Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Thinking for yourself" while ignoring the facts is called "delusion".

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello.
You: What are your thoughts on abortion?
Stranger: I believe it is wrong.
Stranger: but its the females choice.
Stranger: so a mixture of both I suppose.
Stranger: yours?
You: Why is it wrong?
Stranger: because i believe that no little soon to be child should be killed.
Stranger: im not religous, at all.
Stranger: its just morals i guess.
You: Same here.
You: Why do you think it 's okay to kill someone?
Stranger: i dont think it is right.
Stranger: i didnt say that.
Stranger: haha i said its the womans choice, but i find it wrong.
You: Would you give the woman the choice to kill her toddler?
Stranger: yes.
Stranger: welll not toddler.
Stranger: but i mean the only instance i'd be okay with it is a rape situaion for abortion.
You: Why would you not support killing a born baby but support killing an unborn baby?
Stranger: i said the only situation i would let the mother is in a rape situation.
You: Okay, I think we can both agree that rape is terrible.
You: Rapists are the scum of the Earth, and ought to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
You: In fact, you should face an additional crime if your victim gets pregnant.
You: Can we agree on those 3 points?
Stranger: yes.
Stranger: haha.
Stranger: but if the woman did get pregnant, you wouldn't support her choice to abort the fetus?
You: No, I would not.
You: Even the most vile guilt is not passed onto one's offspring.
You: The offspring of the rapist and his victim is 100% innocent.
You: In short, it's not the baby's fault.
Stranger: so you'd rather the woman live with the embodiement of the attack?
Stranger: to serve as a reminder that someone thought of her as trash?
You: Would you support her right to kill a toddler conceived in rape?
Stranger: no i would not.
Stranger: a toddler knows what is going on, its alive.
Stranger: it senses, it breathes.
You: An unborn baby is also alive.
Stranger: to an extent.
Stranger: but a toddler is more alive.
You: You're either alive or you aren't. If you are made of cells that divide, metabolize, and react to stimuli, you are alive.
Stranger: do you remember when you were a fetus?
Stranger: theres no feelings there, becuase the brain isnt alive.
You: I don't remember anything before I was 5.
Stranger: it is, but not really.
Stranger: i cant explain it.
Stranger: i feel like a fetus isnt a person.
Stranger: do you support gay marriage?
You: Well, if the fetus is a nonperson, it doesn't matter what the reason for the abortion is.
You: Totally.
Stranger: haha you got me there.
Stranger: lol
You: Well, ideally, I would have the government out of all marriage.
You: But if we have straight marriage, we should have gay marriage. :)
Stranger: i agree *l
Stranger: (:*
You: But that's a whole 'nother debate
You: Biologically, we know that the preborn baby is a human being, a living member of the species Homo s. sapiens.
Stranger: but i mean i think what makes a person, a person, is the actual being, the soul. the wants, the passion, ambition.
You: If we're going to start assigning rights based on some arbitrary psychological criterion, a lot of born people are in big trouble.
You: Among the animal kingdom, newborn human infants are intellectually unimpressive.
You: Now, some philosophers and ethicists argue that newborns aren't persons, but I would hope you would at least oppose infanticide.
Stranger: are you religous?
You: No, I am not.
Stranger: okay.
Stranger: haha i was just wondering to see if that effected your thoughts at all.
Stranger: lol
You: Nope.
You: I won't be religious until I find a good reason to.
Stranger: haha. I think organized religon is stupid.
You: Just organized religion?
You: Disorganized religion is fine?
Stranger: yes, I think it's a way to make people feel better about themselves, and it's a big fundraiser.
You: So, you think more rights should be assigned to those who are more intellectually developed?
Stranger: yes.
You: Why?
Stranger: wait, i'm not sure on that one.
Stranger: hahahha.
You: It seems to me you're view is terribly elitist and exclusuionary.
Stranger: haha thanks.
Stranger: ass.
You: So, you DO think that a newborn infant deserves basic human dignity, right?
