Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stranger: it just feels about right

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi there. How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: i have
Stranger: a big opinion on it
You: ...which is...
Stranger: rape=ok
Stranger: a fetus can live on its own outside so its ok
You: What?
Stranger: i meant cant
You: Is it okay without rape?
Stranger: if the woman is put in danger, she should make that choice
Stranger: other than
Stranger: tht
Stranger: im against it
You: Why are you against it?
Stranger: because
Stranger: if they just want to abort
Stranger: just cause
Stranger: theyre assholes
You: how so?
You: what's wrong with aborting?
Stranger: why get pregnant
Stranger: in the first place
You: why not?
Stranger: get pregnant if u want to have a baby
You: what's wrong with getting pregnant and then aborting?
Stranger: so
Stranger: lol
Stranger: ok
Stranger: its a sport?
Stranger: u make babies
Stranger: just to kill them
Stranger: i guess some people
Stranger: would
You: ok lemme get this straight
Stranger: it should be choice overall
Stranger: government should stay the hell away from the decision
You: you're only cool with killing babies, but only if their dad was a rapist?
You: ok so always?
Stranger: overall
Stranger: yes
Stranger: just
Stranger: people shud be more careful
Stranger: getting
You: should the government stay out of 9-month abortions??
Stranger: pregnant
Stranger: def
Stranger: of course they shud
Stranger: its about the individual
You: what about infanticide?
Stranger: and theyre choice
Stranger: big brother shuldnt tell u whats right and wrong
Stranger: and nither should i
Stranger: its an unborn human
You: should big brother tell you you can't kill a newborn?
Stranger: i said unborn
You: what about a premature baby?
Stranger: :)
Stranger: they are already born
Stranger: thats a differnet issue
You: so the exact same baby can be killed or not because of her location?
Stranger: umm
Stranger: that baby
You: vaginas aren't magic. passing through one doesnt make it bad to kill u
Stranger: was either gonna be born normaly or prematurely
Stranger: yes it does
You: how so?
Stranger: its a living creature
Stranger: that is already born
You: it's not living in the womb?
Stranger: our age is determined by the time we are out of the womb
Stranger: not as a zygote
Stranger: or an embryo
Stranger: people should be informed
You: Actually, that's not entirely tryue.
Stranger: about the stages
Stranger: if they are considering
Stranger: an abortion
You: That's a Western tradition.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: then
Stranger: im western
Stranger: lol
You: many Eastern cultures count from conception
Stranger: thats really cool
Stranger: again.....
Stranger: choice
You: you learn something every day
Stranger: yepers
You: Why is there no choice after birth?
You: why
Stranger: that is another HUGE question
You: are you typeing
You: your sentences
You: like that?
Stranger: but not the issue
You: Why not?
Stranger: like how
Stranger: 0-----------
Stranger: slow down
Stranger: -----------
You: Please type your sentences all at once.
Stranger: y
You: Not a few words at a time.
Stranger: ok big brother
You: It'd hard to read in bits and pieces sorry
You: it's*
Stranger: what are u 47
Stranger: ?
Stranger: no offence
You: no
You: Why is the mom not allowed to choose after birth?
Stranger: reading long sentences is harder for me..... sorry
You: ok
Stranger: choose what??
Stranger: to kill?
You: yes
Stranger: because the baby has been born
You: So what?
Stranger: big deal
You: The kid moved 8 inches.
Stranger: lol
You: it's the same kid that was inside
Stranger: why abort the kid so late?
You: why not? you support abortion up to 9 months
Stranger: if they are thinking about it
Stranger: do it sooner
You: why not infanticide at 8?
Stranger: thats an opinion
You: you think everyone finds out of their pregnancy early on?
Stranger: not 100 percent
You: there's an entire freaking TV show about moms that don't find out until they go in to labor
Stranger: yea iveseen it
Stranger: and they dont kill their babies
You: should they be allowed to?
Stranger: no
You: would it be okay if they did?
Stranger: lol
You: why not?
Stranger: thats psychotic
You: how so?
Stranger: the baby is breathing
Stranger: he no longer depends on the mother
You: define "breathing"
Stranger: for oxygen
Stranger: diectly
Stranger: its to seperte parties now!!
