Saturday, February 27, 2010

She seems nice.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What do you think about abortion?
Stranger: i think its a good thing if you use it correctly and not as a plan b. like if youre raped, you should be able to get it.
Stranger: yeeah.
You: Why shouldn't it be used as plan b?
Stranger: i mean like, if you dont practice safe sex and you get pregnant, you shouldnt be able to get it because you were just stupid in not being smart about sex.
You: So, what if the birth control fails?
Stranger: that would suck lol like im on birth control but im a i dont know how id react in that situation. but i guess if youre taking precautions and it fails without your knowledge you should be able to get it. its all based on circumstance i guess.
You: so, you don't think abortion kills someone?
Stranger: im no doctor, but im pretty sure that the fetus forms the nervous system in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and that means it would technically feel pain. so if i were put in that sitatuation and wanted an abortion, i would get it in the first trimester when the fetus wasnt fully developed yet. idk its a tough subject.
You: Okay, so you think it's about pain?
You: Would you support abortion in the 2nd or 3rd trimester with anesthesia?
Stranger: no, like i said im no OBGYN so i wouldnt know anything about babies. but to answer your second question, i dont know. i dont plan on having sex or unprotected sex anytime soon, but yeah. i dont think i would support that.
You: Why not?
You: The baby wouldn't feel any pain.
Stranger: Well, true. But the fetus would be well into development. I think the issue is that people forget that sex = life. like people forget in their cloud of hormones that what they're doing creates life, creates humans. so idk.
You: What do you mean by "development"? We keep "developing" until we die.
Stranger: Like, i mean the development of the different systems of the human body that makes us people. but im no expert on this, you should really ask a doctor or look up on some websites if you really want info on this sort of stuff.
You: Well, the systems aren't all up and running until puberty. =P
You: But we're alive and human at conception.
Stranger: yeah i guess. and okay, that's your opinion. we're all free to them as human beings :)
You: That's not opinion. The embryo has human parents and human DNA, so it can't be anything BUT human.
Stranger: Oh i agree with you with that. if two humans have sex, their offspring will be human lol. but really i think that being alive means that the heart and brain are at full function and are supporting the organs in the body that are required for life. which doesnt happen until later in pregnancy.
You: Are plants alive?
Stranger: Uh, im no botanist sooo idk
Stranger: plants are plants
Stranger: not babies.
Stranger: apples to oranges.
You: Well, what level education do you have?
You: we can work from there.
Stranger: i'm a sophomore in highschool. how about you?
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: oh cool :)
You: do you know the 7 defining characteristics of life?
Stranger: oh yeah i remember learning that in bio last year.
You: lemme find them in my textbook
You: ok
You: response to stimuli
You: growth and development
You: metabolism
You: made of cells
You: heredity
You: homeostasis
You: and reproduction
Stranger: ah okay i remember.
You: nothing in there about hearts :)
You: or brains
Stranger: but theyre both made of cells. tissues.
You: yeah.
You: cellular organization is one of the 7 characteristics of life
Stranger: yes it is. :)
You: =D
Stranger: and with the heart and its function of like pumping blood around, it causes development of muscles by like transporting oxygen in blood to them. i think thats how it goes.
You: well, it certainly powers the development
You: but the development itself is caused by the genetic code :)
You: so how old r u?
Stranger: oh is it? i didnt know. im 16. you?
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: ah cool :)
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: oh thats cool.
You: so, u see how the baby is a human being?
Stranger: well im positive that its human, but im not sure its legitimately alive at conception. idk i feel that with unbiased knowledge ill learn to gain a perspective on it sooner or later.
You: well, i just told u the 7 signs of life, and u said u heard of them.
Stranger: yeah i have.
You: if a heart or brain was a sign of life, 90 percent of life on this planet wouldn't count.
You: coral
You: microorganisms
You: plants
You: fungi
You: jellyfish
You: oh, and i was just guessing when i said 90%
You: i have no clue the actual number
Stranger: but theyre not humans. humans are a totally different story.
Stranger: we're the top of the foodchain for a reason
You: if 2 humans reproduce, what is their offspring?
Stranger: a human.
You: exactly
You: =D
You: can't be anything but a human.
You: imagine if u had sex with someone and made a puppy
You: lmao
Stranger: hahaha that would be awkward.
