Saturday, February 27, 2010

She seems nice.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What do you think about abortion?
Stranger: i think its a good thing if you use it correctly and not as a plan b. like if youre raped, you should be able to get it.
Stranger: yeeah.
You: Why shouldn't it be used as plan b?
Stranger: i mean like, if you dont practice safe sex and you get pregnant, you shouldnt be able to get it because you were just stupid in not being smart about sex.
You: So, what if the birth control fails?
Stranger: that would suck lol like im on birth control but im a i dont know how id react in that situation. but i guess if youre taking precautions and it fails without your knowledge you should be able to get it. its all based on circumstance i guess.
You: so, you don't think abortion kills someone?
Stranger: im no doctor, but im pretty sure that the fetus forms the nervous system in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and that means it would technically feel pain. so if i were put in that sitatuation and wanted an abortion, i would get it in the first trimester when the fetus wasnt fully developed yet. idk its a tough subject.
You: Okay, so you think it's about pain?
You: Would you support abortion in the 2nd or 3rd trimester with anesthesia?
Stranger: no, like i said im no OBGYN so i wouldnt know anything about babies. but to answer your second question, i dont know. i dont plan on having sex or unprotected sex anytime soon, but yeah. i dont think i would support that.
You: Why not?
You: The baby wouldn't feel any pain.
Stranger: Well, true. But the fetus would be well into development. I think the issue is that people forget that sex = life. like people forget in their cloud of hormones that what they're doing creates life, creates humans. so idk.
You: What do you mean by "development"? We keep "developing" until we die.
Stranger: Like, i mean the development of the different systems of the human body that makes us people. but im no expert on this, you should really ask a doctor or look up on some websites if you really want info on this sort of stuff.
You: Well, the systems aren't all up and running until puberty. =P
You: But we're alive and human at conception.
Stranger: yeah i guess. and okay, that's your opinion. we're all free to them as human beings :)
You: That's not opinion. The embryo has human parents and human DNA, so it can't be anything BUT human.
Stranger: Oh i agree with you with that. if two humans have sex, their offspring will be human lol. but really i think that being alive means that the heart and brain are at full function and are supporting the organs in the body that are required for life. which doesnt happen until later in pregnancy.
You: Are plants alive?
Stranger: Uh, im no botanist sooo idk
Stranger: plants are plants
Stranger: not babies.
Stranger: apples to oranges.
You: Well, what level education do you have?
You: we can work from there.
Stranger: i'm a sophomore in highschool. how about you?
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: oh cool :)
You: do you know the 7 defining characteristics of life?
Stranger: oh yeah i remember learning that in bio last year.
You: lemme find them in my textbook
You: ok
You: response to stimuli
You: growth and development
You: metabolism
You: made of cells
You: heredity
You: homeostasis
You: and reproduction
Stranger: ah okay i remember.
You: nothing in there about hearts :)
You: or brains
Stranger: but theyre both made of cells. tissues.
You: yeah.
You: cellular organization is one of the 7 characteristics of life
Stranger: yes it is. :)
You: =D
Stranger: and with the heart and its function of like pumping blood around, it causes development of muscles by like transporting oxygen in blood to them. i think thats how it goes.
You: well, it certainly powers the development
You: but the development itself is caused by the genetic code :)
You: so how old r u?
Stranger: oh is it? i didnt know. im 16. you?
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: ah cool :)
You: [Message redacted]
Stranger: oh thats cool.
You: so, u see how the baby is a human being?
Stranger: well im positive that its human, but im not sure its legitimately alive at conception. idk i feel that with unbiased knowledge ill learn to gain a perspective on it sooner or later.
You: well, i just told u the 7 signs of life, and u said u heard of them.
Stranger: yeah i have.
You: if a heart or brain was a sign of life, 90 percent of life on this planet wouldn't count.
You: coral
You: microorganisms
You: plants
You: fungi
You: jellyfish
You: oh, and i was just guessing when i said 90%
You: i have no clue the actual number
Stranger: but theyre not humans. humans are a totally different story.
Stranger: we're the top of the foodchain for a reason
You: if 2 humans reproduce, what is their offspring?
Stranger: a human.
You: exactly
You: =D
You: can't be anything but a human.
You: imagine if u had sex with someone and made a puppy
You: lmao
Stranger: hahaha that would be awkward.
You: yep
You: secret werewolf?
Stranger: shh dont tell anyone :P
You: rolfcopter
Stranger: ah well this has been fun :) but i have to go so adios stranger!
You: cya!
You: lol
You: i guess i wont
You: :(
You: omegle sucks like that
You: =/
Stranger: haha aw you never know! and yeah it does. lets make a secret code! like my first thing ill say is secret werewolf haha so you'll know its me :P
You: lol ok
You: me too
You: or i could give u my fecebook
You: facebook*
Stranger: haha that would work too i guess!
You: ROFL fecebook
Stranger: haha omg i didnt realize that until now!
You: fecebook is where feces go online
Stranger: oh yeah!
You: lemme grab my link
Stranger: ok
You: what's your name so i can accept you?
You: [Message redacted]
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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