You: babies don't breath for like a minute or so after they're born
Stranger: so shud we get tax credits for getting pregnant?
Stranger: lol
You: should it be okay to kill them before then?
You: What?
Stranger: after they are born
Stranger: they are considered their own peroson
Stranger: with rights
Stranger: not a minute before
You: They don't start breathing the second they're born.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: im sure the deision wont occur in two seconds
Stranger: lol
You: It takes a minute
You: Is it okay to kill a baby that's born but not started breathign yet?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: if theyre insane
Stranger: no
Stranger: well
Stranger: what do u mean
You: Why not?
Stranger: if he is gonna die cause he is brain dead
Stranger: yes its a choice
You: Babies start breathing a while after birth, which is why the doctor pats the baby on the back
Stranger: u have to look at these things case bby case
Stranger: there is no one answer
You: of course you do
Stranger: i know what i would do
Stranger: and
Stranger: i dont care what other people do
Stranger: i shouldnt!
You: Should you care if someone kills a toddler?
Stranger: that is not the issue
Stranger: u sure are bad at this..
Stranger: jkjk
You: Stranger: i dont care what other people do
Stranger: i shouldnt!
Stranger: right
Stranger: about abortion
You: should you care if "what other people do" is kill a toddler?
You: why just for abortion?
Stranger: because
Stranger: its
Stranger: an unborn
Stranger: how many times do i have to say this
You: What makes the unborn different from the born? It's not breathing.
Stranger: the baby has no legal rights
Stranger: if that changes
Stranger: im sure my opinions wiuld change
Stranger: who knows
You: So it depends on what the law says?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: for now
You: So would you support a woman delivering a baby, and smothering the baby?
Stranger: thats a big part of it
Stranger: no
Stranger: ........
You: What if the placenta was still inside her?
Stranger: i would most def diaspprove
Stranger: ok
Stranger: lol
Stranger: take it out
You: Would it be fine to smother the baby if the placenta was still inside her?
Stranger: what?!!
Stranger: no
Stranger: u fool
You: Okay.
You: Wait.
Stranger: what is your opinion anyways
Stranger: bc thats all it is
Stranger: an opinion
You: There was a story in VA about that exact thing happening
Stranger: sad
Stranger: ok
You: it was totally legal because the placenta was still inside her
Stranger: what a technicallity
Stranger: lol
Stranger: u know
You: it was no technicality.
Stranger: if its legal
Stranger: ,,.
You: it was legal
Stranger: ok
You: does that make it okay?
Stranger: i disagree with the decision
Stranger: but
Stranger: i dont
Stranger: think
Stranger: my opinion
Stranger: should matter
You: Should the baby's death matter?
Stranger: it may
Stranger: to some people
You: Does your opinion matter on anything?
Stranger: to me
Stranger: if other like it
You: Are you against other people choosing to own slaves?
Stranger: cool
Stranger: if they dont
Stranger: cool
Stranger: thats ilegal?
Stranger: :)
You: Not everywhere.
Stranger: then its fine
You: slavery is fine?
You: Dude, the Holocaust itself was legal.
Stranger: slavery
Stranger: is not freedom
You: Neither is death.
Stranger: that is wrong in my book
Stranger: death is natural
Stranger: thats above government
Stranger: well
Stranger: death could be freedom
You: Is it above the government to stop you from being murdered?
Stranger: to some people
Stranger: nope
Stranger: thats murder
You: Why?
Stranger: not natural death
You: Death is natural.
You: Neither is abortion.
Stranger: another being interveened
Stranger: abortion
Stranger: they are not born
Stranger: yet
You: So?
You: They're still killed.
Stranger: no legal rights
Stranger: ok
Stranger: so dont kill animals
You: That actually depends on jurisdiction
Stranger: dont kill the grass u walk on
You: they do have rights in several countries
Stranger: dont eat fruit
Stranger: unless it falls
You: ok a few points
You: 1. i dont pick my own fruir
Stranger: are u like doing this for fun? or have to write a paper or something
Stranger: thats sad u dont
You: I'd like to make a difference.
Stranger: swell
Stranger: what is your opinion
You: But the unborn have legal rights in some places.
Stranger: then they
Stranger: sould take
You: I'm against it.
