Friday, October 22, 2010

Be consistent at least!

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You: Heya. How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: you're a male
Stranger: well, i feel it's subjective
Stranger: and it's up to the individual
You: How about infanticide?
Stranger: that's pretty heinous
Stranger: murder in general is pretty deplorable
You: Isn't infanticide subjective too?
Stranger: yes. I said that.
You: Not everyone thinks it's wrong.
Stranger: I agree. I don't think it's wrong.
You: You don't think infanticide is wrong?
Stranger: I'm referring to abortion. infanticide is wrong
You: Isn't infanticide subjective?
Stranger: actually, I don't have a clear definition of infanticide. I'd need more info. it sounds like murder of babies.
Stranger: I suppose everything is.
You: Infanticide is the killing of infants.
Stranger: even that statement
Stranger: ah, then I see that as wrong. But someone else may not therefore it is subjective
You: Why do you see it as wrong?
Stranger: because it's killing a human being I suppose
You: And the same person isn't a human being before birth?
Stranger: The mother has that say so
Stranger: Is the mother of her pack wrong when she eats her baby to survive?
You: What?
Stranger: or so that the rest will survive
You: Does the mother have the say so to kill her newborn?
Stranger: not once it's born
You: Does she get to decide if her toddler is human?
Stranger: No. Most likely it's human if it's come out of her?
Stranger: Should be a period up there
You: How so?
Stranger: 10 fingers and all that
Stranger: walking upright. two legs.
Stranger: breathes air
You: Right, because newborns walk upright.
Stranger: if you hold em up. I'm saying it's human that's all.
You: If you're born without fingers or without arms, are you not human?
Stranger: You started this conversation. If you don't like what I have to say then you can leave.
You: I just don't get it.
Stranger: You're totally human. Came out of a human vagina and grew from a sperm? Probably qualifies you.
Stranger: I've a friend with six fingers. She's a human. Don't feel bad though. She had to convince me too.
You: The unborn child also came from two humans.
Stranger: That's true.
You: I don't see any species the baby could belong to but H. sapiens.
Stranger: It's human. I'll give you that. But it's still unborn.
You: So?
You: What makes born humans more important?
Stranger: So if it's not born can it be killed?
Stranger: Your issue is with the killing of infants right?
You: Would it be okay to kill a premature baby?
Stranger: No, it's already been born.
You: One that was born, but early?
You: Would it be okay to kill a full-term unborn baby?
Stranger: He just got to the party early. You don't kill someone for that. You say, "Thanks for being prompt."
You: If a baby is late to the party, can you kill them, as long as it's before birth?
Stranger: I don't think so. I think up until the second trimester or something. I forget where the law stands.
Stranger: HAHAHAH
Stranger: that was awesome
You: Why the second trimester?
You: What?
You: You sounded like you were saying being unborn made it okay to kill you.
Stranger: I don't know. The law says that abortion is okay before the second trimester or something
Stranger: you can't be killed if you're not born
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: killing means taking away/ceasing life. To have life you must be born. If you're not born then you're not alive.
You: How can something that's not alive grow, develop, metabolize, maintain homeostasis, respond to stimuli, and so on?
You: And would infanticide be okay if it was legal?
Stranger: It doesn't do all that until a certain point right? After that point figure you shouldn't abort. I think legalizing infanticide is a bad idea. Why would you suggest that?
Stranger: Are you a nazi?
You: No, I'm not.
You: And the child does those from conception.
Stranger: Well, I'll assume you are one until you prove otherwise.
You: You do know what metabolism and homeostasis are, right?
Stranger: Nope. I retract my statement. I'm clearly not schooled enough to have an opinion here. Which is all the more reason for the mother to have a say so and not me.
You: Should the mother have a say so as to the humanity of her born children?
Stranger: No. Most likely it'll be human.
Stranger: Unless it's the anti-christ. Then we should snip that bud like nobody's business.
You: Biologically, the child is human from conception.
Stranger: Go on...
Stranger: i've already agreed to it being human
You: So why is it okay to kill such a human being? You said she shouldn't have say so with her newborn because the newborn is a human.
Stranger: Well that wasn't a well thought out statement obviously. haha
You: Why is it wrong to kill one human being but not another?