You: yep
You: secret werewolf?
Stranger: shh dont tell anyone :P
You: rolfcopter
Stranger: ah well this has been fun :) but i have to go so adios stranger!
You: cya!
You: lol
You: i guess i wont
You: :(
You: omegle sucks like that
You: =/
Stranger: haha aw you never know! and yeah it does. lets make a secret code! like my first thing ill say is secret werewolf haha so you'll know its me :P
You: lol ok
You: me too
You: or i could give u my fecebook
You: facebook*
Stranger: haha that would work too i guess!
You: ROFL fecebook
Stranger: haha omg i didnt realize that until now!
You: fecebook is where feces go online
Stranger: oh yeah!
You: lemme grab my link
Stranger: ok
You: what's your name so i can accept you?
You: [Message redacted]
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Thinking for yourself" while ignoring the facts is called "delusion".

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello.
You: What are your thoughts on abortion?
Stranger: I believe it is wrong.
Stranger: but its the females choice.
Stranger: so a mixture of both I suppose.
Stranger: yours?
You: Why is it wrong?
Stranger: because i believe that no little soon to be child should be killed.
Stranger: im not religous, at all.
Stranger: its just morals i guess.
You: Same here.
You: Why do you think it 's okay to kill someone?
Stranger: i dont think it is right.
Stranger: i didnt say that.
Stranger: haha i said its the womans choice, but i find it wrong.
You: Would you give the woman the choice to kill her toddler?
Stranger: yes.
Stranger: welll not toddler.
Stranger: but i mean the only instance i'd be okay with it is a rape situaion for abortion.
You: Why would you not support killing a born baby but support killing an unborn baby?
Stranger: i said the only situation i would let the mother is in a rape situation.
You: Okay, I think we can both agree that rape is terrible.
You: Rapists are the scum of the Earth, and ought to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
You: In fact, you should face an additional crime if your victim gets pregnant.
You: Can we agree on those 3 points?
Stranger: yes.
Stranger: haha.
Stranger: but if the woman did get pregnant, you wouldn't support her choice to abort the fetus?
You: No, I would not.
You: Even the most vile guilt is not passed onto one's offspring.
You: The offspring of the rapist and his victim is 100% innocent.
You: In short, it's not the baby's fault.
Stranger: so you'd rather the woman live with the embodiement of the attack?
Stranger: to serve as a reminder that someone thought of her as trash?
You: Would you support her right to kill a toddler conceived in rape?
Stranger: no i would not.
Stranger: a toddler knows what is going on, its alive.
Stranger: it senses, it breathes.
You: An unborn baby is also alive.
Stranger: to an extent.
Stranger: but a toddler is more alive.
You: You're either alive or you aren't. If you are made of cells that divide, metabolize, and react to stimuli, you are alive.
Stranger: do you remember when you were a fetus?
Stranger: theres no feelings there, becuase the brain isnt alive.
You: I don't remember anything before I was 5.
Stranger: it is, but not really.
Stranger: i cant explain it.
Stranger: i feel like a fetus isnt a person.
Stranger: do you support gay marriage?
You: Well, if the fetus is a nonperson, it doesn't matter what the reason for the abortion is.
You: Totally.
Stranger: haha you got me there.
Stranger: lol
You: Well, ideally, I would have the government out of all marriage.
You: But if we have straight marriage, we should have gay marriage. :)
Stranger: i agree *l
Stranger: (:*
You: But that's a whole 'nother debate
You: Biologically, we know that the preborn baby is a human being, a living member of the species Homo s. sapiens.
Stranger: but i mean i think what makes a person, a person, is the actual being, the soul. the wants, the passion, ambition.
You: If we're going to start assigning rights based on some arbitrary psychological criterion, a lot of born people are in big trouble.
You: Among the animal kingdom, newborn human infants are intellectually unimpressive.
You: Now, some philosophers and ethicists argue that newborns aren't persons, but I would hope you would at least oppose infanticide.
Stranger: are you religous?
You: No, I am not.
Stranger: okay.
Stranger: haha i was just wondering to see if that effected your thoughts at all.
Stranger: lol
You: Nope.
You: I won't be religious until I find a good reason to.
Stranger: haha. I think organized religon is stupid.
You: Just organized religion?
You: Disorganized religion is fine?
