Sunday, March 14, 2010

I feel my arguement falling apart right now

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello, Stranger.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: Pro Choice
You: Interesting.
You: I like choice too.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: Um
Stranger: ?
You: Well, saying "pro-choice" doesn't tell me anything about your stance on a specific issue.
You: It's a pretty vague term.
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Well
Stranger: I think if you're stupid and don't use a condom then maybe you should have the baby given that there are other options.
Stranger: But I understand how being in high school it feels like an only way out
Stranger: Or in a situation where having a baby is just not a good option
You: What would be wrong with having an abortion after you lazily don't use a condom?
Stranger: I'm sorry
Stranger: Consistently not use a condom
You: Yes.
You: If someone uses abortion in place of birth control, would you say that's immoral?
Stranger: In a way yes.
Stranger: Given that birth control is available to pretty much everyone
You: Okay, would it be immoral to abort a full-term baby?
Stranger: Yes
You: Why?
Stranger: At that point I believe it is a person
You: Why?
Stranger: Because
Stranger: Full term
Stranger: Beating heart
Stranger: Function system
You: Well, the heart starts beating WAY earlier than that.
Stranger: I know
Stranger: I also don't believe life happens at conception
You: If the early embryo isn't alive, how does he grow?
Stranger: I see your point
You: And why does he need food from the mom?
Stranger: Again point seen
Stranger: At a certain point I don't feel abortion is right
You: What point is that?
Stranger: I don't know really
Stranger: I usually just say when you for sure know you're pregnant within the first 3 weeks.
Stranger: I feel my arguement falling apart right now
You: What if you don't find out you're pregnant until far along?
You: Some women give birth without knowing they were pregnant.
You: There's an entire TV show called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
Stranger: Tangent: I find that show hilarious
You: Me too.
You: And I'm not sure people like that should be breeding. :P
Stranger: Agreed
Stranger: I'm pretty sure my all time favorite was the woman who thought she was constipated
You: Forgot about that one.
You: Could she not tell her holes apart?
Stranger: Haha I know right
You: Once time travel is invented, we need to sterilize all them before they breed.
Stranger: Definitely
Stranger: At some point it is a little ridiculous
You: Yeah.
Stranger: One chick was out at a club and had a baby in her pants
You: Holy ****.
You: Anyway, are you saying abortion is wrong after the first few weeks?
Stranger: Essentially yes
You: Why is it okay earlier?
You: Why is it okay to kill the same person just because he's a little younger?
Stranger: You're right
Stranger: That makes sense
Stranger: You're the first person to even bring that up to me
You: Not many people like to talk about it.
You: But I think that to get somewhere as a society, we need to examine our beliefs.
Stranger: Completely agree
You: So, let's talk about something a little happier now.
[[The rest of the conversation is irrelevant.]]

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