Stranger: that into consideration
Stranger: and face the penalties
Stranger: case by case
Stranger: thats my opinion
Stranger: if its legal
Stranger: ..
Stranger: think
Stranger: for urself
You: so if the law changed tomorrow, you'd think abortion was wrong?
Stranger: if u choose
Stranger: what is wrong
Stranger: ,,
Stranger: if
Stranger: the law changed to
Stranger: say what?
You: to say the unborn baby is a person with rights
Stranger: that would be something
Stranger: ..
Stranger: from conception?
You: there's campaigns for exactly that in several states
You: if the law changed to say you're not a person with rights until age 7, would you say it's none of your business if toddlers were raped and murdered?
Stranger: i wouldnt do it
Stranger: but
Stranger: what can i do
Stranger: lol
You: would you say it's okay?
Stranger: my opinion says its wrong
Stranger: because they are born
Stranger: its not
Stranger: OK for me
You: i thought your opinion was based on the law?
Stranger: !!
You: Clearly, it's not.
Stranger: i take it into consideration
Stranger: if i dont follow it
Stranger: thats my problem
You: Why does birth matter?
Stranger: becaue
You: And you can't reference law.
You: It's not breath.
You: It's not law.
You: What is it?
Stranger: people have their own bweliefs
You: If someone believes in killing toddlers, should they be allowed to?
Stranger: ur saying that if the govwrnment suddenly justifies the killing of children
You: They did in 1973.
Stranger: which is likely not to happen soon
Stranger: so what
Stranger: they justify it
Stranger: but people will have their own opinions
Stranger: lol
Stranger: unborn kids
Stranger: i was refering to your toddler killing fantasies
You: What makes birth so special?
Stranger: u become ....
Stranger: an individual
You: Why can a baby of a younger age not be killed?
Stranger: in my opinion
Stranger: he is born
Stranger: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Stranger: no more
Stranger: until
Stranger: i hear ur opinon
Stranger: -------------------------------------
You: i told you mine
Stranger: --------------------------------
Stranger: repeat please
You: You: I'm against it.
Stranger: ?
Stranger: speak for urself
You: Already did.
You: I'm against abortion.
Stranger: ooo
Stranger: ok
Stranger: thats cool
Stranger: ur opinion are not gonna influence mine
Stranger: like mine arent to yours
You: So the 9-week fetus is not an individual but the 6-month premie is?
You: I'm just confused now.
Stranger: i disagree
Stranger: wiht
You: Usually people can at least back up their positions.
Stranger: roe v wade
You: Why?
You: and how?
Stranger: because its random
You: random
You: ?
Stranger: its the government
Stranger: saying u shud =nt
Stranger: killl somethinng in ur own body
Stranger: that is not born
Stranger: like a tumor
Stranger: a tumor is alivee too u know
You: roe v wade was the decision that said you could
Stranger: :('
Stranger: ye
Stranger: but
Stranger: depended on trimester
You: not if you take doe v bolton into consideration
Stranger: never hearrd of it
Stranger: would be interesting
Stranger: lol
You: until birth there was a health exception, and doe defined it very broadly
Stranger: u caught me of guard i guess
Stranger: :)
Stranger: listen
Stranger: im a conservative
You: doe was decided the same day, and defined "health" SO broadly as to make it on demand until birth
You: im a liberal
Stranger: government shoiuld not tell me what to do as long as it doesnt
Stranger: harn
Stranger: harm
Stranger: a living
Stranger: person
Stranger: bor*
Stranger: n
You: why born?
Stranger: why du u care?!?!
You: why can't the government tell you not to harm a living unborn person
You: because i used to be a baby!
Stranger: because
Stranger: ==they are not demigods
You: what?
Stranger: they should xist
Stranger: exist
Stranger: to preotect
Stranger: us
Stranger: nothing
Stranger: more
Stranger: u get that?
You: they should protect us no matter how old we are!
Stranger: exactly!!
You: yes i getthat
You: even if we're 8 months old
You: or 8 years
Stranger: as long as ur age is an integer!
Stranger: ok
Stranger: then
Stranger: so ur
Stranger: saying
Stranger: i am 21
Stranger: years
Stranger: old
Stranger: and not
Stranger: 20
Stranger: ?
Stranger: so i can legaly buy
Stranger: alcohol?
