Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: morning!
You: Hi.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: lol, I support a woman's right to choose, but not the act itself
Stranger: u?
You: Why do you not support the act itself?
Stranger: because I personally think it's wrong but I don't think the government should be involved
You: I'm asking why you personally think it's wrong.
Stranger: because we don't know when life begins and I'd rather be safe than sorry on the whole murdering babies thing :-P
Stranger: not that I like babies
Stranger: they stink
Stranger: and cry
Stranger: and are generally quite annoying
You: Would you be happy extending that principle to newborn babies?
You: That women should have the choice to kill them?
You: Is that also something the government shouldn't be involved in?
Stranger: depending if something's wrong with the kid
Stranger: or very ill
You: Are disabled people subhuman now?
Stranger: why waste our country's resources on something that won't even have a chance to enjoy life?
Stranger: there's so many starving people in this country
You: Okay, then would you be okay with killing a disabled toddler?
Stranger: if we let a few sick babies die we could feed so many more people and actually do a lot of good
Stranger: nah if they've already gotten that far might as well make them a productive member of society
Stranger: the resources have already been allocated for the kid to get that far
You: How old does a disabled kid need to be before they get the right to live?
Stranger: depending on how much has been invested in them... and I'm really talking about kids who aren't just retarding, I'm talking comtose drool forever
Stranger: *retarded
You: Okay, now there's something I find interesting here.
You: You said a parent can kill her born baby only if that baby is disabled.
Stranger: or very ill.
You: However, you're fine with killing an unborn baby for any reason, correct?
Stranger: I don't think it's RIGHT but I don't think the government should be involved
Stranger: who wants to be the child of a rape or incest?
You: Should the government be involved if the mother wants to kill her perfectly healthy one-year-old?
Stranger: yes because the kid could go somewhere else
Stranger: be adopted
You: I know plenty of rape babies.
Stranger: when a woman is pregnant you can't take the child away
You: I just want it to be clear that I think rape is a terrible crime.
Stranger: and I think it's a horrible reminder of a highly traumatic crime
You: What if no adoptive parents can be found?
Stranger: there's TONS
Stranger: we have no shortage of wanna be parents
Stranger: just look at the egg donation industry
You: Okay, would you be okay with banning abortions after the baby can be born alive?
You: So that the baby could then be adopted out?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: after the baby is born
Stranger: u can't kill it
Stranger: which surprise surprise is the law already
You: What about before the baby is born but after viability has been reached?
You: After around 22 weeks, the baby can be born and survive.
Stranger: well, there's so many risk factors. So, if a woman is raped and she might die because of the baby and it'll be impaired anyway since she's a crackhead, do u think she could abort?
Stranger: even if she could die?
You: I think that if she will die, of course we should allow abortion.
You: If the mom dies, the baby dies anyways.
Stranger: you never know for certain though
Stranger: she MIGHT live
Stranger: but there is a health risk
You: But to answer your question on who would want to be a rape baby, I could give you several people.
Stranger: so what if the woman is a young professional and her entire career will be ruined because of incest? Her entire life and dreams, gone.
You: One of my Friends was conceived of gang rape.
You: Now, are you saying that it is okay to kill someone because they affect their mother's carreer?
Stranger: is it ok to destroy a woman's career and ambitions?
Stranger: in essence, their life?
You: No, it is not.
You: And the person who raped her will go to jail.
Stranger: not always
Stranger: so many people get away, actually
You: But is it okay to punish her innocent child?
You: That is a problem.
Stranger: it's not being punished it's being put to sleep like a sick dog
Stranger: do we call what we do to a sick dog "punishment"?
You: We aren't talking about dogs/
Stranger: What are humans but glorified animals?
Stranger: I'm a vegetarian
You: We are talkting about perfectly healthy people.
Stranger: I refuse to eat flesh.
Stranger: We put down thousands of animals a year simply because they are unwanted and no one protests that
You: We do that because society does not value animals as much as humans.
Stranger: society is transcendental. The Ancient Egyptians valued cats because of their religion, we value humans exclusively as a result of our own
Stranger: Life is life
You: If we did value animals, we would not kill unwanted ones.
Stranger: but we don't. However, I do
Stranger: so i do what is in my power
Stranger: I don't eat meat and I adopted a stray kitten I found despite the inconvenience
You: Would you say that Juda Myers or Kristi Hofferber have no right to live?
Stranger: who?
You: Juda was conceived when 8 men raped her mother
You: Kristi was concieved from father/daugher incest rape
Stranger: If their mothers had chosen not to take them to term, i think they should have that choice
Stranger: I applaud the women for being stronger than I ever could be and making such a strong decision
You: Would you be fine with the choice to kill them after birth?
Stranger: then there's no reason
Stranger: once they're born, there's no reason to kill them
You: What about the moment before birth?
Stranger: define
You: Not much to define there.
You: Same baby, different place.
Stranger: as in, they're in the birth canal, or a day before?
