Sunday, January 10, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: What is your opinion on abortion?
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: uhm
Stranger: its okay but not cuz youre to stupid to wear a condom or other forms of protection
You: Why?
Stranger: that kid is not gonna have a good life when his mum is a teenager
Stranger: so in certain situations
You: What if the she never knows she's pregnant until she gives birth? Can she kill the baby then?
Stranger: no cuz then it would be considered morally wrong and illegal and thats bad for the mum
Stranger: AND
Stranger: she would know
You: Have you ever seen that show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!"?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i dont believe these situations actually happen
Stranger: you cant not know your pregnant till you give birth
You: There was enough to make a show of.
You: They rationalize it away.
You: Missed periods because of stress.
You: Et cetera,
Stranger: right
Stranger: but there's got to ring a bell when your belly is swelling up
Stranger: while its definetely not fat
You: They typically give birth prematurely.
Stranger: if the baby is in such an early stage that it wasnt even visible the girl was pregnant, it wont survive anyway or have a maturehandicap
Stranger: and the whole killing thing isnt the deal
Stranger: i mean
Stranger: its just BAM dead
Stranger: the point is that people are attached to someone
Stranger: and they are in pain
Stranger: so if thats not the case, and the mum wants to kill the baby and other people arent atached to it and everyone can just live on after that
Stranger: theres no problem with killing the baby
You: what do u mean?
Stranger: that for the baby himself it doesnt matter
Stranger: he lives or not
Stranger: if not, he wont know
You: the same is true after birth
Stranger: yeah thats what im saying
You: So is infanticide okay?
Stranger: no not necisarily
You: y not?
Stranger: if other people are in pain cuz of the killing it isnt
You: What if they aren't?
Stranger: if the baby himself isnt in pain either
Stranger: then im okay with it
You: What if there are ppl attached to the baby before birth?
Stranger: and this is in every form of murder
Stranger: then they will be in pain so then its not okay
You: Is murder of a hermit okay?
Stranger: evry murder is okay as long as these conditions are followed
You: so murder is ok if the victim has no loved ones?
Stranger: and the victim has no mental and/or fysical pain before hes killed
You: So I can just walk up to a hermit or a homeless man and shoot him between the eyes? He'd never feel a thing.
Stranger: well yeah but you also have to watch out that you dont traumatise people
Stranger: cuz thats also mental pain
You: Abortion causes me mental pain.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: then as long as you know about it an abortion is not okay
Stranger: if you dont know however it is
You: What if I shot a man with a family between the eyes? Is that okay?
Stranger: think for yourself
Stranger: the main rule is: no-one has pain
You: Okay, what if I then took his place so his family never found out?
Stranger: would anyone be in pain?
You: No.
Stranger: well then
You: If I shot you and replaced you with a robot, would that be okay? It's a very convincing robot.
Stranger: if no-one would be in pain,, yes
You: What if I hate it when people eat chocolate? Would chocolate then be immoral?
Stranger: uhm
You: The consumption of chocolate causes me emotional pain.
Stranger: then yeah actually
You: Chocolate is immoral?
Stranger: but only as long as you are in pain cuz of it
You: Wow.
You have disconnected.

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