Stranger: yes, I think it's a way to make people feel better about themselves, and it's a big fundraiser.
You: So, you think more rights should be assigned to those who are more intellectually developed?
Stranger: yes.
You: Why?
Stranger: wait, i'm not sure on that one.
Stranger: hahahha.
You: It seems to me you're view is terribly elitist and exclusuionary.
Stranger: haha thanks.
Stranger: ass.
You: So, you DO think that a newborn infant deserves basic human dignity, right?
Stranger: yes.
You: What about a premature baby?
Stranger: yes.
You: What about that same baby, 8 inches away in her mother's womb?
Stranger: i dont consider that baby alive.
You: If the baby isn't alive, why does she need food and oxygen?
You: How is she growing?
You: Dead cells don't divide.
Stranger: well, I think we have different definitions of being alive.
You: What grade are you in?
Stranger: sophmore.
You: Okay.
You: Well, do you have a biology textbook with you?
Stranger: no, I don't want a textbook answer.
Stranger: it's a personal thought, I guess.
Stranger: being alive isn't biology.
Stranger: to me at least.
You: Biology is the study of life.
You: I can't think of a better source for a definition.
Stranger: Biology is physically alive.
Stranger: I have a different view of truley being a person.
You: You seem to be getting into a pretty religious argument.
Stranger: no, I'm not religous at all.
Stranger: haha.
You: If we're gonna pass laws, they should be rooted in sound science, not dogma or personal delusions.
You: The fetus is alive.
You: That's a fact.
Stranger: first, it's not a personal delusion because you don't agree with it, all you have is your view of science that tells you what is fact.
Stranger: if you cant think past a purely scientific view, sorry for you.
Stranger: but science isnt going to change my views.
You: Sorry my comp froze up for a sec.
You: It's not "my view of science".
You: That's what's neat about science.
You: It's objectively true; there's no "my view, your view".
You: I forgot who said it, and my comp won't let me search for it, but "You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.".
Stranger: let me ask you this, is a vegetable who is only capable of breathing, alive?
You: Vegetables can breath?
Stranger: i mean biologicaly yes, but mentaly, they're not a person.
You: You mean photosynthesize?
Stranger: no, i mean people.
Stranger: the term vegetable.
Stranger: for a person who is brain dead.
You: Yes, they are alive.
Stranger: but they are not a person.
You: An actual vegetable is alive too..
You: Why not?
Stranger: they are alive, but not a person. becuase they can't even think. that is such a sad view on life to think what makes us alive is biology and cells.
You: You apparently don't think brainpower gives you rights, since you said a premature baby is a person.
Stranger: i dont know, your annoying me now, you're a very closeminded person.
You: If you can present scientific evidence, I will change my mind, but "You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.".
Stranger: i mean all you have is science, do you have any personal views based on life?
Stranger: i hate the kind of people who are all fact and no true beliefs.
You: What do you mean by personal views?
Stranger: you believe it because it's what you've been told.
Stranger: and i feel bad for you.
You: If you want a purely emotional argument, I can give you one.
You: I just don't like being emotional 'cause it doesn't typically get results.
You: But here we goooooo....
You: ...ooooo...:
You: I used to be a fetus.
You: and an embryo
Stranger: you're an arrogant ass, and I don't like you. Enjoy your textbook view of living, and I hope you learn soon what it means to be alive.
You: To say you support abortion is, to me, like saying you'd support infanticide
You: That's my opinion, and I've told you the facts/
Stranger: learn what it is to live.
You: To live, or to enjoy your life?
Stranger: to live.
You: I can live and not enjoy it.
You: It's called high school. ;-D
Stranger: i never said to enjoy it, you just have no real views on being alive, which makes me feel bad for you.
Stranger: all you have is what you've been told.
You: Do you mean alive in the scientific sense, or in the poetic sense?
Stranger: in my sense, you're not going to understand regardless.
Stranger: so goodbye.
You: Because I don't base my moral code on poetry.
Stranger: you base it on what you've been told.
Stranger: even better.
Stranger: you are not capable of thinking.
Stranger: which is sad.
You: I base it off of what is true.
You: If you gave me reasons I'd believe.
You: All you have is "I think science is wrong"
Stranger: I never said that.
You: If you disagree with science, write a paper and get it peer-reviewed and published.
You: You're just as bad as the Creationists.