You: As in a couple minutes before labor starts.
Stranger: at that point, abortion would be just as bad as giving birth
Stranger: and senseless
You: What about a day before?
Stranger: again, senseless
You: A month before?
Stranger: a month before, is the baby a health risk?
You: No.
Stranger: that's more fuzzy for me.
You: We're not talking about a health risk.
You: Over 90% of abortions are for socioeconomic reasons.
Stranger: early on, I'd think in the first trimester or maybe even second (because some women don't know they're pregnant for months)
Stranger: yes
Stranger: for example
Stranger: I am graduating college this May
Stranger: I am a young woman about to embark on her career
Stranger: Were I to become pregnant, i would carry the child to term. However, all of my life goals would be forfeit
Stranger: I would be living a life I hated
Stranger: and hate the child because of that
You: Okay, what if you didn't find out you were pregnant until you gave birth? Would it be okay to kill a newborn for the sake of your carreer?
Stranger: lol wow SURPRISE
Stranger: no, give up for adoption
You: Why is it different?
You: It's the same kid.
Stranger: because it's no longer biologically attached to the mother
You: So, being attached to someone else makes you forfiet the right to not be murdered?
Stranger: lol, u got it
You: So, can I go and shoot some conjoined twins now?
Stranger: well, killing one hurts the other
You: Put one on pain killers.
Stranger: but often they try to save one twin by removing (killing) the other
Stranger: as in, mortally endangers
You: Not if both can live.
You: Take the Hensel twins for instance.
Stranger: thats f***ed up
Stranger: I dunno what the parents were thinking
Stranger: IF they were
You: So, are you saying that Abigail and Brittany don't have a right to live?
Stranger: I'm saving that they should have been seperated
Stranger: *saying
You: They can't be.
Stranger: so here's a question .... brb
You: They share a lung.
Stranger: then no
Stranger: abortion doesn't hurt the mother significantly
Stranger: so there's a child in Africa
Stranger: and her mother was just murdered by a machete
Stranger: do u take the child home and care for it?
You: Where am I at the time?
Stranger: if you don't, no one else will take it, because it has AIDS
Stranger: part of a peacekeeping force near Chad
You: Okay.
You: Well, I'm not really old enough to adopt.
You: Lemme ask YOU a question.
Stranger: say that you are
Stranger: and then you find out it has 5 brothers and sisters, who will all starve to death if you do nothing
You: There are already relief efforts going on.
You: Here's my question:
Stranger: because no one is giving a shit about people who are being victims of genocide
You: I fly over to Africa, and mow them all down with a machete.
Stranger: we're so worried about our own little white babies that we simple IGNORE the suffering in the world
You: What happens to me?
You: We are directly murdering our babies to the tune of thousands a day.
You: The Africans are starving due to the natural unequal distribution of resources on this planet.
Stranger: no, they're slaughtering each other because of cruelty and insanity I think
Stranger: the leaders of some of these "revolutionary" forces are batshit crazy
Stranger: brb
You: Are we talking about the starving or the machete murder?
You: Because I'm all for locking up the machetteist.
You: But as for the starving, we can't really sue the planet.
Stranger: back
Stranger: they're intertwined
Stranger: some folks go on a killing spree so the rest of the people flee, causing an overpopulation
You: And I'm pretty sure those killing sprees are illegal.
Stranger: like Chad, they have all the starvation because there's tens of thousands of people who fled the Sudan
Stranger: they are
Stranger: but NO ONE does ANYTHING
You: And there's international task forces to help Africa.
Stranger: everyone can even all AGREE it's illegal
Stranger: but we all sit on our hands
Stranger: pathetic
You: There's the UN.
Stranger: and they're hardly doing a thing
You: I agree completely that we need to help them.
You: The state of lawlessness over there is shameful.
Stranger: it's murder
Stranger: genocide
Stranger: not only there
You: We need to prevent murder wherever it may be.
Stranger: http://blogs.ushmm.org/WorldIsWitness/
You: Just wondering, what are the chances of being murdered if you're in Africa?
You: Like, 10%?
You: Because the odds of being murdered in the womb are over 1 in 4
You: There's a 9/11 happening every day in America.
You: A holocaust every 7 years.
You: A multicaust that you admit to opposing but are willing to sit back and let happen.
Stranger: sorry im at work, back now
You: Okay.
Stranger: so what brought this on?
Stranger: any particular reason you're arguing pro-life on a Tuesday morning on Omegle?
You: We both agree that the holocaust in Africa is terrible and we both agree it should be stopped.
Stranger: I mean I totally respect your views my boyfriend is pro-life
You: We both agree the holocaust in America is terrible.
Stranger: my relatives were killed the the Holocaust
You: That is terrible.
Stranger: thats why I have no relatives on my mom's side, basically
You: That sucks.
Stranger: so what did bring this on?
You: Over 1 in 4 of my generation was killed by abortion.
You: I was at one time considered subhuman.