You: okay so only if your age is an integer?
Stranger: am i old enough to buy a sapporo?!?!
You: so a so someone who is 19 and a half can be killed?
You: biologically, yes you are.
Stranger: why..
You: legally no
Stranger: would they be kiiled
Stranger: u huh
Stranger: legally
Stranger: im 20
Stranger: :)
Stranger: legaly
Stranger: unborns
Stranger: arent
Stranger: living
You: We aren't talking law; we're talking morality.
Stranger: biologically yes
Stranger: law
Stranger: is HUGE
Stranger: u talked about it
Stranger: with slavery
Stranger: and toddler killing
You: If the law started counting age from your 19th birthday, would it be okay to kill teens?
Stranger: why would they do that
You: Why not?
Stranger: IF is a meessy word
Stranger: with if
Stranger: we could put paris in a bottle
Stranger: lol
You: Fine.
You: How about Eastern cultures that DO count from conception?
You: Is an asian unborn baby a person but not an american one?
Stranger: then im sure abortion is illegal
You: To answer your question
You: they could be killed because 19.5 is not an integer
Stranger: but they dont count it as 19. do they
You: Okay, what about 3.5?
Stranger: 19.5*
You: lots of littlle kids count halfs
Stranger: so do i
Stranger: and thirds
You: then the law can only protect you on your birthday
Stranger: for a milisecond
Stranger: lol
Stranger: no
Stranger: the law sees ur age in whole numbers
You: so we count the numbers between integers too?
Stranger: um sure what ever floats ur bot
You: Okay.
Stranger: :P
You: So if we're measuring age from birth.
Stranger: I WOULD NEVER ABORT A BABY!!!!!!!!
Stranger: :)
Stranger: u huh,,
Stranger: ,
You: Abortion is wrong, since the age is between -1 and 0
Stranger: ¬¬
You: and we count between integers
Stranger: i like u
You: lol
You: thanks
You: -1 is an integer
Stranger: not -.75
Stranger: :p
You: But you said we can count between integers
Stranger: yea
Stranger: but -1 never even sees the light of day
Stranger: what? u wanna round up
Stranger: lol
You: no, but -.75 is between -1 and 0
Stranger: sigh
Stranger: ur point
You: my point is if we only protect people whose ages are integers, either you're not protected except for one day of the year, or unborn babies are protected
Stranger: plus i will hopefully never ave to think about abortion
You: integers are {..., -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ...}
Stranger: -_- i know
Stranger: but even in
Stranger: ur life
Stranger: there is no
Stranger: -1
You: so do we count the numbers between integers or not?
Stranger: moral
Stranger: issue
Stranger: is personal
Stranger: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
You: Is someone 4.9 years old not a person?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: they
Stranger: ARE
Stranger: but legaly
Stranger: they are 4
Stranger: !!
You: So it's based on the law?
Stranger: unfortunaletly
Stranger: i cant buy a margarita
You: I'm pretty sure the law starts out counting by months.
You: until you turn 2
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: ok
Stranger: what do u want from me
Stranger: a donation!
You: you'll be 12 or 18 months old
Stranger: shoo hoo
Stranger: shoo
You: i want an answer
Stranger: you will find an answer inside urself ¬¬
You: Why does moving 8 inches change you on such a fundamental level
You: and no basing your answer in law
Stranger: its interesting stuff
Stranger: huh
You: yes
Stranger: ok
Stranger: u wana deal
Stranger: with humanity and morals
Stranger: fine
You: yes i do
You: the law is whatever the rulers say it is
You: native americans weren't always considered persons
You: slaves were property
You: the holocaust was abiding german law
Stranger: I HAVE MY OPINION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YOU HAVE YOURS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UR FREE TO TELL ME YOUR OPINION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IM FREE TO LISTEN TO IT AND TAKE IT ITO CONSIDERATION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You: You should be able to back it up.
Stranger: the holocaust
Stranger: was morally sad!1
Stranger: lol
You: why?
Stranger: based on MY morals
You: it was lega;;
You: legal
Stranger: yes it was
You: so how was it bad?
Stranger: i thought we switched to maral issue!!
Stranger: ><
Stranger: it killed
Stranger: peopl
Stranger: e
Stranger: born
Stranger: people
Stranger: right?