Stranger: your an ass, and pathetic. learn how to think foryourself.
You: I do not think unbounded by reality.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Um, okay.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: that its ok
You: y?
Stranger: becaus the kid isnt alive yet nor does it have feelings and if someone doesnt want to have a baby they shouldnt have to
You: The kid isn't alive?
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ugh, go back to high school.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
You: What's your stance on abortion?
Stranger: pro choice
You: Why?
You: What does that mean?
Stranger: It means that women should be able to choose whether they get an abortion or not.
You: So, pro-choice of the mother.
You: The offspring gets no choice.
Stranger: right
You: Why not?
Stranger: Are you just here to argue with me?
Stranger: Or do you actually want an intellegent debate?
You: I'm here to better understand your viewpoint, and perhaps one of us will move the other's opinion.
You: I believe that none of us should have the choice to take the life of another innocent human being.
Stranger: All right. Well, my opinion won't be swayed but I will listen.
You: My opinion may be swayed if I am presented with a good enough argument.
You: In fact, a good argument WILL sway me.
You: I have simply not yet received a good argument.
You: I'm young, though, so I haven't heard every argument.
Stranger: Well, I believe in choice for a few reasons. Most of them get around to the same thing though. There are two main reasons I suppose. I believe that if a child is going to have a bad life, say in a ghetto, foster care, or with an unfit mother, it would be better if the child not have to go through that. I, of course, don't believe that a mother should just abort her child for no reason. The other is that, if those circumstances are present, there are already so many more children than needed that have to live in those environments and want better lives.
You: Okay, let's take your first argument first.
You: Do you believe that that same justification would apply after birth?
You: Would it be okay to kill a newborn to save him from a bad life?
You: (or her)
Stranger: Well, no, because if it's already born, there's nothing you can do about it. That's why I believe, in some cases, that abortion would be...well not "helpful" per say, but the best option.
You: Why is there nothing you can do about it? Birth does not render the offspring immortal; it is still possible to kill newborns.
Stranger: Also, there aare cases of rape and incest that a child should not have to be born because of.
You: Less than 5% of abortions happen for that reason.
Stranger: Yes, but the law prevents that. That is why I believe that abortion could be the best option.
You: I'm asking what YOU think, not what the law says.
You: Do YOU think that it's okay to kill a newborn for the same reason you'd kill the unborn?
Stranger: Well, once they are born, there's nothing allowed to be done.
You: Okay, so you think that whatever the law allows or does not allow, that's what's right?
Stranger: Currently, I suppose? Once a child is born it is in the world, and it should not be allowed to be killed.
You: Why shouldn't it?
You: What makes the baby before and after birth different?
Stranger: Because they are actually born then and the mother chose not to abort it. It has already happened.
You: What has already happened?
Stranger: They have already been born. When the babies are in the womb they are not yet born, they haven't seen the world, technically, their life hasn't started yet.
You: So, seeing the world makes it wrong to kill you?
Stranger: No. What I mean, is that they have not yet been born. They are not yet born
You: What about birth makes it wrong to kill the baby before, but not after, the 8-inch trip down the birth canal?
Stranger: They are then people of the world, that's when their life actually starts.
You: So, the baby is not alive before birth?
Stranger: Not really alive. After birth they no longer need to rely on their mother for food, breathe, and heartbeat.
You: Sorry, but if an organism is not alive, it does not need food.
Stranger: They are an independent being in a way, because they no longer are part of their mother, but a separate organism.
You: So, you think that the fetus is literally a part of his or her mother?
Stranger: Technically, yes
You: So, technically, a pregnant woman would have 4 arms?
Stranger: No, just think of the baby as being inside of her body. The baby relies on it's mother for everything. It's like an organ.
You: Okay, so would you say that the many organisms inside of you right now are part of you?
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: But,, not really, because the baby is literally attached to it's mother, like an organ
You: So, being attached to an organism makes you part of that organism?
You: Is a leech part of its host organism?
Stranger: No, like an organ. It's not a thing of detachment. It's that the baby is litteraly functioning with it's mother and it not technically detachable. If the mother gets AIDS let's say, so does the baby
You: So, the fetus is an organ of his or her mother?
Stranger: It's LIKE an organ.
You: Then why say "I, of course, don't believe that a mother should just abort her child for no reason."?
