Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Try playing dumb

Stranger: i mean that by 1 moth the babby looks like a babby.
You: and it doesnt b4?
Stranger: not really i mean like 1 o 2 weeks after the babby is made its not really a babby
You: how?
Stranger: like how i see it its not a babby its just some mush that will become a babby.... but thats just how i think
You: just some mush?
You: lmao
You: its the same baby just younger
Stranger: see and thats how u think lol
You: well no its fact
Stranger: ok ok lol
You: i mean the sperm and egg and dna and stuff
You: argh i know this
You: we're learning about sexual reproduction in school
You: lemme find my book
Stranger: lol i know what you are saying lol i just pro choice
You: ok found it
Stranger: do u know what pro choice is?
You: its a company right?
You: what the pros choose
Stranger: no lo
Stranger: lol*
You: ok here it is
You: when the sperm and egg unite, a new unique organism is created
You: a new member of the parents' species
You: it says i and every other sexually reproduced organism started life as a single cell
You: and we grew and developed and stuff
You: and now we're bigger and everything
You: but no its not a bunch of mush lmao
You: its just a younger us :)
Stranger: it means that i think its the choice of the mother to have a abortion
You: i dont blame u i had to look it up
Stranger: no i know that its a babby im not dumb ll
Stranger: lol*
You: ok
You: but yeah ofc its the moms choice
You: doesnt make it the right choice
Stranger: lol well i think sometimes it might be
You: really?
Stranger: see your like in the middle of pro choice and pro life
You: huh?
You: i mean its my choice to go and shoot my mom that doesnt make it ok
Stranger: pro life is that its never right to kill a babby like that and that nothers should not be able to do that
You: oh no they shouldnt
You: moms shouldnt kill their kids b4 or after birth
You: seems kinda obvious 2 me
Stranger: right they never really should but its up to the mom
You: so if a mom kills their toddler is that up to her?
Stranger: no a toddler is 2-4 and it is a funchunight kid
You: funchunight?
You: i mean its the same kid just older
Stranger: well ya it is but at 2 weeks in it has no brain.
Stranger: i think after 2 weeks u should not
Stranger: u know what forget it lol noone will ever win the fight
You: half the duys on her have no brain lmao
You: guys^
You: y do u need a brain?
Stranger: lol and there u are right
You: y is that important
Stranger: idk forgetit i said lol noone will win this fight no one ever duz
You: hey thats not true
You: lots of fights have been won
You: like slavery
Stranger: not about this lol
You: and women voting
Stranger: and yes im happy they won that one or i would not be herelol
You: i mean look @ history
Stranger: the slavery one lol
You: yeah
You: all the fights will be won eventually
You: they wont be won as soon if we nevertalk about it
Stranger: lol im talking about the pro life .v. pro choice
You: well obviously u cant choose to take som1s life
Stranger: everyone killd for slavery someone choose to kill them
You: and that was bad
Stranger: but you just said u cant
You: ok you shouldnt
Stranger: well sometimes u have to
You: i mean u CAN do lots of things
You: i COULD rob a gun store and shoot up my town
Stranger: like i said no one will win this fght
You: but violence isnt te answer
Stranger: fight*
You: history will march forwards
You: they used to say no1 would ever win slavery or civil rights fite
Stranger: ok 2 weeks ageo this guy came up to me and grabed me hetryed to take my $ i hit him in the face and pushed him over was that bd of me?
You: no that was self defense
You: babies r innocent
Stranger: but i dont think they are babies at that age yet]
You: well ok fine but theyre definitely human
Stranger: so agen i say no one will win this less there is a war and then 1000s to 10000s of people will die because of hit
Stranger: it*
You: was there a war to win civil rights?
