seperate organism
Stranger: yes they are
You: Yes, but not all cells are organisms.
You: Some cells are part of organisms.
You: I am an organism. My thumb is not.
Stranger: how are you defining organsim right now?
Stranger: because the organelles in a cell are the cell's organs if you want to be pedantic
Stranger: which makes all cells organisms
You: No, they aren't.
You: They're cells, parts of a larger organism.
Stranger: so youre classing organism as a creature made up of lots of systems built up of seperate organs?
You: I'm not here to teach you 7th grade biology.
Stranger: im checking to what level youre classing organism
Stranger: I do A level biology
You: The fetus is not part of the mother.
Stranger: it is up to a certain stage of development
You: The fetus is dependent on her, yes.
You: But not a part of her.
Stranger: until it develops its own systems
Stranger: it is not an organism
Stranger: and until it becomes a seperate organism it is a part of the mother
Stranger: therefore it is the mother's right
Stranger: and even AFTER it becomes an organism
You: The fetus is a separate organism from conception. This is BASIC SCIENCE.
Stranger: by the points I have just made, no it is not
Stranger: Organism is a creature made up of lots of seperate systems
You: An organism that is dependent on another is still an organism
Stranger: if the creature does not have systems
Stranger: it is not an organism
Stranger: by your own BASIC SCIENCE DEFINITION
You: You're putting words in my mouth.
Stranger: a body made up of organs
Stranger: that is the definition of an organism
You: You said that, not me.
Stranger: that is THE DEFINITION
Stranger: without organs
Stranger: it is NOT an organism
Stranger: if it is not an organism
You: zygote
The single-celled organism that results from the joining of the egg and sperm.
Stranger: it is a part of the mother
Stranger: that is the SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM definition
Stranger: made up of organelles
Stranger: which is what I asked you before you jackass
You: Not all cells are organisms.
Stranger: that also means that every cell in the body is an organism
You: A zygote is.
Stranger: form of life, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protist, or fungus; a body made up of organs, organelles, or other parts that work together to carry on the various processes of life.
Stranger: all cells have organelles used to carry out the functions of life
Stranger: all cells are, therefore by that definition, organisms
Stranger: you have just been scienced
Stranger: now stfu
Stranger: :P
You: No.
Stranger: yes
You: A cell is PART of an organism.
Stranger: so is a zygote
Stranger: a zygote carries the INFORMATION for an organism
Stranger: but at the joining stage of sperm and egg
Stranger: it is still a cell
You: zygote One-celled organism resulting from fertilization. (40)
Stranger: which is, TECHNICALLY an organism
You: The sperm and egg merge to form a little single-celled organism called a zygote
You: The human body is an organism.
You: No, individual cells in a human ARE NOT ORGANISMS.
Stranger: yes they are
You: No, they aren't. They're cells.
Stranger: The cell is the functional basic unit of life
You: Yes, they're what multicellular organisms are made of.
You: Cells are no more organisms than fingers are people.
Stranger: and, standalone, they are themselves single celled organisms
You: No, they're cells.
Stranger: a finger, along, if you left it with food would not survive
You: Not all cells are organisms.
Stranger: a cell in the human body, if left with food, would flourish, and grow, and divide
Stranger: it has organelles which carry out the basic functions of life
Stranger: which is the definition of organism
You: If you just plop a cell next to a hamburger, it would die.
Stranger: if you plop a zygote next to a hamburger it would die too
Stranger: JACKASS
Stranger: >:/
You: If you took a finger and pumped blood through it so all of its cells got nutrients, it wouldn't die.
Stranger: but then it would be attatched to a circulatory system
You: So?
Stranger: so it could not survive without the whole
Stranger: it could not survive on its own
Stranger: any cell in the human body could
You: It needs something to get the nutrients to its cells. An ad hoc "circulatory system" is the most efficient way to do that.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: so it cannot stand alone
Stranger: a cell can
Stranger: but look
Stranger: i need to go in a min
Stranger: ive loved this convo
Stranger: do you have an email address
You: Yeah.
Stranger: we could continue?
Stranger: awesome
Stranger: Ill see you later bro
Stranger: :L
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