Sunday, February 7, 2010

"You're factually incorrect." "So?"

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What's your stance on abortion?
Stranger: its the womens coice
You: Through all 9 months?
Stranger: whats gives a group of women to decide what is rigt or worng for another women
Stranger: yes
You: What about after birth, before the cord is cut?
You: There was a recent case in Virginia where that happened.
You: They couldn't prosecute her because the afterbirth was not yet delivered.
Stranger: i think if the baby is born and came out the vag.. just give it up for the adoption.(but thats just me) if someone one decided to term it then...welll they have to live with the deciion not me
You: Lots of people don't know they were pregnant until birth.
You: There's a whole TV series about it.
Stranger: what give me or u the right to say what to do...its really none of anyone business
Stranger: yes i see it all the time on ie TLC or something
Stranger: or u a female?
You: If I decide to rape my daughter, is that anybody's business but my own?
Stranger: first off that is sick....but if u dont it it alll ur business until u get caught adn its made publice...then its everyone business
You: Who are you to say what's right for me?
Stranger: welll rape is wrong...just go and jerk ummm its the law
You: Abortion is also wrong.
Stranger: but u said u live in virginia...u people down south are into some fuked up she i am sure its a normal thing down there
You: I live in Ohio.
Stranger: thats ur opinion but its not mine
You: I was mentioning a news story from Virginia,
Stranger: fag it i fucken hate ohio and everyone and everything in it
You: hey i didnt choose to be born here
Stranger: here we go stillers ere we go!
Stranger: here we go stillers here we go
You: what if I am of the the opinion that rape is not wrong?
Stranger: yea ur right...ur mom should of had an abortion
You: does a KKK member have a right to lynch blacks because he thinks it's okay? or to we force him not to do something immoral?
You: if abortion is immoral, it should be illegal
Stranger: see now ur changing the subject...that what people like u try and do with subjects of abortion and shit....u bring something ele up that has no relevance to the topic at hand and u try and take words and put them into other peoples mouth...and u do that to try and sound smart and educated like u know what ur talking about but really honestly u have not clues
You: Do you or do you not think that abortion is immoral?
Stranger: first it was abortion , then rape, now lynching?
Stranger: i told u what i though of it fuck nuts
You: If it could be demonstrated that it was immoral, would you oppose it?
Stranger: give me of and example of hw it is immoral or will be proven immoral first
You: Okay.
You: Do you support infanticide?
Stranger: what does that have to do with abortion...see ur changing the subject agin...stick to the topic at han
You: I am not changing the subject.
Stranger: yes u are
You: It's the same baby before or after birth.
Stranger: what that have to do with abortion..
Stranger: but its not abortion..oborting is terminating the pregnancy....infanticie is just illing infants. which is not the same as abortion...fuck nuts
Stranger: dude ur trying to sound all smart and educted and u just are making an ass outta ur self
You: Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy after, resulting in, or directly followed by the death of the embryo or fetus
You: pregnancies can also be terminated by birth
Stranger: right embryo and fetus....ur taling about kiing infants
You: So, what's the difference?
Stranger: ok infnts are living breathing and came out the vag for longer that a week
You: Is a premature baby born at 30 weeks more important than a fetus still in the womb at 40 weeks?
Stranger: if a baby is not fully outta the vage it is not considered an infant
Stranger: or born
You: What do you mean "for longer than a week"?
Stranger: exactly what i said....alive and breathing for a week fuck nuts
You: So a baby born a day ago can be killed?
Stranger: see u read one article and u think u know what ur talking baout but u dont
You: If it hasn't been breathing for a week?
Stranger: no...forget that comment
You: Okay.
You: The fetus is alive in the womb, you know.
You: If it wasn't, it wouldn't need food.
Stranger: alll i am saying is that infanticide is killing of infants..if a women holds a baby the fuly 9 months and wants it aboted tht just let the babys head come out..give the mom meds to stop contractions and then they scramble the brains and deliever the rest of the baby...its not considers infanticide becue majority of the body is still in the vag and is not considereed born yet
You: And its cells wouldn't be dividing.
You: That's disgusting!
Stranger: well that all opiion as well...i dont think something is alsive until it is fully outta the vag
You: You would support that?
Stranger: if that wht awomen/family wants i have no right to stop the
You: No, the scientific definition of life is metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and cellular organization
Stranger: ok sooooooooo?
You: Yet you have a right to stop them from infanticide?
You: If that's what they want?
Stranger: loook dude get ur facts straight before u try ato soun like ur know what ur talking about
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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