Stranger: yes there was
You: there was just a bunch of sitting on busses and stuffs
Stranger: and 1000s died in it
You: no that was slavery
You: civil rights was 1960s
Stranger: what about the 3 boys tha wnet down and got killed they dide
You: thats not a war thats just murder
You: ok found the definition of baby
You: S: (n) baby (an unborn child; a human fetus) "I felt healthy and very feminine carrying the baby"; "it was great to feel my baby moving about inside"
You: ok what about women voting
You: there wasnt a women voting war
You: it was just an amendment
Stranger: ok so idc wats if a girl aboyt your age gets raped and she is prego should she have the babby and have to take care of it and all that shit?
You: oh thats awful :(
You: i hope the rapist dies in a fire with sticks in his eyeballs
You: but its not the baby's fault
Stranger: ok u said noone should die
Stranger: there u just said that that guy should die
You: no1 innocent should die
Stranger: aot of innocent people die because of people that are pro life
You: & i didnt say he should die i just said i wanted him to
Stranger: thats the same thing
You: theres lots of ppl i want to die that shouldnt
Stranger: so why do u want them to die?
You: because i hate them
Stranger: are u religious?
You: emotionally i want them to but logically i know they shouldnt
You: naw
Stranger: is that a no?
You: yes thats a no
Stranger: ok then do u think theres a God?
Stranger: or gods
You: honestly no
Stranger: oh ok well thats cool lol :D
You: i mean its not a big thing 4 me
Stranger: i have not picked if i think thereis one or not
You: yeah i think it doesn but its not like my life centers arounf that
Stranger: ok i see
You: yd u ask?
Stranger: just wanted to know lol
You: ok
You: but anyway yeah rapist = evil
You: baby =innocent
Stranger: ok im dun cuz i know there will be no winer lol
You: there will be but probably not for several years
Stranger: ok ;)
You: but in the meantime we need to teach girls kung fu so they dont get raped
Stranger: lol :D
Stranger: ok
You: that would be so awesome
Stranger: lol i know some marshall arts
You: guy goes up to rape a little girl and she ties him in a knot
Stranger: lol :D
You: if the girl gets pregnant does the rapist get charged with extra crimes?
You: i hope he does
You: he raped her and he forced her to become a mom and he abandoned his kid
Stranger: no but he will not be looked at any better by who ever is sayinf how muh time he gets
You: yeah
Stranger: so they might give him more time
You: but anyway no its no the kid's fault their dad was a jerk
Stranger: ya i know....
You: so... yeah.
You: i mean if the mom's gonna die and its her or her and the baby thats a different issue
You: but otherwise i think no matter the hardship thats no excuse 4 homicide
Stranger: well ha i wish i could talk to u more this was fun but iv gtg and i give you a had you are a grate debater.
You: huh?
You: sorry that was worded weird
You: could you say that again?
You: you give me a had?
You: what?
Stranger: is in i clap for you lol
You: oh hand
You: yeah that makes a lot more sense
Stranger: oh i did not put in the n i did not see that sorry lol
You: oh ok
You: lol
You: yeah i dont think debates can go on 4ever
You: i def dont think they need war to solve them

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi.
Stranger: ni hao :D
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: i think its ...
Stranger: i dont know, depends on the circumstances
You: is there anything wrong with it?
Stranger: i think its like killing a baby in there sleep. if you were irresponsible and dumb enough to get pregnant in the first place then you should take responsibilty
You: when is it okay to kill a baby?
Stranger: but then again if you cant raise it properly its better off with abortion
You: Do you feel the same way about infanticide?
Stranger: never. maybe if it has serious issues and lives in pain and can never recover
You: What if they cant raise it properly
Stranger: then the baby will probably turn out very emotional unstable
You: would you support killing that baby?
Stranger: no.
You: why not?
Stranger: just because a child has emotional unstability is no reason for him or her to be put to death
Stranger: there are murders who arent put to death
Stranger: and you want to murder a emotional unstable child
Stranger: ?
You: no, you want to the murder the same baby a few months earlier for the same reason
Stranger: no. if the baby has issues such as physical issues and is in a lot of pain and will not recover
Stranger: not about emotional stability
You: Stranger: but then again if you cant raise it properly its better off with abortion
Stranger: maybe...
