Saturday, March 13, 2010

If this was you, comment below. I froze.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi, m from nyc
You: Hello, Stranger.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: hard choice
Stranger: for an individual
You: Is it right or wrong?
Stranger: never right but a hard reality
You: Why is it never right?
You: What's wrong with it?
Stranger: taking responsibility for ones own action
You: So, it's just wrong because it's irresponsible? You don't think it kills anyone?
Stranger: i think it does when their is a heartbeat
You: There's a heartbeat before she knows she's pregnant.
You: But why does that matter?
Stranger: that is not true,
You: When do you think heartbeats start?
Stranger: i forget in what numbered week it begin but it doesn't happen at conception
You: Yeah, but the mom doesn't know she's pregnant at conception.
You: Heartbeat at 3 weeks 1 day
Stranger: but that is where the arguement begins
Stranger: one sec let me look
Stranger: ok then prior to that pt it ok after it is not unless extreme situations and even then it is a hard decision
You: She doesn't know she's pregnant until she misses a period.
Stranger: she know when she had sex
You: Yeah, she knows that.
You: But she doesn't know she's pregnant.
Stranger: go to a doctor
Stranger: blood test
You: She hasn't missed a period yet.
Stranger: doesn't matter the chemicals idebtify pregnancy show up in blood
You: Also, abortions aren't done until 5 weeks.
You: It's too dangerous for the mom before that.
You: Unless she does it chemically, but that's dangerous too.
Stranger: morning after pill is one ex
You: That just represses ovulation.
You: It hasn't been shown that it can cause embryonic death
You: Why do you place so much importance on a heartbeat anyway?
Stranger: being responsible during sex and for the possibility of a pregnancy, see embryonic death to me issn't as important as heartbeat
Stranger: when they pronounce you dead is when there is no heartbeat same to be true when a person is alive
You: That's actually not true.
You: That was a temporary legal definition; now it's brain waves.
Stranger: not keeping the organs alive by macxhine doesn't count
You: So, if someone has a bionic heart they're not alive?
Stranger: bionic heart gives the body a heartbeat
Stranger: without heartbeat
You: Yes, but a bionic heart would be "keeping the organs alive by macxhine"
Stranger: in place of a heartbeat they keeep body alive for organ donation
You: What?
Stranger: machine can keep a body alive for donations, putting a bionic heart give the pesron a heartbeat thus giving a functioning life
You: A bionic heart IS a machine.
Stranger: but giving the body a heartbeat where you can read a pulse in the arm
You: Yes, but still "keeping the organs alive by macxhine"
Stranger: two different scenarios
You: What is with you and heartbeats?
Stranger: what is about this issue that gives u passion
You: Well, in 1992, under current U.S. law, I would've been fair game to kill.
Stranger: ppl who are in that position should be the only ones to make that decision
You: And I would've had none?
You: They could just kill me and get away with it?
Stranger: be grateful ur mom made the choice for you
You: Would you have supported her right to abuse me?
Stranger: you would never had known in the 1st place unless someone told uy
You: If I wanted to rape my daughter, would you support my choice saying "ppl who are in that position should be the only ones to make that decision"?
Stranger: keep to one topic don't bring in other scenairios
You: what if i wanted to kill my newborn?
You: your argument makes no sense
Stranger: ur decscion to make but it easy pass judgement when not in that osition
Stranger: position
You: Huh?
You: Could you say that again, sorry.
Stranger: ppl thumb their nose at other ppl as if they have moral superiority but aren't in that position. I personally wouldn't consider it but that is my choice to make
You: Should it be "your choice to make" to kill your children after birth?
Stranger: goes back to heartbeat for me
You: Okay, so should it be "your choice to make" before birth, after the heartbeat?
Stranger: unless the mother life is in danger
You: Okay.
You: Why does a heartbeat matter so much to you?
Stranger: bionic heart aside , when heartbeat stop that is when they pronounce you dead,just like when they say we have a heartbeat the person is alive
You: Actually, they don't use heartbeat for that anymore.
You: That's a constantly changing definition.
You: Because we can revive people after cardiac arrest.
You: Okay, I have a question.
Stranger: tru but that is my opinion to have i am not trying to force my opinions on others my defintion is for pregnancy not after
You: Do you have a backyard?
Stranger: yes
You: What's in it?
Stranger: shed,concrete ,dirt
You: Any plants?
Stranger: iin the bacxkyardno ,on the side and in the front yes
You: Okay.
You: What kind?
Stranger: i not familiar with them as i did not plant them
You: Tree? Bush? Flower?
Stranger: floweras
You: Are they dead?
Stranger: can't comapre plants to humans
You: Are they dead?
Stranger: yes
You: They are?
You: How long have they been dead for?
Stranger: sometime begining of winter
You: oh, that sucks :(
You: this has been a bad winter
You: id hate to be a flower
Stranger: but new flower will grow in its plac
You: yeah, i guess.
You: wouldnt be much consolation to me if i was a flowr
Stranger: tru but u are more than a flower
You: yeah
You: but it would suck if i was a flower
You: so you don't have a lawn?
Stranger: no don't have that
You: just dirt?
Stranger: small areas fit for flowers but not enough where a lawn would make sense
You: Oh, okay.
You: Sounds dull.
Stranger: where r u from
You: usa
Stranger: not looking for an address just general area like i am from nyc
You: midwest
Stranger: i lived in the midwest for a year
You: :)
You: so, does anyone you know have a lawn?
Stranger: yes plenty of ppl I know do
You: do they water them?
Stranger: i am sure they do when needed
You: Are their lawns dead?