Stranger: It's wrong to kill a human being.
You: Are we not equal, with certain unalienable rights, among these being the right to life?
You: So it is wrong to kill an unborn child.
You: Stranger: i've already agreed to it being human
Stranger: It's wrong to kill a human being.
Stranger: Perhaps I was wrong then. But it isn't considered killing by some people. Again, subjectivity.
Stranger: Is it wrong to waste my sperm?
You: Biologically, it is killing.
You: Your sperm are part of your body.
You: I don't see how it would be any wronger than skinning your knee.
Stranger: I mean, they're all potentially human right? So i'm killing millions of people when I jack off. I'm practically Hitler over here.
Stranger: So isn't an unborn baby part of a woman's body? What with being inside her and connected to her and all
You: They all have the potential to contribute to half the genome of a human being. An unborn baby is already a human being.
You: No, not at all.
Stranger: Or what about you when you let guys you're with wear a condom? You're effectively not letting your eggs have a chance at life. That's worse than killing the part of your body or "skinning" your unborn baby
You: An egg has the potential to contribute to half the genome of a human being. An unborn baby is already a human being.
Stranger: What if it's a stillbirth? Why go through that later?
Stranger: you could finish it off early on
You: The baby has to be fed through the placenta, indirectly, and inhibit her immune system or else the mother's body will expel the baby as a foreign intruder.
You: If the baby's already dead, I don't see a problem with removing a corpse. In fact, if you don't it will rot and cause infection.
Stranger: Whatever it is, killing as you say, is up to the mother. It's part of her body. She feeds it and carries it and is one with her until she births it. Farbeit from me to feel I can tell her what she can do with it. You however, feel you can tell her what to do with it.
You: The baby is NOT a part of her body.
Stranger: I'm not sure if you're trying to change my mind on the subject. I say it's okay and it's up to the mother. That's pretty much it. I don't think I can make you understand if you choose not to.
Stranger: Really? That umbellical cord says otherwise.
Stranger: If I yank that baby out it's not going to hurt the mother then right?
You: So you don't think two organisms can's be physically connected?
You: Plenty of organisms attach to other organisms for nutrition.
You: Or what about conjoined twins?
Stranger: I do. I just said that. Here let me quote myself for you: "She feeds it and carries it and is one with her until she births it"
You: She feeds and carries the baby, true, but that does not make it part of her.
Stranger: So it is You don't think they're connected. Here, I'll quote you: "The baby is NOT a part of her body."
Stranger: we're saying the same thing
You: They ARE connected.
Stranger: then why did you say they aren't?
You: Being connected to someone and being part of then is not the same thing.
Stranger: I say different. Yet another thing we disagree on.
You: Is it okay to kill a born baby if the cord isn't out yet?
Stranger: haha nope
You: How come?
Stranger: I told you at some point early on in the pregnancy it's okay to terminate that little parasite.
Stranger: Are you effectively trying to change my mind?
You: I'm just asking questions.
You: Is it okay to kill the baby at 9 months?
Stranger: well I'm tired of talking about this. I've stated my position several times. You seem like a level headed woman though. Is your daughter pregnant? Are you Sarah Palin?
You: No, no, and no.
Stranger: So you're not a level headed woman?
You: Nope.
Stranger: I suppose you aren't, Sarah.
Stranger: I really dig that porno you were in.
You: I'm a dude.
Stranger: Your best political move was getting into porn. Kudos.
Stranger: hahah sarah palin is a dude
Stranger: anyhow, i have other people to not be preached to by. have a good one, lady.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Omegle always flakes on the long ones.

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You: Heya. How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: pro-choice
You: Could you specify?
Stranger: ...
Stranger: how much more specific do you want me to be?
You: Pro-choice through all 9 months for all reasons?
Stranger: yup
You: If a woman was past her due date and wanted to do it for funzies, that'd be okay with you?
Stranger: thatd be stupid, but yeah
You: What if she was paster her due date but the baby had been born?
Stranger: thats not an abortion, thats infanticide
Stranger: which im against
You: Why?
You: It's the same baby, maybe even older.
You: How about a baby born premature?