Stranger: i take tht back! :D
You: ok
Stranger: why do you ask?
You: because abortion has killed over a quarter of my generation.
Stranger: and so you randomly decieded to ask?
You: I, personally, could've been killed from late 1992 to mid 1993 because I was considered too young to deserve human rights.
Stranger: there is already over population
You: I agree.
You: Can we kill people to curb overpopulation?
You: Could I just go out and gun down my neighbors in the name of saving the planet?
You: We need to promote contraception and abstinence, and find more efficient ways to allocate our resources.
Stranger: killing those few people would do no good
You: What if I killed all the Jews?
You: Would that be okay?
Stranger: no. you dont want to go out and kill people who are already ther
You: Personally, I don't want to live in a society whose fruitfullness is payed for with the blood of the innocents
Stranger: you want to prevent over population by by stopping the amount of the later generation
You: Hence, contraception and abstinence
You: I do not believe in killing hte next generation
You: that is wrong
Stranger: preventing the amounts not by murder
You: I agree with that.
You: However, it is just as unacceptable to kill the next generation in utero as it is to kill them ex utero.
You: I totally agree we need to stop breeding so damn fast
You: But we can't kill each other; that would be wrong
Stranger: thats why there are laws in china, restricting one child per person
Stranger: *per family
You: Good in theory, but in practice it gets terrible
You: forced sterilizations, forced late term abortions and all
Stranger: true
Stranger: but if i look around there are few people ... chinese people that i know of with brothers and sisters
You: Anyway, I agree that overpopulation is an issue, but mass homicide is not the answer
You: We need to learn to solve our problems without violence.
Stranger: i never thought it was
Stranger: violence should never be the answer
Stranger: if it is your not asking the right question
You: You support violence against unborn boys and girls as the answer to overpopulation
Stranger: i never said that
You: Then why bring up overpopulation in the first place?
Stranger: conversational piece
You: It was a red herring completely unrelated to the topic at hand.
Stranger: ... i dont know what to say to that ^^
Stranger: how old are you?
You: You?
Stranger: guess
You: 19?
Stranger: why do you guess that?
You: Average Omegler's age.
Stranger: im 13
You: oh
Stranger: didnt you think i seemed a little slow for a 19 year old
You: But, yeah, I don't think it's acceptable to take someone's life for financial reasons either.
You: IDK
Stranger: haha :)
Stranger: you shouldnt.
You: Most people I speak to can be pretty slow.
Stranger: hehe :) wow, you know how to make people feel good about themselves xD
You: LOL
Stranger: lol xD
Stranger: maybe there not slow but just seem so because they are on a chatting website where they are just trying to have some fun conversations
You: hey this one dude said it would be morally acceptable if i murdered him painlessly and replaced him with a robot
You: but that eating chocolate is wrong if it makes anyone upset
Stranger: i love omeglers :D
Stranger: &#lt;3
You: i have the whole conversation archived if yyou wanna read it
Stranger: its okay :)
Stranger: i have some pretty funny ones too myself
Stranger: but thats because im immature ^^
You: lol
You: so do you really think abortion is okay if the parents cant raise the kid?
Stranger: no
You: ok cool
You: how do u feel about the death penalty?
Stranger: its hypocritical
You: oh same
You: what about abortion in the case of rape?
Stranger: ... oh god, thats hard
Stranger: i would have to say that would be okay
You: Psychologically, it's hard.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: thats what i mean
You: Rape is a despicable crime and rapists are the scum of the earth
Stranger: imagine having to raise the child you had because someone raped you
You: So you oppose the death penalty, except for on innocent babies for the crimes of their fathers?
You: A convicted serial killer lives, but an innocent baby dies?
Stranger: ahh! you make it so hard to answer!
Stranger: what would you do!
You: I would do adoption.
Stranger: would you want to keep the baby?
You: While the rape is a terrible crime, it's not the baby's fault.