You: why does being born matter?
Stranger: it killed some of my brothers and sisters
Stranger: im against it
Stranger: ok
Stranger: jeez
You: Wait, it did?
You: How old are you?
Stranger: lol, not literally
Stranger: but
You: Oh
Stranger: people i can reale too
You: Well abortion killd my brothers and sisters
You: kills*
Stranger: why did ur aprents do it
You: lol, not literally
Stranger: :)
Stranger: yep
Stranger: shit happens
You: was hitler in his right to do what he did?
Stranger: how old are u anyways?
Stranger: legally
Stranger: or morally
You: would you have tried and stopped him or let him follow his morality?
Stranger: ?
You: morally
Stranger: no
Stranger: i would not have stoped him
Stranger: we must run
You: he had his morality, and it said it was ok
Stranger: u asked for my morality
You: i asked for moralit
You: y
Stranger: thers no one morality
Stranger: its relative
You: relative to what?
Stranger: christians have morals..............................................
Stranger: differents from muslims.........
Stranger: different from atheists
Stranger: .........
Stranger: different from individuals
Stranger: ................
You: so is it okay to stone a woman to death for being raped?
Stranger: for them
Stranger: yes
Stranger: not for me
Stranger: ..
Stranger: next
You: Is it okay that the law allows it?
Stranger: who cares aout the law
Stranger: we are talking morals
You: would you try to stop it from happening?
Stranger: are u a guy or a girl?
Stranger: lol
You: if you could
You: or would you let them follow their morality?
Stranger: if i had the means
Stranger: i would stop them
Stranger: if i lived
Stranger: where they do
Stranger: sure
Stranger: i wouldnt kill them
Stranger: :p
Stranger: e_e
You: would you try and stop an abortion?
Stranger: nope
You: why not?
Stranger: unless its my baby
Stranger: because
You: what if only the head wasn't born yet?
Stranger: i would not think of it
Stranger: WHAT""?
Stranger: no
Stranger: no
Stranger: no
Stranger: no abortion
You: what?
You: what if the head and the shoulders werent born
Stranger: i ..wouldnt ..abortion
Stranger: on my baby
You: would you stop one??
Stranger: some one elses?
You: yes
Stranger: HAHAHAHA
Stranger: hell no!
You: what if the baby was born alive, would you let them kill it?
Stranger: twas born.
You: would you stop them?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: what kind of hospital
Stranger: does that
Stranger: o no
You: you'd be surprised
Stranger: i would
Stranger: hey
You: what if the baby was half born
You: what
Stranger: i hope im never in the audience in that situation
Stranger: lol
You: hopefully you won;t
You: they banned it recently
Stranger: kewl
You: Born Alive Infant Protection Act
Stranger: i agree with that
You: only in like 2003 did they ban partial-birth abortion
Stranger: sometimes morals intersect with law
Stranger: sometimes not
You: so why, morally, is birth important?
Stranger: it just feels about right
You: what do you mean?
Stranger: idk
Stranger: im not a debater like uuuuuu
Stranger: im exhausted
You: so a 9-months-from-conception fetus can be killed but not a 5-wees-from-conception newborn?
You: months*
Stranger: were going in ( ) ( ) ( )
You: ?
Stranger: cccircles
Stranger: :]
You: im trying to get u 2 answer
Stranger: T_T
You: a 9-months-from-conception fetus can be killed but not a 5-months-from-conception newborn?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: wait
Stranger: nooooooooooooo
Stranger: what
You: a baby can be born alive at 21 weeks
You: that's 5 months
Stranger: oook
Stranger: its BORN
You: you think a newborn that's a third of a year younger has more rights?
Stranger: moraly?
Stranger: or legaly
You: the newborn is WAY less developed
You: morally
Stranger: its born
You: what about birth renders 4 months of development moot?
Stranger: why did u have to interrupt my nice summers day with a random question about this?
Stranger: i know its spring
You: Why do you support the slaughter of millions of innocent human beings?
Stranger: i wouldnt do it
Stranger: u believe in a moral police?
You: Of course. Would I want immoral police?
Stranger: :)
Stranger: "MORAL" police
Stranger: MORAL-s
You: morality police?