Stranger: don't pay attention to their lawns just the ppl
You: im just asking
Stranger: ok what else on ur mind
You: I'm just asking if their lawns are dead.
Stranger: not now i think
You: Why not?
Stranger: sorry meant to say i think it is
You: ok
You: how do you know?
Stranger: i see it covering the ground
You: and that tells you the lawn is dead?
Stranger: didnt give grass much of my attention so i am not sure
You: ok
You: was it ever alive?
Stranger: don't equate grass with being alive
You: Are you saying plants aren't alive?
Stranger: not a plant person
You: huh?
You: are plants alive?
Stranger: yes
You: Do they have hearts?
Stranger: plants don't heartbeat
You: Then how can they be alive?
Stranger: for the organic material they posses yes
You: So, are you saying that the very definition of life changes based on the living thing?
Stranger: based on their makup yes
Stranger: do plant think\
You: Okay, so how are we supposed to know if something's alive or not?
You: no
Stranger: but you try compare the two
You: because both are alive
Stranger: for entirely different reasons we don't need dirt to live
You: plants don't either.
You: they just need water
Stranger: nutrients in the soil
You: what about lilypads?
Stranger: how far off do you want to go to compare two different subjects
You: this is just one subject: biology
You: do you know how plants get energy?
Stranger: phrase like can't compare apples to oranges
Stranger: yet you continue to try
You: they photosynthesize
You: apples and oranges are both fruits
You: humans and plants are both alive.
You: in fact, we share a common ancestor millions of years ago
Stranger: have you heard the Metaphor can't compare apples to oranges
You: yes i can
You: also, it's an idiom, not a metaphor
You: do you know what photosynthesis produces?
Stranger: the pt i was trying to make, i do know that
You: what does it produce?
Stranger: produces nothing it is what plants do to feeds off light
You: it produces glucose
Stranger: not tru
You: the glucose is then broken down in the cells to produce adenosine triphosphate(sp?)
Stranger: i am going back to high school biology
You: do you still have the textbook?
Stranger: no]
Stranger: not my fav subject
You: ok
You: mine either
You: mine is programming
Stranger: psychology is mine
You: oh neat
You: does it let you mess with people?
Stranger: my friends yes but not professionally, not yet anway
You: ok
You: what kinds of tricks do you do?
Stranger: i don't have written tricks it more of a situation on aeach indiviual basis
You: oh ok
You: maybe i should go into psych.
Stranger: trying to understand/help ppl appeals to me
You: ok
You: i guess im more interested in messing with people
You: if i knew how they tick imagine what i could do. o.o
Stranger: r about to start college or r u in ur 1st yr already
You: junior in hs
Stranger: ok
You: do you remember the 7 signs of life?
Stranger: no off the bat but sure i know them
You: ok lemme find them
You: ive got my book here but i hardly ever use it
You: so idk where to find stuff
You: ok found the table of contents
You: here it is
Stranger: what colleges r u looking at
You: none yet
You: im sorta procrastinating
You: heredity
You: homeostasis
You: reproduction
You: cellular organization
You: metabolism
You: growth and development
You: response
You: any suggestions on colleges?
Stranger: lot of factors to consider and i don't know them or you but can giva a couple of tips when getting into college or when in college
You: ok
You: i was thinking maybe osu since its (relatively) close and its friggin huge
Stranger: i know a couple of to me kids who go there as a result of living in the midwest for a year
You: yeah, lots of folks move to ohio just for college :/
Stranger: not necessarily
You: i know lots of folks who did
Stranger: not just for college
Stranger: ic
Stranger: don't pic a college based on ppl u know
You: anyway, the scientific definition of life says nothing about the possession or function of any specific organs.
You: some life only has one cell
You: yeah i know
Stranger: your opinion prob didn't come from the science menuticha
You: what else could it come from?
Stranger: varies from religion, parents opinion,media among others
You: well, i dont have a religion so thats out
You: i didnt know my parents opinion when i formed my opinion so thats out
You: i actually hadnt even heard of abortion when i formed my opinion so media is out
Stranger: school sex ed, news story mabe somewhere else you may not have realizedyour opinion is your own i respect that
You: there was this science exibit when i was like 8 with preserved fetuses and such and i remember being concerned about where they got dead babies
You: i dont like to just pull opinions out of my ass
Stranger: like i said i wouldn't choose it but that is my choice
You: would you say the same about a baby with a heartbeat?
You: or about a newborn?
Stranger: i am not for abortion but i am against making the choice for others
You: are you against making the choice for others when it comes to infanticide?
You: should it be a mother's choice to kill her newborn baby?
Stranger: tell me if you ever come into that position what you would choose other we think however we want because you never know for sure what you will do in a situation unless faced with iy
You: That's true.
You: There are lots of places where people would want to kill born human beings.
You: That's why we make decisions based on science and reason, not on momentary emotion
Stranger: ex i like to think if a house was on fire that i would go in to save pppl but i don't know for sure that what will happen
You: would you want parents to have a right to kill their newborns?
Stranger: having a baby science reason go out the window emotion is what you are left with
You: Would that make it okay to kill a newborn?
You: should that be a choice we're allowed to make?
Stranger: would it ok to abandon a newborn or suffocate a newborn no but it happens\
You: Yes, and the people who do that go to jail.
Stranger: if caught
You: Yes, if caught.
You: But it's illegal.
Stranger: but abandon a child at a firehouse or hospital isn't
You: no, it's not
You: because that doesn;t kill them
You: if a mom kills her newborn thats illegal
Stranger: if ppl spot the child in time yes
Connection imploded.

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