Stranger: if a woman bears it to birth, shes stuck with it
Stranger: or can put it up for adoption, but, yknow
You: So killing a 29-week premie is wrong but killing a 42-week postterm baby is fine?
Stranger: stop trying to make me look like a bastard
You: What is it about the vagina that means passing through one magically gives you rights?
Stranger: if a woman doesnt want the baby, shed probably get an abortion as soon as she found out
You: That's not what I'm asking.
Stranger: yeah, youre asking me questions about situations that are unlikely to occur
You: You said if a woman was past her due date, it'd be okay with you for her to kill the baby.
Stranger: but stupid
You: But you don't think it's wrong.
You: Yet the exact same baby less than a foot away would have the right to not be killed?
You: Or an even younger, less developed baby even?
You: Why is it morally acceptable in your mind to kill a baby at 9 months old, one that could certainly survive outside the womb, but that a movement of less than a foot causes it to be morally repugnant?
You: What about a change in his or her position grants any rights he or she did not already have?
You: Does where you are have that much of an impact on who you are?
You: Hello?
Stranger is typing...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Any forums you frequent?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: im gonna own you
You: Hey there.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: oh
Stranger: good opener
Stranger: i dont have a big opinion
Stranger: but if i got knocked up
Stranger: id probably do it
You: Is it the baby's fault?
Stranger: so i dont care about what others do
Stranger: of course not
Stranger: how could it be
You: So why should the baby be killed?
Stranger: well the baby is not in a position to fight for its life
Stranger: it is at the mercy of the mother
Stranger: it cannot say anything
Stranger: so its convenient for the mother
You: Is it okay to kill newborns, then?
Stranger: it is harder to swallow morally
Stranger: because you can see them
Stranger: and they can respond to you
You: So can unborn babies.
Stranger: well
Stranger: if its just an egg with some jizz in it its not so responsive
You: What?
You: You don't understand how human development works, do you?
Stranger: probably not as good as you
Stranger: but eh
Stranger: care to enlighten me
You: When the sperm and egg meet, a whole new organism is created.
Stranger: well duh
You: By the time abortions happen, the baby has a beating heart.
Stranger: yea
Stranger: cows have a beating heart
Stranger: are you a vegetarian
Stranger: possibyl a bad argument
You: The baby is also a human being.
Stranger: yea
Stranger: thought youd say that
Stranger: ummmmmmm
Stranger: well
Stranger: theres a lot of things that have potential that never reach it
Stranger: not just little babies
You: My point was that abortions don't kill "an egg with some jizz in it"
Stranger: ha yea got it
You: I'm not talking about potential.
Stranger: oh
Stranger: alright
You: I'm talking about unborn babies that are human right now.
Stranger: well yea
Stranger: and you kill them
Stranger: its murder
Stranger: but its convenient
You: So is murder for convenience okay?
Stranger: and its a personal decision-if your morals dont stop you from it
Stranger: why shouldnt it be
Stranger: its not harming anyone else
Stranger: but teh victim
Stranger: the*
You: A teen mom recently killed her baby 4 months after birth "to make her life easier".
You: Was that okay?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: well who am i to say what is ok
You: Is it okay to own a slave?
Stranger: i dont even like the idea of judging people who kill for fun
Stranger: i could not be a judge or a lwyer
Stranger: law*
Stranger: i dont like the idea of prison even
Stranger: even though i know its nessecary
Stranger: but no its not ok for slave
You: Why not?
Stranger: because you are no better than the slave
You: Lots of people believed it was perfectly moral to own a slave.
Stranger: so why should you command it
You: Why is a plantation owner not allowed to make the personal decision to own a slave when his morals don't stop him?
Stranger: i like your arguments
Stranger: they are tricky to counter
Stranger: well
Stranger: the slave also has power to defend his rights
You: Not really.
Stranger: well
You: If he stands up he is beaten or even killed.
Stranger: the owner can see his desire for freedom
Stranger: and it is more real
Stranger: than an unborn babies
Stranger: in my opinion
Stranger: the slave is level with the owner as a human
You: So it's only wrong to kill someone if they can stand up for themselves?
Stranger: no
You: The wholesale slaughter of the weak and defenseless is okay?
You: Why not?