Stranger: mhm
Stranger: the connection will implode soon
Stranger: you do know that right
You: In fact, the baby was abandoned by his father so hes sorta a victim too
Stranger: /:
You: why will it implode?
Stranger: it just does, anytime i talk to someone for too long
Stranger: it implodes
You: oh ok
You: well email 0020 to REDACTED to continue
Stranger: lol okay
Stranger: some people are so rude ):
You: huh?
Stranger: i omegling other people
Stranger: and i said ni hao :D have you seen my pet dinosaur anywhere? ive despretly been trying to find him
Stranger: and they disconnected ):
Stranger: haha
You: lol
You: Well I hope I've made you think about your views.
You: oh one more thing
Stranger: ni hao :D have you seen my pet dinosaur anywhere? ive despretly been trying to find him
stranger: vampire this
Stranger: lol xd
Stranger: yes yes yes :d
Stranger: what is it
Stranger: ?
You: the disabled babies thing
Stranger: mhm
Stranger: mhmmmmmm
Stranger: it would have to
Stranger: be a serious serious serious disabilty
Stranger: that would cause them
You: do people with disabilities loose their right to live?
You: can I go to all the special ed classes and just shoot them?
Stranger: no, but if you live your whole life in pain. living off a machine you would want to die
Stranger: not that kind of disability
You: You don't know what I would want.
You: You have no right to make that decision for me.
Stranger: you annoy me, your to smart for your own good
You: Would you be okay with a compromise, where we do not offer futile care, but we refrain from outright homicide and offer basic care such as food and water?
You: Meaning we don't just keep people alive on machines but don't kill them by abortion either?
Stranger: okay
You: Or where we keep them alive, but offer medication to stop pain
Stranger: if there was medication then you wouldnt kill them
Stranger: obviously
You: Because I think we need to be saving lives, not deciding some are not worth living.
Stranger: everyone has equal worth
You: We shouldn't choose death for anyone.
Stranger: no matter race, gender or whatever else
You: Even if we think we would like to die in that situation
You: because we can't project our wishes onto them
Stranger: but if THEY want to die
You: If they want to die, go ahead.
Stranger: but how would you knmow?
You: just dont force any doctors to participate and make sure the patient wasnt pressured into it
You: they would need to give consent
You: babies clearly dont consent
You: i have the same problem with infant circumcision
Stranger: well maybe there parents want something and pressure them
Stranger: ...
You: "make sure the patient wasnt pressured into it"
Stranger: that is the parents desicion i guess
Stranger: well how can you tell
Stranger: that they werent pressured
Stranger: or threatened even
You: how do you threaten someone to kill themselves
Stranger: maybe they want to live
You: commit suicide or imma kill you!
Stranger: but it would cost too much
Stranger: so people persuade them
Stranger: to dieee
You: We need health reform
Stranger: its the same problem they had with old people
You: It should never be "too expensive to live"
Stranger: yes but some people
Stranger: dont think that way
Stranger: not everyone is moral
You: I know.
Stranger: there are many unethical people
Stranger: in the world
You: I know.
You: But, yeah, I have no problem with consentual suicide.
You: But taking someone's life without consent is not suicide
You: This includes infanticide/abortion.
Stranger: MURDERRR
You: I believe that health care should protect, save, and prolong life, not take it.
You: You don't cure patients by killing them, even infant and unborn patients.
You: Actually, that's not even an "I believe"
You: that's the definition of health care
Stranger: mhm
You: So even if the baby has "problems", its wrong 3 kill him/her
Stranger: uh huh
You: 2^
Stranger: ^^
You: I would prefer, actually, that we did take all measures necessary to prolong life, even "a machine"
You: lots of people depend on dialysis machines
You: or resperators
You: or pacemakers
Stranger: yes yes ye s
Stranger: i know
You: i dont think needing help to stay alive makes you subhuman
Stranger: im not completley dim
You: we all need help to varying degrees
Stranger: uh huh
Stranger: okay, bye
You: bye
You: you have my email if u have any more thoughts
You: 0020
You: cya :D
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello, Stranger.
