Saturday, March 13, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello, stranger.
You: What do you think about abortion?
Stranger: hhhhhhhhi
Stranger: its nt great
You: Why not?
Stranger: well great for u if ure a slut
You: You don't like abortion?
Stranger: ya
You: You do?
Stranger: must take precaution before
You: What's wrong with abortion?
Stranger: well u recently ve abortion or u going to do it
Stranger: ?
You: neither
You: i was aborted
Stranger: by ure choice
You: Of course not.
You: By my mom's "choice"
Stranger: whats ure age?
You: I would be about twenty.
Stranger: u nuts ure boyfrnd wt did tell u he supported ure abortion
You: What?
You: No, I've never had an abortion.
You: I was aborted.
Stranger: so ure still alive
You: undead, technically
Stranger: wow that great bt me ve the same sitution my family didnt wanted me
You: were you aborted too?
Stranger: yeah they tried but my grandmother and in grief my mother forget and than it was too late for abortion
You: Where do you live?
Stranger: india,u?
You: usa
You: i was aborted at 8 months
Stranger: wow thats no possible over 4 months cant be aborted
You: they can here
You: its legal until birth
You: only recently did they ban birthing the baby breech and then stabbing its neck and sucking out the brains
You: partial-birth abortion
You: called that because only the head is still in the mother
Stranger: thats bullshit
Stranger: thats a crime
You: now it is
You: it was banned in 2003
You: google the Partial Birth Abortion ban act
Stranger: so why u disscussing ure abortion what happened?
You: I was killed by abortion
You: proof of pba:
Stranger: when did u come to know this that ure mother tried to abort u?
You: she didnt just try
You: she succeeded
You: sucked my brains out
You: so now i roam the street with the rest of the undead unborn hungry for BRAAAAAAIIIIIINSSSSSS
You have disconnected.

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