Stranger: yes smart one
Stranger: :)
You: of course i do. what are police for but to protect?
You: bank robbery, rape, arson
Stranger: u want to control the masses\
You: those are all moral issues
Stranger: sure.....
Stranger: the bor
Stranger: born
Stranger: and legal issues
Stranger: blah
Stranger: im tired
You: the unborn deserve the same protection
Stranger: its been a frikin hour
Stranger: :)
Stranger: ok
Stranger: ok
You: you still dodge my question
Stranger: noooo
Stranger: i dont
You: why
You: is
You: birth
You: relevant?
Stranger: it is to me
You: why?
Stranger: because my dear liberal friend.........i think............... that is how human nature works
You: what do you mean?
Stranger: we thinkn differntly
Stranger: we are not animals
Stranger: we have a conscience and opinions we dont understand
You: human nature is that we reproduce sexually,and sexual reproduction produces offspring at conception
You: not true
Stranger: are u atheist?
You: we can examine our beliefs with logic
You: yes i am
Stranger: me too
Stranger: godamit
You: we differ mentally from other animals in that we can usually examine our beliefs
You: what?
Stranger: idk
Stranger: u seem very interesting
You: why did you say godamit?
You: wanna chat over email l8r then?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: idk
Stranger: lol
Stranger: im like terrified
Stranger: and exited
Stranger: at once
You: im more interesting than half the folks here :D
Stranger: right
You: more like 90% i guess
Stranger: how about me
Stranger: am i the sscum of the earth
Stranger: ?
You: Nope.
You: I just think you're wrong.
Stranger: so.....
Stranger: ur against abortion
Stranger: ?
You: Yeah.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: me too
Stranger: happy
You: We went over that :D
You: oh lol
You: ok
You: how do you feel about war?
Stranger: T_T
Stranger: lol
Stranger: ill prob end up agreeing with u
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: war
Stranger: ..
Stranger: is
Stranger: wrong
Stranger: boom
Stranger: hit me
You: How do u feel about the death penalty
You: i agree
Stranger: death penalty is a nono
You: cool
You: hey can u do me a favor?
Stranger: shoot
You: don't leave without saying bye first :D
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: i was hoping for the same
Stranger: i hate that
Stranger: :(
You: if you do i get booted into another conversation
Stranger: right
You: if i press the space bat
You: r
Stranger: im scared i dont hit backspace
Stranger: lol
Stranger: RIGHT
Stranger: lol
You: yeah i had that problem all the time
You: i open the omegle window in a new tab
You: that way there's no back to go to :D
Stranger: nice
You: before thjen id have that problem all. the. fucking. time
You: .
Stranger: this brings me bak to my college days.......... how about universal healthcare lol
You: I'm all for it.
Stranger: rad
Stranger: btw
Stranger: im not
Stranger: a conservative per se
Stranger: lolz
You: I'm actually for single-payer everything
You: i figured
Stranger: yep
Stranger: single payer huh
You: yeah
Stranger: big brother
Stranger: lolol
Stranger: na
Stranger: i understand
You: no more than the police and fire depts :D
Stranger: ok ok
Stranger: so government should get bigger/
Stranger: ?
You: Yep.
Stranger: u are a bad bad liberal
Stranger: hahaha
You: The size of the gov't doesn't matter if i does good things.
You: it*
Stranger: may i ask for ur age?
You: yes you may
Stranger: what is it?
Stranger: in integers
You: so why is birth so important to you?
Stranger: :((( plis not this again
You: i said u could ask i never said id answer :P
Stranger: boo
You: today is newt gingrich's birthday
Stranger: what r u so afraid of
Stranger: good for him........
Stranger: or bad
Stranger: depends how he sees it
You: and barry manilow
You: and the anniversary of lady liberty ariving in NY harbor
Stranger: hoora
You: and of the watergate breakin arrests
Stranger: wow
You: and of OJ simpson's arrest for the murders
Stranger: dont forget kimeru
Stranger: 's birthday
You: who?
