Sunday, February 7, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What's your stance on abortion?
Stranger: Hey
Stranger: Why do you need to know?
You: Just curious.
Stranger: Well, mine is absolutely non-religious
Stranger: I'm atheist you see
You: So is mine.
You: OMG me too!
Stranger: And I'd say that it all depends on the situation
You: When is it wrong?
Stranger: If she is pregnant with a baby which could ruin her life, she should get an abortion
Stranger: A fetus isn't a fully developed human conciousness
Stranger: Thus, it's just about as big of a deal as an animal
You: What do you mean by "human consciousness"?
Stranger: That's my stance anyway
You: Do you mean self-awareness?
Stranger: It's cannot think, it does not have a personality, and it won't mind.
Stranger: The crucial bit is "it"
You: Fetuses have gender.
Stranger: But we do not refer to them as "He" or "She"
You: We do if we know the gender.
Stranger: Generally fetus is refered to as "it"
Stranger: Either way, all depends on the situation
You: Only if the sex is unknown.
You: Then again, we call newborns "it" if we don't know the gender.
Stranger: *Siiigh*
Stranger: Situation is all. That's my opinion
You: So, are you saying that a fetus has no rights because the fetus does not possess the capability for self-awareness or rational thought?
Stranger: Give me a second
Stranger: This kind of thing is morally grey
You: It is the killing of one human being by another. Homicide, plain and simple.
Stranger: Why do you ask my opinion when you have yours?
You: You are using an arbitrary psychological distinction to deny a segment of the population their respect and dignity as human beings.
You: It's not an opinion that abortion is homicide
Stranger: Just on a side note
Stranger: Whoa
Stranger: But anyway
You: i was gonna read that but it didnt look interesting
You: hom⋅i⋅cide  [hom-uh-sahyd, hoh-muh-] Show IPA
1. the killing of one human being by another.
2. a person who kills another; murderer.
Stranger: You know, the more complicated words you use the more complicated the answer is going to become
You: Homicide is a very simple word.
Stranger: Genius is in simplicity
Stranger: You are using an arbitrary psychological distinction to deny a segment of the population their respect and dignity as human beings.
Stranger: I was refering to that
You: That is true.
You: You say that the offspring in utero is less developed intellectually, and, thus, is ethically irrelevant.
You: I see that as appalling and discriminatory.
Stranger: Hey, to each his own.
You: If we go down that road, Dr. Peter Singer is correct in saying infants have no rights.
Stranger: I have never heard of Dr. Peter Singer
Stranger: Besides
Stranger: His opinion is irrevalent.
Stranger: Every case is unique
You: It is a fact that human newborns are not self-aware.
You: In every case, the offspring is a living member of the species homo sapiens.
You: And, thus, every abortion is homicide.
Stranger: Thankyou, stranger, you are confusing me more and more as we go along. When we started this conversation I had a pretty clear idea in my mind, but now it is long lost
Stranger: Thanks.
You: I'm just clarifying that, if you're going to say "A fetus isn't a fully developed human conciousness", that would apply to newborns as well
Stranger: Actually, now that I think ofit
Stranger: it*
You: Nothing psychological changes at birth.
Stranger: I think it is wrong to have an abortion only after 23 weeks of pregnancy
You: Why?
You: What changes then that makes the 22 week fetus unimportant?
Stranger: I think it is after that amount of time that a Fetus can survive without the help of the mother
Stranger: I'm not entirely sure though
You: The point of viability changes culturally.
Stranger: *Sigh*
Stranger: On an off-topic note
You: In Africa, where the medicine is not as advanced, viability is later.
Stranger: Why are you on this website
You: Because I felt like it.
Stranger: Only 5% of people on here are not pubescant males who ask for CAM2CAM!!!!
You: When artificial wombs are perfected, viability will be at conception.
Stranger: Asking them about abortion would be rather stupid
Stranger: Artificial wombs
You: Yeah, it's my horny teen detterant
Stranger: Wait until the church hears of that.
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: What do you think would be Catholic's reaction to a synthetic womb?
You: No clue. They aren't mentioned in the Bible.
Stranger: Hell, it might go to the point of another Schism.
Stranger: It'll be Northern Ireland, only all over the world
Stranger: Future here we come.
You: LOL
Stranger: I'm glad you find that amusing
Stranger: You won't be that happy when a mad catholic will try to fuck you over because of this.
You: So, as medical technology increases and viability gets pushed further and further back, will embryos magically become valuable?
You: What?
Stranger: Nevermind
Stranger: Erm
Stranger: Who knows.
Stranger: Time will tell
Stranger: Right now I'm just going to live my life
Stranger: They tell me that these are the best years of my life
You: Nothing changes philosophically at viability.
Stranger: Right.
Stranger: That helped.