Stranger: but it deals with a whole other set of morals
Stranger: when you see the victim fighting back
Stranger: so if someone owned a slave
Stranger: um
Stranger: i dunno what i was getting at
You: Was it okay for the mother to kill her baby 4 months after birth?
Stranger: all i can say is, yes it is ok, and then look like a heartless person
Stranger: after?
You: Yeah.
You: She said she did it to "make her life easier"
Stranger: well
Stranger: the other thing thats tricky
Stranger: it is hard to tell someone to NOT do somethin
Stranger: g
Stranger: when its their body
Stranger: so when the baby is in a woman, its like a part of hera
Stranger: its like her arm or her leg
Stranger: you canot stop her from doing whta she wants with it
Stranger: sure you can tell her it is wrong
You: The baby is his or her own person, not an appendage of her mother.
Stranger: but its difficult to justify forcing her to have the baby
Stranger: because she feels that it is part of her
You: So?
Stranger: yea i suppose
Stranger: so what
You: A plantation owner feels his slave is his property.
Stranger: yup
You: That doesn't make it true.
Stranger: mhm
Stranger: haha
Stranger: you got me stranger
Stranger: not fully though
Stranger: but i never think about this
Stranger: because im a young boy
You: For a young boy you have some pretty sick views.
Stranger: and i have never met anyone in that situation
Stranger: oh i do
You: No offense.
Stranger: i was kind of playing teh devils advocate
Stranger: for your benifit
You: So you don't really believe those things?
Stranger: so we could reach a destinatiion in the argument
Stranger: ummm
Stranger: i could never say what i would do exactly untill it happened to me
Stranger: but if i thought enough about it
Stranger: i could probably reach the same place that you are at
Stranger: but i would never try to force any of it on someone else
You: Do you really think that it's okay to kill someone as long as they can't fight back or get angry at you?
Stranger: i dont
Stranger: but
Stranger: its important to realize why you cant
Stranger: so i asked that querstion
Stranger: i mean honestly, the next door neighbor is annoying, why don yuo just kill him
Stranger: then yuo have to think
You: Okay, thank God.
Stranger: why not?
Stranger: and then you realize
Stranger: taht each person is like you
Stranger: and you are not in any position to destroy others
Stranger: haha
Stranger: 'destroy'
Stranger: yea
Stranger: well
Stranger: there you go
You: Okay.
You: What do you mean "but i would never try to force any of it on someone else"?
Stranger: well if i knew a girl that was thinking about getting an abortion
Stranger: i wouldnt give my opinion
Stranger: because i dont feel strongly enough about it
Stranger: and i am not sure about anything
Stranger: so i would let her decide and not interfer
Stranger: e
You: If a girl you knew was going to kill her born child, would you speak up, or would you just let her do what she wanted?
Stranger: i would let her do what she wanted
Stranger: no
Stranger: shit
Stranger: i read that wrong
Stranger: you said 'born' again
Stranger: haha
Stranger: of course i would not allow taht
You: Why not?
Stranger: thats where i can safely determine what i know to be wrong
Stranger: and what is unclear
Stranger: i can see the babies potential and his responses
Stranger: so its different
You: So if you can't see someone as easily they loose their right to live?
Stranger: its not the sight
Stranger: its the lack of understanding
Stranger: of the condition of an egg
Stranger: and what it can DO'
Stranger: as an egg
You: There's no longer any egg after fertilization.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i have a hypathetical
You: There's a human being.
Stranger: what if tehre was a magic fairy
Stranger: and she could do something miracul;ous
Stranger: she cold turn stones into people
Stranger: every time you throw a rock in the lake
Stranger: yuo are killlng a baby
Stranger: but really you arent right?
Stranger: your just throwing a rock
Stranger: you dont know how it work
Stranger: s
You: What?
You: I don't get it.
Stranger: ok
You: Those rocks aren't babies.
Stranger: not YET
You: They're not people.
Stranger: not YET they arent
Stranger: but they can be turned into babies
Stranger: just with a flick of a magic wand
You: An unborn baby doesn't need to be turned into anything.
Stranger: its turned into a born baby
Stranger: right
You: The baby is already a human being and already had human rights.
You: Not really.
Stranger: but its unborn and its at a smaller level of conciesness
You: No more than a toddler is turned into a child or a child into a teen.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: much different
You: How is it different?