You: And it baffles me for someone to say that abortion is wrong, and then turn around and say they're fine that in 1992 I had no legal rights whatsoever.
You: BTW, you said that we don't know when life begins.
You: That's bogus.
Stranger: define "life"\
You: An embryo grows, develops, metabolizes, reacts to stimuli
Stranger: so do animals
You: Animals are also alive.
Stranger: and trees>
Stranger: ?
Stranger: fish?
You: Yes.
You: Plants, animals, fungi
Stranger: then I'm merely saying that humans have an animal existance until they are born
Stranger: a tapeworm feeds off a human
Stranger: we kill it without second thought
You: We have an animal existence after we're born as well.
You: Humans belong to the kingdom Animalia
Stranger: yet we have no problems killing animals, torturing them even, for food
You: We have no problem killing nonhuman animals for food.
You: Kill a human for food and see what happens.
Stranger: right, why not humans?
You: Because we are humans.
You: As such, we ought to respect one another.
Stranger: exactly. we are biased by our own species.
You: Every species is.
Stranger: again: why I don't eat meat
You: You don't eat meat, but you are fine with killing human beings/
You: ?
Stranger: I think BOTH are wrong, but I don't think the government should have a say in either
You: Do you know what government is for?
Stranger: are you familiar with the art of argumentation?
Stranger: both individuals must be willing to admit their own views are wrong. I do not believe either of us are, so this argument is pointles
You: I am willing to admit my views are wrong.
Stranger: I don't think the government has the right to criminalize a woman if she decides that she desires an abortion.
You: Does the government have the right to criminalize a woman if she decides that she desires to murder her toddler?
You: I'm just confused as to what your position is,
Stranger: you act as if the woman has nothing to do with her fetus
Stranger: toddlers can be gotten rid of in other ways
You: So, if a fetus can be gotten rid of in other ways, is it wrong to kill him?
Stranger: yes, but we do not have that capacity yet
You: After around 22 weeks, labor could be induced and the baby could survive.
Stranger: by cesearean section?
You: C-section, or just induce contractions.
You: Either way.
Stranger: huh I didn't know that. Well then, the government should pay for the procedure
You: I think the government should pay for all procedures.
Stranger: ok then, but before the 22 week mark, abortion legal
Stranger: after a doctor verifies the child can be extracted
You: That 22 week mark is not set in stone.
You: It varies based on the medical technology.
Stranger: doctor verification first
You: The number is getting earlier and earlier.
Stranger: how so?
You: Neonatal incubators and such.
Stranger: I was unaware that a child could be extracted before birth without significant damage
Stranger: so long as the woman is able to get rid of the child if she so desires
You: Without the incubator and the pure oxygen and everything after I was born a month early, I could've died.
You: Okay, what if the baby is born and nobody wants it?
Stranger: I think that the woman should pay for part of the procedure if it's for socioeconomic reasons after the 1st abortion
Stranger: so she couldn't use it as birth control
Stranger: someone will want the baby
Stranger: babies are in high demand
You: Have you heard of embryo adoption?
Stranger: Well I want to donate my eggs
Stranger: because I get $$ for it
You: Have you heard of IVF?
Stranger: yup
You: Well, after IVF there are lots of leftover embryos.
You: Infertile couples can have them implanted.
You: Let's say everyone adopts an embryo.
You: There are plenty.
You: Now, all those looking to adopt have already adopted.
You: And the mom can't place her newborn for adoption.
Stranger: then the state adopts it as a ward
You: Does the newborn then loose her right to live?
Stranger: foster houses
You: All the foster homes are full.
Stranger: LOL
Stranger: sounds like a case of dire overpopulation then
You: And the baby is a crack baby or something so nobody wants her
Stranger: if no one has room we're all dying of starvation anyways
You: My point is: does the lack of adoptive parents take avway your human rights?
Stranger: but there'll always be people like yourself willing to adopt
Stranger: point is there always will be adoptive parents
You: I'm not willing.
Stranger: if it was that or death for the infant?
Stranger: you wouldn't?
You: How would I learn of this infant?
Stranger: a friend of a friend
You: Anyway, this has nothing to do with the rights of the unborn.
Stranger: wait
Stranger: just answer
You: You're attacking my character,
Stranger: no
Stranger: im not
Stranger: im simply say that wouldn't your inaction be murder? where do we draw the line between action and inaction being the cause of death?
You: Even if I was an abortionist, my arguments would stand on their won
You: own^
Stranger: and you do have a solid argument
Stranger: which many people subscribe to
Stranger: but myself, like many others, have differing opinions
You: So, your opinion is that if no adoptive parents can be found, the baby forfiets her right to live?
You: It's fine to shoot her?
Stranger: no
You: Why not?
Stranger: child becomes a ward of the state
Stranger: if the state makes abortions illegal the state must also accept the children
You: Okay, so what if we could take the unborn baby at, say, 21 weeks, and have her be born alive
Stranger: ok
You: Would abortion be wrong then?
Connection imploded.
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