Saturday, January 1, 2011

That's just messed up.

You: But you'd kill an unborn child?
Stranger: It unborn.
You: Yes.
You: But you'd kill an unborn child?
Stranger: If i was a teen at tge time
Stranger: Cuz its not like anyone is emotionally attached to it
You: So you need someone to be emotionally attached to you to not be killed?
Stranger: No but if u could get over it urself thats all that matter cuz no one phisically knows it
You: That makes no sense.
You: What about a newborn? Could you off your own newborn if you're the only one who knows about her?
Stranger: Prob not cuz it already came out
You: So? You said what mattered was emotional attachment.
You: Is it okay to kill a newborn that nobody is attached to?
Stranger: Ok so if ur a parent and u kill ur 5 yr old kid who has friends and stuff everyone will be mad but if u abort a unborn nobody will notice and they shouldnt care what u decide
You: Is it okay to kill a newborn that nobody is attached to?
Stranger: How new?
You: Does it matter? Nobody is attached to them?
Stranger: It does matter. And if its already out minds well put it up for adoption cuz the moms vag is already fucked up
You: Why does the age matter?
Stranger: Cuz their life has already began
You: Let's say the newborn was born a few hours ago. Is it okay to kill that baby?
You: Remember, nobody is attached to her.
Stranger: No. Cuz its already out
You: But nobody is attached to her. According to you, it's okay to kill someone if nobody is attached to them.
Stranger: That wasnt what i ment to decide if its ok it was just support
Stranger: Not why it ok
You: So what makes it okay?
Stranger: That it is still in tge mom
Stranger: And its her choice
You: Is it her choice to kill a baby that's out of the womb but was born premature (say, 8 months)?
Stranger: No if it is inside her she can do what she wants
You: So she can't kill the premature born baby?
Stranger: No. Its already out
You: Is it her choice to kill a postterm baby (that is, a baby that is still in the womb, but past his/her due date)?
Stranger: Ya cuz its still insde her
You: Why is it that passing through the birth canal magically gives you the right to live?
Stranger: It just is
You: Why does the EXACT SAME BABY have the right to live or not depending on his location?
Stranger: Cuz maybe the mom doesnt want to have it or have it come out
You: And that means she can murder her own child?
Stranger: If u wanna look at it like that
You: That's barbaric!
Stranger: Its life
You: Okay, what if she doesn't want to kill the child? What if she just wants to take a boatload of drugs and screw up her child?
You: Would that be okay?
Stranger: Minds well just abort it. Its easier if u dont want it
You: Would she or would she not have the right to take drugs during pregnancy that would screw her child up for life?
Stranger: Its her choice
You: What if she wants the doctor to go in and surgically remove all of the child's limbs?
Stranger: Thats just being brutal. Its not the same
You: What if she wants to take the drug thalidomide, which can cause severe birth defects such as missing limbs?
You: Is that her right?
Stranger: She has the right to do what ever the fuck she wants just like everyone else
Stranger: It may be wrong be she can do it
You: But she doesn't have a right to have the child's limbs removed surgically?
Stranger: She can do it if she wants
Stranger: Its not right but idc
You: Does she have a right to have your limbs removed?
Stranger: Ya
You: To have YOUR limbs removed?
Stranger: Fuck that ill kick her ass
You: Does she have the right to have her born child's limbs removed?
Stranger: Ya. Its her kid
You: Does she have the right to have her born child killed?
Stranger: No mom is going to kill her live child
You: Really? It happens all the time.
Stranger: Abortions thats about it.
You: It's called filicide.
You: give me five minutes and i'll find a story where a parent murders their own child
You: Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children in the bathtub
Stranger: I know crazy shit happens buy it isnt all the time
Stranger: But*
You: Was it her right to kill them? After all, they were her children.
You: A teen mom recently tried to smother her 4-month-old to death to "make life easier"
Stranger: Ya. But if her mom did the right thing and aborted her then she wouldnt have killed her kin in the tub
Stranger: If ppl abort then they dont have to kill their kids
You: She wanted the kids; later on she came to believe they were possessed by demons or something.
Stranger: Ppl r crazy
You: If your mother were to murder you right now, would that be her right?
Stranger: I guess but she wouldnt cuz she is a normal person
You: Earlier you said a mother has no right to kill her children if they have already been born.
Stranger: She has the right to do what she wants just like everyone
You: Does she have the right to kill someone who is not her child?
Stranger: If i wanna go beat the shit outta my dad get drunk steal his car and go drive it off a bridge i hace the right to do that
Stranger: No. Its not hers.
You: You said she has the right to do whatever she wants.
You: What if she wants to kill someone who is not her kid?
Stranger: That is within reason
Stranger: If she wants to do stuff that she or a friend own she can do it.
You: Do you own your dad?
Stranger: Do u have the right to go into a random persons house and eaylt their food and shower and shit in their toliet? No
You: Why not?
Stranger: No i dont but he is my das
You: Okay let me get this straight.
You: The dad in Austria who kept his daughter locked in his basement as a sex slave for 24 years and fathered seven children with her was perfectly within his rights to do so?
You: Eight children, in fact.
Stranger: Thats just fucked up
Stranger: But idc do what u want, think what u want
You: According to your logic, he has the right to do whatever he wants to his child.
Stranger: Ya
You: So there was nothing wrong with what he did?
Stranger: Thats just fuckin weird.
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