Stranger: hello
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: ive never had one..
You: Do you think it's a bad thing?
Stranger: can be
You: Can be?
You: Why?
Stranger: when used for real late birth control
You: What's wrong about that?
Stranger: well if its a rape case or kid with be born really deformed is 1 thing..
You: So, does abortion kill a kid?
Stranger: well it doesnt buy him a pony...
You: Okay.
Stranger: y u ask?
You: Do you think that people with disabilities are subhuman and should be killed?
Stranger: i work with subhumans that should be killed...
You: You do?
Stranger: lmao...yep
You: You think disabled people should all be murdered?
Stranger: no....i just said i work with subhumans
You: Like, what?
Stranger: u have no humor about you i see
You: Well, that's a terrible thing to say about anyone.
Stranger: are you a subhuman?
You: No, I am not.
You: I'm a human being.
Stranger: r u deformed?
You: No, but how does being deformed make it okay to murder you?
Stranger: ohhh refering back you my earlier staement?
You: Yeah.
Stranger: depends on the extent of the deformity
Stranger: they term quality of life comes into play
You: Who are you to judge anyone else unworthy of life?
Stranger: so if you had a child with no perception of its surroundings kept alive on a machine...thats a quality life?
You: That's not up to me to decide.
You: Okay, on to the other one.
You: You said that babies conceived of rape can be killed?
Stranger: so you would keep a vegetative lfe on a machine indefinately?
Stranger: they CAN be any conceived baby CAN be...
You: Stranger: well if its a rape case or kid with be born really deformed is 1 thing..
You: I think we all agree rape is a terrible, horrible, despicable crime, but it's not the kid's fault.
Stranger: you strive hard to prove a 1 sided point
You: I do think that it is okay to allow a baby to die naturally.
You: However, there is a difference between that and killing the baby by abortion.
Stranger: "kid" the kid up to a point has no level of awareness
You: What do you mean by "awareness"?
Stranger: do you remember 3 days after being conceived?
Stranger: were you awre that you were a being/
You: I don't remember 3 years after being born!
Stranger: so the idea that a life was taken is up to interpretation
You: Have you ever had surgery?
Stranger: or a form that would eventually become a life..
Stranger: yes
You: What kind?
Stranger: why?
You: Were you put under anesthesia?
Stranger: is this an attempt to prove something?
Stranger: no
You: Well, people under anesthesia aren't aware.
Stranger: and?
You: Does that make them dead?
Stranger: i do find your line of questioning more interesting than the usual online chatter
You: You can be alive without being aware.
You: We all do it every night.
You: If the kid wasn't alive, he wouldn't need food from his mom.
Stranger: you are trying to show proficiency at mincing words...
Stranger: so i must ask...why the concern about abortion? ever had one? know someone that did?
You: I don't see how anyone can NOT be concerned.
You: It's killed over a third of my generation.
You: ^a quarter
Stranger: is it an overwhelming concern in your life? do you have other big concerns?
You: I do have other concerns, but abortion is the biggest.
You: No other thing kills over a million people every year.
Stranger: i think if people were responsible, abortion wouldn't be anyones concern
You: Yeah, but people aren't responsible.
You: The least we can do is stop them from being violent.
Stranger: "we"?
You: Humanity.
You: Society.
You: Governments.
Stranger: why and how must "W
Stranger: we"?
Stranger: ''"we"
You: Why is because we need to stand up for one another.
You: Just like we ban rape and child abuse.
Stranger: and that will stop abortions?
You: Not entirely.
You: But it will drastically reduce them.
Stranger: interesting concept
You: The rest can be prevented by adeqate social programs
Stranger: and it will take drunk drivers of the road
You: such as a living wage and universal health care
You: Huh?
Stranger: by doing away with alcohol
[Conversation drifts away and I'm confused.]