Stranger: an unborn baby is at the bare minimal of human existence. it can barely think
Stranger: its thoughts are so minimal
Stranger: it may not have concern for its life
Stranger: it may not know what it means to be alive
You: So your right to live is determined by your throughts?
Stranger: perhaps it is
You: thoughts*
Stranger: who knows
You: Even a newborn baby acts purely on instinct.
Stranger: dude
Stranger: theres people
Stranger: in the world
Stranger: whoa re on both sides of this and its very popular
Stranger: on each side
Stranger: there are geniouses
Stranger: smart people
Stranger: who think about it a lot
Stranger: you have to admit that there is reason to both sides
You: There were smart people arguing for slavery and against sufferage for women.
Stranger: how can you just say that one is right and the other is wrong
Stranger: uhhh
Stranger: hah i dont know what to say
Stranger: and those smart people were challenged by smarter people
Stranger: and they lost
Stranger: end of debate
You: Yeah.
Stranger: this is happening right now with this topic
You: Was it okay to own a slave back when there was still a debate?
Stranger: im not saying i need to wait for some smart guy to tell me that it is wrong
Stranger: if i lived when tehre were slaves
Stranger: i might not tell someone that it is wrong
Stranger: to own one
You: Why not?
Stranger: well
Stranger: its the common situation
Stranger: im not a preacher
You: Would you tell a man in the olden days that it's wrong to rape his wife?
Stranger: uhhh
Stranger: probably
You: It used to be that nothing between a husband and wife was considered rape, even legally.
You: It took a Supreme Court decision to change that.
Stranger: dude
Stranger: what do you do for a living
Stranger: how old are you
Stranger: you make sense
You: Let's skip right to the part where you suggest I be a lawyer, lol
Stranger: haha not quite
Stranger: yuo need to be heartless for that job
You: Haha, true.
Stranger: i could be a lawyer because i could defend any side
You: FYI, it's not that I make sense.
You: You just don't make any sense.
You: ;)
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: i take offence to that
You: lol
Stranger: but really
Stranger: hot old are you
Stranger: im curious
Stranger: im 17
You: You are the one saying you wouldn't've stood up against slavery.
You: Same.
Stranger: well if it were presented as a case in a corthouse
Stranger: i could willingly take either side
Stranger: is what i meant
You: But you wouldn't've told anyone it was wrong.
Stranger: im skeptical about everything
Stranger: so i rarely make decisions like that
Stranger: i dunn
Stranger: o
Stranger: why did you open with that question
You: Because it's a more interesting conversation than "asl".
Stranger: i hate 'asl'
Stranger: with a passion
You: Yeah.
Stranger: did you see how i opened
Stranger: before you said it
Stranger: i said 'im gonna own you'
Stranger: so if you had nothing to bring to the table i could have pretended to be some clown or whatnot
Stranger: but i quickly abandoned that rout
You: Yeah, I didn't get that.
Stranger: hah
Stranger: nothing to get
You: Okay.
Stranger: how many others have there been
Stranger: that have had this same argument
You: Huh?
Stranger: with you
Stranger: i mean
Stranger: how many other people have you done this too
You: Hmm.
You: I'm not counting.
Stranger: but not just me
You: Yeah.
Stranger: how do i rank on the scale of entertaining arguments
You: I don't know.
You: Tell me how you really feel, not playing Devil's advocate.
Stranger: i thought i explained
Stranger: i cannot decide
Stranger: i do see the sense in your argument
Stranger: but i also understand the pregnant girls situation, even if it is wrong, who am i to stop it
Stranger: its unclear to me
Stranger: how it works
Stranger: in teh womb
You: The same person you are to stop her from killing her born child or from owning a slave or shoot up a school.
You: A defender of the rights of the innocent.
Stranger: what if you found out that reincarnation is true
Stranger: and every insect at some point will be a human being
Stranger: does that mean every time you kill a bug you are doing the same thing as abortion
Stranger: perhaps
You: We've gone over this before.
Stranger: yes
You: The baby is already human.
Stranger: i dont know that
Stranger: how do you define 'human'
You: Also, if there's reincarnation, killing the bug actually would be the opposite.