You: By your logic, she can have as many abortions as she wants for no reason at all.
Stranger: I just think it's stupid.
Stranger: I just think that the mother should have a good reason.
You: If I want to have my leg removed, that's my choice.
You: I don't need a reason because it's my body.
Stranger: But at the same time, after a while, the fetus will become a creature, so in my opinion it is just better if there is a good reason. And by saying that you just proved my point that it should be the mother's choice.
You: Every cell in my body, through cloning, can come a creature.
You: ^become
Stranger: Yeah, through cloning. The fetus has potential naturally. But, it should still be the mother's choice to let that potential grow because it's not an independent being yet.
You: True, the fetus is not an independent creature, but he or she is still a creature.
You: The mother and offspring are in a temporary symbiotic relationship.
Stranger: But he or she relies on it's mother and is part of her, and therefore she should be able to do as she pleases with it.
You: No, he or she relies on his or her mother, but it NOT part of her.
You: HE or she is a separate, but not independent, organism.
You: S: (n) embryo, conceptus, fertilized egg (an animal organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation that in higher forms merge into fetal stages but in lower forms terminate in commencement of larval life)
Stranger: one moment. give me a chance to read it.
You: Medical Dictionary

5 entries found for embryo. Select an entry and then click 'Go'.

Main Entry: em·bryo
Pronunciation: em-br-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural em·bry·os
1 archaic : a vertebrate at any stage of development prior to birth or hatching
2 : an animal in the early stages of growth and differentiation that are characterized by cleavage, the laying down of fundamental tissues, and the formation of primitive organs and organ systems; especially : the developing human individual from the time of implantation to the end of the eighth week after conception -- compare FETUS
Stranger: What is your point? That definition proves nothing but the fact that you can copy and paste.
You: It proves that the scientific and medical community accept the fact that the embryo or fetus is an organism
Stranger: It is an organisms technically, but it is part of the mother's body. Once again, it relies completely and wholly on the mother.
You: An organism cannot, by definition, be part of another organism.
Stranger: My view is that it is part of the mother. If the mother dies, it dies, while a leech can simply find another host animal.
You: An embryo can also find a new host. Are you not aware of embryo adoption and transplant?
Stranger: I am aware, yet it is the same process of being completely reliant on the mother that is in inside of.
You: The embryo can be transplanted into another mother after that.
You: And so on.
Stranger: But once again, it is still COMPLETELY reliant on the mother. It is a part of her.
You: Okay, what about after the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb?
Stranger: Then, as I have stated before, it is it's own independent organism
You: Okay.
You: What if the fetus would need a mechanical incubator?
Stranger: What do you mean?
You: For example, I was born prematurely and needed to be kept in a glass box with pure oxygen pumped in and everything.
You: Maybe it was a plastic box, IDK
You: I was not existing entirely independently.
Stranger: Well if you're born prematurely, you have still been born and are no longer part of the mother.
You: If I had instead not been born, and was still at my mother's womb at the time, would I be part of her body?
Stranger: Yes. If you are in your mother you are part of her body! o_o
You: You just said if the fetus could survive outside the womb he is a separate organism!
Stranger: You just said "if I was still in my mother's womb"
You: Yes, inside the womb. But capable of surviving outside.
You: You: Okay, what about after the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb?
Stranger: Then, as I have stated before, it is it's own independent organism
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You r the nature!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: Hi
You: What's your opinion on abortion?
Stranger: İ do not have any :)
Stranger: Never had U know .:)
You: No abortions or no opinion?
Stranger: Both
Stranger: But must-be
Stranger: Free
Stranger: Definetly
You: Huh
You: ?
Stranger: Why do U ask anyways
You: Because lives are on the line.
Stranger: In a religious way, its no Good but who cares? An uninvited little cuty must not exist
You: What?
Stranger: It's your life not the baby s
You: I'm not religious but I don't kill people.
Stranger: Killing people? You kill animals to live? Kill nature? But no people?? Come on, of course you do
You: Since when is nature a person?
Stranger: It's your life! Think that
Stranger: But. U r a retard so doesn't matter. You r the nature!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

"You're factually incorrect." "So?"

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What's your stance on abortion?
Stranger: its the womens coice
You: Through all 9 months?