Stranger: Why don't you just leave the topic alone and use a condom or something else
You: I'm a virgin.
Stranger: So am I.
Stranger: I suppose it shows
You: But I don't leave it alone because over a third of my generation was aborted.
Stranger: We're talking on a random website, about abortion.
You: I used to be a fetus.
You: I take it personally.
Stranger: Most people did.
Stranger: Erm
Stranger: Well
Stranger: Good luck with that.
Stranger: I choose the simple aproach of not caring
Stranger: Until it affects my life anyway
Stranger: Besides, if you take it personally you'll be biased
Stranger: Thus your opinion will be of no value in a debate
You: Are you a guy or girl?
Stranger: Thus it's not worth it
Stranger: Give it an intelligent guess.
You: I have done that as well.
You: Because abortion is homicide, it cannot be tolerated without a damn good reason.
Stranger: The use of a curse indicated emotion
Stranger: Thus you are still very much biased
Stranger: Thus the opinion is irrevalent.
Stranger: Seriously
Stranger: Why do you trouble yourself with this
You: That's some of the worst logic I've read.
Stranger: Hey, better than none
You: My argument can damn well be a fucking good argument, and logic doesn't give a shit how many goddamn cursewords I use.
Stranger: Nice one.
Stranger: It's just that you didn't swear up to that point
Stranger: But anyway
Stranger: Huh, I'm completely dry.
You: Dry?
Stranger: By the way, I take it you are a girl
Stranger: Dry, out of arguments, out of words
Stranger: That kind of thing
You: You take it wrong.
Stranger: What the
Stranger: So you are a guy who cares about abortion
Stranger: This is just outright weird.
You: Hey, half of the fetuses are dudes.
Stranger: Who GIVES TWO SHITS?
You: I suggest you research Dr. Peter Singer. He uses your arguments and says if parents give birth to a disabled infant, they can just say "Oops, doover" and kill him or her
Stranger: It's like you are going to get an abortion
Stranger: Do I sound like the kind of guy who cares about what Dr, Peter Singer says?
Stranger: Dr.*
You: No, and I'm also not going to rape my daughter. I can say both are wrong.
Stranger: Hell of an answer.
You: You should. It's where your premises lead to
Stranger: Alright, let me re-phrase
Stranger: Do I sound like the kind of guy who cares about where my premises lead to?
You: I assumed, as an atheist, you would be logical.
You: I'm sorry.
Stranger: Jeesh
Stranger: I am atheist is simply because I realized what a load of nonsense religion is
Stranger: A guy lived in a "Big fish" for 3 days
You: You should also realize what a load of nonsense infanticide is.
Stranger: An old man went up the mountain, talked to a burning bush, and got commandments from "God"
Stranger: Why should I?
Stranger: I'm 15, why should I care?
You: Because you're a human being, and you should try to not promote evil
Stranger: Evil
Stranger: Hah
Stranger: Everyone is evil in some way
Stranger: But you'll never know
Stranger: Anyway
Stranger: Erm
Stranger: Right, abortion
Stranger: I just came up with an answer to the original question
Stranger: I do not have an opinion
Stranger: It's up to them to decide
You: Up to who?
Stranger: Up to the ones involved
You: Should infanticide be up to the people involved too?
Stranger: How am I supposed to know?
Stranger: I'm 15.
You: It should be common sense that it is wrong to kill a newborn baby.
Stranger: Hey, if it will be up to me I'll avoid getting that fetus in in the first place
Stranger: Kids, nah.
You: There are 3700 babies being aborted every day. That's more than 9/11. It's not something that you can ignore.
Stranger: I don't care too much about 9/11 either
Stranger: I live MY life and let others worry about theirs
You: Do you care about the Holocaust?
Stranger: Nope
Stranger: People die everyday
You: Well, YOUR life began at fertilization.
You: Does that make murder okay?
Stranger: Just because some prick decided that a particular kind of people doesn't make them special
You: There's a difference between homicide and natural death.
Stranger: First world decided that 3rd world shall die of starvation
Stranger: Yeah, being cheated out of money sure is natural.
You: If we went over there with guns and shot them, we'd get arrested.
You: There's a difference.
Stranger: The difference is in politics
Stranger: They're doing pretty much the same thing, only sparring the AMMO
You: Okay, let's say there's a hobo named George in NYC.
You: I live in Ohio.
You: If I drive over and shoot him, I'm arrested.
Stranger: Toughg luck to George, he probably fucked up somewhere along the line
Stranger: Tough*
You: If he dies of cancer, I don't.
Stranger: And?
Stranger: There is a difference between a hobo and a continent
You: People die. That's a fact of life.
You: That doesn't mean that murder is okay.
Stranger: Aha
Stranger: Well
Stranger: Thankyou for a brilliant conversation
Stranger: C ya.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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