Stranger: a singer
Stranger: lollllll
You: ok
You: and venus williams
Stranger: damn
Stranger: u are an encyclopedia
You: i have an app
You: the sun will set at 9:03 PM
Stranger: haha
You: and rose at 6:02
Stranger: iphone
You: am
You: yes
You: well, ipod touch
Stranger: ooo
You: or ipad nano as i call it xD
Stranger: mmmmmm
Stranger: i want ipad
Stranger: so shiny o_o
You: i dont see myself getting one
You: it's no betterthan the ipod
Stranger: me neither
Stranger: not now
You: and it wont fit in my pocket
Stranger: its not supposed to
You: It should.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: so..
You: They should give ipod touches to babies so they can use them as ipads
Stranger: are u a dude?
Stranger: lolz
You: it's a possibility
Stranger: i thought so
Stranger: haha
Stranger: 49/51 chance
You: i may or may not be
Stranger: lol
You: you mean 49-51
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i do
Stranger: telll me!!!!!!!!
You: 49/51 is 96% lol
Stranger: its impotant
You: how so?
Stranger: or did i
You: how is it important? are you looking for sex?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: no
Stranger: im not
You: then it doesnt matter ^.^
Stranger: not now
You: is this your longest omegle conversation?
Stranger: i usually dont talk with other guys
Stranger: lolz
Stranger: one on=f the longest
You: pretty soon and the scroll bare thingy will be one pixel tall
You: bar*
Stranger: not on my laptop
Stranger: haha
You: lol
You: so why does moving 8 or 9 inches change the baby so much, if it's not breath?
Stranger: im against BORTION
Stranger: ><
You: Bortion?
Stranger: i hit caps instead of a
You: oh
You: i see
You: why do they put caps there?
You: why do we even need caps?
Stranger: u know what idk
You: Shift does fine
Stranger: really
Stranger: i only started
Stranger: using shift
Stranger: like a year ago
Stranger: when i learned to type "properly"
You: lol
Stranger: :]
You: recently i learned the =]
Stranger: w00t
You: its awesome because u can do it and send it in one swipe
Stranger: it comes in handy
Stranger: i guess
You: = then ] then enter
Stranger: =]
Stranger: o yea
Stranger: haha
You: conveniently lined up
Stranger: its a conspiracy
Stranger: like 9-11
You: =[
Stranger: quoi?
You: is less convenient
Stranger: o =['
Stranger: =['
Stranger: hmm
You: so is ]=
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: =]
Stranger: that is interesting
You: you know what else is interesting?
Stranger: tell me
You: so the answer to my question is no, then?
Stranger: no
You: so you DO know what else is interesting?
Stranger: -dies-
Stranger: what
Stranger: is it??
You: the world if humans laid eggs
Stranger: ........................
Stranger: yea
Stranger: lol
Stranger: but it wouldnt be weird
You: hey why are elephants big gray and wrinkely?
Stranger: if that is how it was from the start
Stranger: is that a joke
You: wrinkley?
You: yes
Stranger: why
You: if they were small, white, and hard they'd be asprin
Stranger: wa wa wahhhhhhhhhh
Stranger: hahah
You: do you know what the difference is between a flea and a wolf?
Stranger: good job rookie
Stranger: um
Stranger: yes
You: what is it:
Stranger: one is a mamal
Stranger: the other aint
You: one howls on the prarie and one prowls on the hairy
Stranger: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
Stranger: woof
You: it's like a knock knock joke but you're supposed to answer "i don't know"
You: lets try another
Stranger: =]
You: what's the difference between an iphone and an ipad?
Stranger: haha
Stranger: u tell me
You: this is where you say "i dont know"
Stranger: o idont know
Stranger: iii didz
You: a rolling pin :D
Stranger: i dont get it
Stranger: ooooo
You: a rolling pin takes dough and stretches it out to make it bigger
Stranger: right
Stranger: wow
Stranger: u are a funny person
You: what;s the difference between a picnic and molestation?
Stranger: i like both?
Stranger: no what
Stranger: i dont know!!
You: well, since you don't know, wanna go for a picnic later?
Stranger: -_-
Stranger: i dont get it
Stranger: are u gonna molest me at the picnic
You: if you dont know the difference you would be easy to molest
Stranger: ooo
You: i could call molestation the picnic and u wouldnt notice
Stranger: very logical
You: what's the morally significant difference between a born baby and an unborn baby?
Stranger: i dont know.
You: Neither do !
You: I
You: hahahaaha
Stranger: wha~
You have disconnected.
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