Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Message Redacted

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What's your stance on abortion?
Stranger: shouldnt be allowed :P
You: Should it ever?
Stranger: only when the girl is too young ;)
You: Why shouldn't it be allowed otherwise?
Stranger: no good future for the kid :)
You: No, why SHOULDN'T it be allowed if she's old enough?
Stranger: Ah
Stranger: Well more options for her to raise her child
Stranger: Through adoption etc
You: So?
Stranger: You're a tough one, hehe :p
You: I mean, a young girl can also place her kid for adoption. So there must be something else.
You: What about abortion makes it immoral?
Stranger: Yeah but it's quite the experience for the young girl to bare a child
Stranger: and then take it away
You: What if she's one of those girls that only finds out she's pregnant at birth?
You: Can she murder the born baby?
Stranger: How often does that happen really?
You: There's a whole TV series called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
Stranger: In the U.S?
Stranger: Didn't know
You: Yes.
You: On TLC.
Stranger: But anyway, well you can't "murder" a born baby
Stranger: That's cruel
You: Why?
Stranger: Cause I don't consider it a human being when it's still inside a womb
You: It's the same kid as before birth.
Stranger: Outside I do
You: If it's not a human being, what is it?
You: ••••••••@•••••.••• msg me if my connection times out
You: IT has to be something.
Stranger: Well it's still human ofcourse but I don't consider it one emotionally
Stranger: if you get my drift
You: No, I don't.
Stranger: For me it hasn't lived yet
Stranger: What's your stance on abortion anyway?
You: You are biologically inaccurate.
You: It is a living human being from the moment of conception and you know that.
You: An organism with human parents and human DNA cannot be anything else but human.
Stranger: Yeah, well ofcourse
You: And dead things don't grow or need food.
Stranger: Still, do you consider it alive in the womb?
Stranger: Do you think it has a "soul"?
Stranger: any awareness?
You: I do not believe in souls.
Stranger: Hence "soul" :p
You: But I acknowledge that the unborn child is as human as you and I.
You: By awareness, it depends on what you mean.
You: Conscious self-awareness comes 18 months after birth.
Stranger: Will it notice being aborted? Does it know it's inside the womb
Stranger: I don't think so?
You: So, in that sense, no.
Stranger: But I still don't know your stance on abortion
Stranger: Guess you're against it?
You: If it's a choice between the baby dying or the baby and the mother dying, I would allow it as a last resort.
You: Otherwise, no.
You: I'm against it.
You: If you're going to bring in "will it notice being aborted", it would be fine to kill newborns, the comatose, the sleeping, and fine to kill you quickly with a painless bullet between the eyes.
Stranger: Any religious reason for it? Or plainly moral issues with it?
You: I'm an atheist, so only moral.
Stranger: The difference between the baby and the others is that the previous one never was aware of anything
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: The comatose, I assume they weren't in coma 18 months after birth?
You: Why does that matter?
You: You asked if it would notice being killed.
You: The answer is no regardless of its history.
Stranger: That's your answer, not mine..
You: Stranger: Will it notice being aborted? Does it know it's inside the womb
Stranger: I don't think so?
Stranger: Ah, I thought you meant something else... I didn't expect such a conversation anyway
Stranger: I don't think I can explain it why it matters, it was just how I was raised to think this way
You: You are making an arbitrary psychological distinction that would depersonify newborns in order to discriminate against the unborn.
Stranger: Hmmh
You: Your belief system fails to account for premature infants as well.
You: The only different between a premature baby and an unborn baby is his or her physical location.
You: Neither location nor level of psychological development justify the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent human beings.
You: I hope you will give this some thought, but I have work to get to.
You: Toodle-oo!
Stranger: See you :)
Stranger: Or well :P
Stranger: Bye! :p
You: u have my email if u wanna talk more
You have disconnected.

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