Stranger: yes.
You: What about a premature baby?
Stranger: yes.
You: What about that same baby, 8 inches away in her mother's womb?
Stranger: i dont consider that baby alive.
You: If the baby isn't alive, why does she need food and oxygen?
You: How is she growing?
You: Dead cells don't divide.
Stranger: well, I think we have different definitions of being alive.
You: What grade are you in?
Stranger: sophmore.
You: Okay.
You: Well, do you have a biology textbook with you?
Stranger: no, I don't want a textbook answer.
Stranger: it's a personal thought, I guess.
Stranger: being alive isn't biology.
Stranger: to me at least.
You: Biology is the study of life.
You: I can't think of a better source for a definition.
Stranger: Biology is physically alive.
Stranger: I have a different view of truley being a person.
You: You seem to be getting into a pretty religious argument.
Stranger: no, I'm not religous at all.
Stranger: haha.
You: If we're gonna pass laws, they should be rooted in sound science, not dogma or personal delusions.
You: The fetus is alive.
You: That's a fact.
Stranger: first, it's not a personal delusion because you don't agree with it, all you have is your view of science that tells you what is fact.
Stranger: if you cant think past a purely scientific view, sorry for you.
Stranger: but science isnt going to change my views.
You: Sorry my comp froze up for a sec.
You: It's not "my view of science".
You: That's what's neat about science.
You: It's objectively true; there's no "my view, your view".
You: I forgot who said it, and my comp won't let me search for it, but "You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.".
Stranger: let me ask you this, is a vegetable who is only capable of breathing, alive?
You: Vegetables can breath?
Stranger: i mean biologicaly yes, but mentaly, they're not a person.
You: You mean photosynthesize?
Stranger: no, i mean people.
Stranger: the term vegetable.
Stranger: for a person who is brain dead.
You: Yes, they are alive.
Stranger: but they are not a person.
You: An actual vegetable is alive too..
You: Why not?
Stranger: they are alive, but not a person. becuase they can't even think. that is such a sad view on life to think what makes us alive is biology and cells.
You: You apparently don't think brainpower gives you rights, since you said a premature baby is a person.
Stranger: i dont know, your annoying me now, you're a very closeminded person.
You: If you can present scientific evidence, I will change my mind, but "You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.".
Stranger: i mean all you have is science, do you have any personal views based on life?
Stranger: i hate the kind of people who are all fact and no true beliefs.
You: What do you mean by personal views?
Stranger: you believe it because it's what you've been told.
Stranger: and i feel bad for you.
You: If you want a purely emotional argument, I can give you one.
You: I just don't like being emotional 'cause it doesn't typically get results.
You: But here we goooooo....
You: ...ooooo...:
You: I used to be a fetus.
You: and an embryo
Stranger: you're an arrogant ass, and I don't like you. Enjoy your textbook view of living, and I hope you learn soon what it means to be alive.
You: To say you support abortion is, to me, like saying you'd support infanticide
You: That's my opinion, and I've told you the facts/
Stranger: learn what it is to live.
You: To live, or to enjoy your life?
Stranger: to live.
You: I can live and not enjoy it.
You: It's called high school. ;-D
Stranger: i never said to enjoy it, you just have no real views on being alive, which makes me feel bad for you.
Stranger: all you have is what you've been told.
You: Do you mean alive in the scientific sense, or in the poetic sense?
Stranger: in my sense, you're not going to understand regardless.
Stranger: so goodbye.
You: Because I don't base my moral code on poetry.
Stranger: you base it on what you've been told.
Stranger: even better.
Stranger: you are not capable of thinking.
Stranger: which is sad.
You: I base it off of what is true.
You: If you gave me reasons I'd believe.
You: All you have is "I think science is wrong"
Stranger: I never said that.
You: If you disagree with science, write a paper and get it peer-reviewed and published.
You: You're just as bad as the Creationists.
Stranger: your an ass, and pathetic. learn how to think foryourself.
You: I do not think unbounded by reality.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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