Stranger: a human has to think for themself, have awareness of the past and see their future
You: That's not true.
Stranger: thats what some might say
Stranger: how can you be the one to correctly define a human
You: Newborns are human, and they don't do any of those.
Stranger: who can say what we really are no one knows
You: Biologists have defined a human already. A human is any organism of the species H. sapiens.
Stranger: dude
Stranger: your not open
Stranger: to this idea
You: Are newborns not human?
Stranger: there is some crazy professor somewhere that thinks we should murder babies that are born with mental illnesses
Stranger: even after they are born
Stranger: he defines a human differently
Stranger: but tehre is no denying that the man is very very smart
You: He defines a person differently.
Stranger: exactly
You: He does not deny that a baby is a human being.
You: But there are intelligent Nazis even.
Stranger: what do you like to do for fun
You: Play Tetris.
Stranger: for reals
Stranger: that sucks
You: ?
Stranger: you just play tetrus
Stranger: ris*
You: Tetris is awesome what you talkin' 'bout?
Stranger: ha well it gets boring
Stranger: what do you do when your not playing tetris
Stranger: ]or not on any video game or computer
You: Politics.
Stranger: of course
Stranger: well sir
Stranger: i dont know what to say
You: Just a sec.
Stranger: i can say what you would say
Stranger: if i said this
Stranger: women and blacks had voices to speak up for themselves
Stranger: unborn babies dont
Stranger: and you would say
You: Neither do born babies.
Stranger: i said that already
Stranger: but i mean
Stranger: you would say that you its not right to kill someone just because they cannot defend themselves with a voice
Stranger: and i would say well sure
Stranger: but thats why this topic is so controversial because there are no unborn babies speaking up for themselves
Stranger: no one knows what the REALLY feel like about the issue
Stranger: juts like animal abuse in big farm companies, who will be the one to speak up for the poor chickens
You: Did you ever answer my question about if it was okay for that mom to kill her baby 4 months after birth?
Stranger: yes i said tisnt
Stranger: he is nto voiceless though
You: Huh?
Stranger: that baby can speak with his smile
Stranger: and hiss cuteness
Stranger: the public can see it
Stranger: and no one wants to kill that
You: She did.
You: She killed him to "make her life easier".
Stranger: well she would go to jail
Stranger: that wouldnt be easy
Stranger: people can abort babies and not go to jail
You: Okay, what about the woman who killed her baby right after birth?
Stranger: same thing dude
You: Actually, this happened in Virginia and the placenta was still inside her.
Stranger: eww
You: It was legally unprosecutable.
Stranger: well fuck
Stranger: thats just gross
You: The law technically didn't count the baby as a separate person.
Stranger: you would think that she herself would grow attatched to it
Stranger: after all that time
You: Nobody else knew about the baby's birth until it was too late.
You: Oh, and the teen mom only tried to kill the born baby 4 months after birth; she didnt succeed
You: Was it okay for her to kill the baby?
Stranger: dude
You: Nobody knew of the baby, the baby could not speak up or fight back, and the baby could not think for himself or have awareness of the past and see his future
Stranger: well then according to some people
You: When she suffocated the kid in the bedsheets between her legs, did she do anything wrong?
Stranger: maybe she didnt
Stranger: ok
Stranger: maybe thats perfectly ok
Stranger: come on of course
Stranger: what do yuo think asking something like that
You: I'm not asking what some people say. Some people think all Jews should be killed.
Stranger: the lady must have been crazy
You: I'm asking what's right.
Stranger: she goes to prison for being crazy
You: Not true.
Stranger: dude
Stranger: ugh
You: She never went to jail.
Stranger: why not
You: Because the law didn't count it as murder.
Stranger: some law
Stranger: where was this
You: Virginia.
Stranger: yuo can just kill babies
Stranger: for fun
Stranger: not illegal
Stranger: i dont believe it
You: The baby was still "attached" to the mother, so the law didn't count the baby as a separate person.
Stranger: ohhhhhh
Stranger: ewwwwwwwwwwe
You: I'll find the news article if you want proof.
Stranger: naw
Stranger: well theres always these extreme cases where it pushes one side to the edge of whats ok
Stranger: but i think im done
Stranger: we've covered everything
You: In fact, you just need to search for "Virginia infanticide".
