Saturday, March 20, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello, Stranger.
Stranger: hello
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: ive never had one..
You: Do you think it's a bad thing?
Stranger: can be
You: Can be?
You: Why?
Stranger: when used for real late birth control
You: What's wrong about that?
Stranger: well if its a rape case or kid with be born really deformed is 1 thing..
You: So, does abortion kill a kid?
Stranger: well it doesnt buy him a pony...
You: Okay.
Stranger: y u ask?
You: Do you think that people with disabilities are subhuman and should be killed?
Stranger: i work with subhumans that should be killed...
You: You do?
Stranger: lmao...yep
You: You think disabled people should all be murdered?
Stranger: no....i just said i work with subhumans
You: Like, what?
Stranger: u have no humor about you i see
You: Well, that's a terrible thing to say about anyone.
Stranger: are you a subhuman?
You: No, I am not.
You: I'm a human being.
Stranger: r u deformed?
You: No, but how does being deformed make it okay to murder you?
Stranger: ohhh refering back you my earlier staement?
You: Yeah.
Stranger: depends on the extent of the deformity
Stranger: they term quality of life comes into play
You: Who are you to judge anyone else unworthy of life?
Stranger: so if you had a child with no perception of its surroundings kept alive on a machine...thats a quality life?
You: That's not up to me to decide.
You: Okay, on to the other one.
You: You said that babies conceived of rape can be killed?
Stranger: so you would keep a vegetative lfe on a machine indefinately?
Stranger: they CAN be any conceived baby CAN be...
You: Stranger: well if its a rape case or kid with be born really deformed is 1 thing..
You: I think we all agree rape is a terrible, horrible, despicable crime, but it's not the kid's fault.
Stranger: you strive hard to prove a 1 sided point
You: I do think that it is okay to allow a baby to die naturally.
You: However, there is a difference between that and killing the baby by abortion.
Stranger: "kid" the kid up to a point has no level of awareness
You: What do you mean by "awareness"?
Stranger: do you remember 3 days after being conceived?
Stranger: were you awre that you were a being/
You: I don't remember 3 years after being born!
Stranger: so the idea that a life was taken is up to interpretation
You: Have you ever had surgery?
Stranger: or a form that would eventually become a life..
Stranger: yes
You: What kind?
Stranger: why?
You: Were you put under anesthesia?
Stranger: is this an attempt to prove something?
Stranger: no
You: Well, people under anesthesia aren't aware.
Stranger: and?
You: Does that make them dead?
Stranger: i do find your line of questioning more interesting than the usual online chatter
You: You can be alive without being aware.
You: We all do it every night.
You: If the kid wasn't alive, he wouldn't need food from his mom.
Stranger: you are trying to show proficiency at mincing words...
Stranger: so i must ask...why the concern about abortion? ever had one? know someone that did?
You: I don't see how anyone can NOT be concerned.
You: It's killed over a third of my generation.
You: ^a quarter
Stranger: is it an overwhelming concern in your life? do you have other big concerns?
You: I do have other concerns, but abortion is the biggest.
You: No other thing kills over a million people every year.
Stranger: i think if people were responsible, abortion wouldn't be anyones concern
You: Yeah, but people aren't responsible.
You: The least we can do is stop them from being violent.
Stranger: "we"?
You: Humanity.
You: Society.
You: Governments.
Stranger: why and how must "W
Stranger: we"?
Stranger: ''"we"
You: Why is because we need to stand up for one another.
You: Just like we ban rape and child abuse.
Stranger: and that will stop abortions?
You: Not entirely.
You: But it will drastically reduce them.
Stranger: interesting concept
You: The rest can be prevented by adeqate social programs
Stranger: and it will take drunk drivers of the road
You: such as a living wage and universal health care
You: Huh?
Stranger: by doing away with alcohol
[Conversation drifts away and I'm confused.]

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