Stranger: whats gives a group of women to decide what is rigt or worng for another women
Stranger: yes
You: What about after birth, before the cord is cut?
You: There was a recent case in Virginia where that happened.
You: They couldn't prosecute her because the afterbirth was not yet delivered.
Stranger: i think if the baby is born and came out the vag.. just give it up for the adoption.(but thats just me) if someone one decided to term it then...welll they have to live with the deciion not me
You: Lots of people don't know they were pregnant until birth.
You: There's a whole TV series about it.
Stranger: what give me or u the right to say what to do...its really none of anyone business
Stranger: yes i see it all the time on ie TLC or something
Stranger: or u a female?
You: If I decide to rape my daughter, is that anybody's business but my own?
Stranger: first off that is sick....but if u dont it it alll ur business until u get caught adn its made publice...then its everyone business
You: Who are you to say what's right for me?
Stranger: welll rape is wrong...just go and jerk ummm its the law
You: Abortion is also wrong.
Stranger: but u said u live in virginia...u people down south are into some fuked up she i am sure its a normal thing down there
You: I live in Ohio.
Stranger: thats ur opinion but its not mine
You: I was mentioning a news story from Virginia,
Stranger: fag it i fucken hate ohio and everyone and everything in it
You: hey i didnt choose to be born here
Stranger: here we go stillers ere we go!
Stranger: here we go stillers here we go
You: what if I am of the the opinion that rape is not wrong?
Stranger: yea ur right...ur mom should of had an abortion
You: does a KKK member have a right to lynch blacks because he thinks it's okay? or to we force him not to do something immoral?
You: if abortion is immoral, it should be illegal
Stranger: see now ur changing the subject...that what people like u try and do with subjects of abortion and shit....u bring something ele up that has no relevance to the topic at hand and u try and take words and put them into other peoples mouth...and u do that to try and sound smart and educated like u know what ur talking about but really honestly u have not clues
You: Do you or do you not think that abortion is immoral?
Stranger: first it was abortion , then rape, now lynching?
Stranger: i told u what i though of it fuck nuts
You: If it could be demonstrated that it was immoral, would you oppose it?
Stranger: give me of and example of hw it is immoral or will be proven immoral first
You: Okay.
You: Do you support infanticide?
Stranger: what does that have to do with abortion...see ur changing the subject agin...stick to the topic at han
You: I am not changing the subject.
Stranger: yes u are
You: It's the same baby before or after birth.
Stranger: what that have to do with abortion..
Stranger: but its not abortion..oborting is terminating the pregnancy....infanticie is just illing infants. which is not the same as abortion...fuck nuts
Stranger: dude ur trying to sound all smart and educted and u just are making an ass outta ur self
You: Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy after, resulting in, or directly followed by the death of the embryo or fetus
You: pregnancies can also be terminated by birth
Stranger: right embryo and fetus....ur taling about kiing infants
You: So, what's the difference?
Stranger: ok infnts are living breathing and came out the vag for longer that a week
You: Is a premature baby born at 30 weeks more important than a fetus still in the womb at 40 weeks?
Stranger: if a baby is not fully outta the vage it is not considered an infant
Stranger: or born
You: What do you mean "for longer than a week"?
Stranger: exactly what i said....alive and breathing for a week fuck nuts
You: So a baby born a day ago can be killed?
Stranger: see u read one article and u think u know what ur talking baout but u dont
You: If it hasn't been breathing for a week?
Stranger: no...forget that comment
You: Okay.
You: The fetus is alive in the womb, you know.
You: If it wasn't, it wouldn't need food.
Stranger: alll i am saying is that infanticide is killing of infants..if a women holds a baby the fuly 9 months and wants it aboted tht just let the babys head come out..give the mom meds to stop contractions and then they scramble the brains and deliever the rest of the baby...its not considers infanticide becue majority of the body is still in the vag and is not considereed born yet
You: And its cells wouldn't be dividing.
You: That's disgusting!
Stranger: well that all opiion as well...i dont think something is alsive until it is fully outta the vag
You: You would support that?
Stranger: if that wht awomen/family wants i have no right to stop the
You: No, the scientific definition of life is metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and cellular organization
Stranger: ok sooooooooo?
You: Yet you have a right to stop them from infanticide?
You: If that's what they want?
Stranger: loook dude get ur facts straight before u try ato soun like ur know what ur talking about
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