You: Not everything.
You: You've still yet to answer my questions.
Stranger: which
You: Was it okay to kill the baby?
Stranger: I dont think so
You: Why not?
Stranger: because you should be able to recognize that the baby is a real person just like you. if you dont then there is something wrong with your ability to recognize this.
Stranger: not that you are evil
Stranger: its that you cannot recognize this
Stranger: is that it
You: But the baby cannot speak up or fight back, and the baby could not think for himself or have awareness of the past and see his future
Stranger: well if thats what teh lady defines as a human than in her head she can justify killing it
Stranger: but I myself would not be able to justify it
You: Would it still be wrong for her to kill the baby?
Stranger: not in her head
Stranger: who says whats right and whats wrong
Stranger: clouded judgement makes it difficult to say this
You: Should the law have allowed her to kill the baby?
Stranger: i dont write laws, but if i did i would have drawn the line there probably
Stranger: someone has got to choose a point and make it the law
Stranger: because none of us are supreme, we must all vote on it
Stranger: so if people feel that way then thats law
You: Should she have been allowed to kill her baby if she had done so a couple hours ago, when the baby was still inside her?
Stranger: i dont know
Stranger: i would not do that myself
Stranger: but if i were writing the law i would get the opinion of the state or whatever area of people
Stranger: and let them collaborate
Stranger: because once again, i am not oen to say what it right or not
Stranger: one*
You: If a state wanted to allow slavery, would that be okay?
Stranger: ummmmmmmmmm
Stranger: well that state is part of a bigger nation
Stranger: that disagrees with it
Stranger: and that nation is part of a bigger world
Stranger: and hopefully as humans the rest of the world can see issue with that
You: There was a point when slavery was generally accepted.
Stranger: yup
You: It was constitutionally protected for a while.
You: Did that make slavery okay?
Stranger: mhm
Stranger: um
Stranger: ok how
Stranger: that depends
Stranger: if i lived in the time
Stranger: and i inherited a slave or something
Stranger: i might set it free
Stranger: but i wouldnt go yell at the person who gave it to me
You: Would it have been okay for slavery to be banned?
Stranger: if the people say so
You: Can you email me? I need to go eat dinner but this is a very interesting conversation.
Stranger: and tthey did
Stranger: i cannot email you
Stranger: hahah
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: haha!
You: Why not?
Stranger: thats funny to hear you say that
Stranger: i dont give my email out
Stranger: to anyone
You: Okay.
Stranger: yup
Stranger: ha
Stranger: fun times right
You: Do you have AOL or anything?
Stranger: nothing of the sort
Stranger: this will be the last time you speak to me
Stranger: but we covered a lot right
Stranger: good stuff
You: If I give you my email, can you create a random one and email me?
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i could but im not going to do this
You: It's not hard to set up.
Stranger: yea i know it would be easy
Stranger: but i want to minimalize my time on the computer
Stranger: that would give me an excuse to come on here instead of go play the piano or something
Stranger: then i would do it again
You: Are you in the USA?
Stranger: yup
You: Can you text me?
Stranger: haha
Stranger: dude
Stranger: its not happening
Stranger: go enjoy your dinner
Stranger: you are stubborn
Stranger: in many ways
You: Hmm.
Stranger: do you think god is real
You: No.
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i thought that you might say yes or no
Stranger: but i cant say either
Stranger: were a good pair for arguments
Stranger: thanks for helping me kill an hour
You: :)
You: Could you stay on?
Stranger: like rigth now
Stranger: probably not
Stranger: due
Stranger: dude
Stranger: (you are a dude right?)
Stranger: just go have your dinner
Stranger: and be a happy camper
Stranger: like me!
You: Skype?
Stranger: haha
Stranger: stop that
Stranger: its not happening
Stranger: even if i did have that
Stranger: i wouldnt
Stranger: now go!
Stranger: go save this conversation or something
You: Phone #?
Stranger: dude no
Stranger: NOTHING
Stranger: cut it out
You: Fax?
Stranger: not funny
Stranger: alright im going now
Stranger: have some more fun adventures stranger
Stranger: peace
You: Facebook?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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