Monday, June 7, 2010

i cant think of anything to say anymore :(

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Tacos are awesome, unlike abortion.
Stranger: both are actually
Stranger: and drugs
You: Abortion is awesome?
Stranger: yeee
You: How?
Stranger: hum
Stranger: = sex - baby?
You: nope
You: = sex + baby + death
Stranger: XDDDDD
Stranger: but its not a baby
Stranger: its a small ugly thing without feelings
You: it is too a baby
Stranger: negzzzz
Stranger: 1/7 of a baby then
You: S: (n) baby (an unborn child; a human fetus) "I felt healthy and very feminine carrying the baby"; "it was great to feel my baby moving about inside"
Stranger: it only has 1 definition on 7
You: So does an infant.
You: That's not how definitions work.
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: if you were pregnant
Stranger: would you rather get fat for a long time then get a super painful thing(giving birth)
Stranger: or get an abortion
You: For all you know, I am pregnant.
Stranger: aw shiet
You: It's not okay to kill an innocent human being to save yourself some pain.
Stranger: i dont think of a fetus as a human
You: Is it a puppy?
Stranger: its a fetus
You: If you want to abort a cat fetus, I won't stop you.
You: We're talking about human fetuses.
Stranger: baby cats are cute though
Stranger: and they dont cost alot to take care of
You: Riddle me this: If two human beings reproduce, what species will their offspring be?
Stranger: hum
Stranger: human?
You: Correct!
Stranger: i dont get it
You: The fetus is human.
You: Any organism with human parents and human DNA can't belong to any species but H. sapiens sapiens.
Stranger: but its a fetussssss
You: And a child is a child.
You: How old are you?
Stranger: and a fetus is a fetus!
Stranger: geez
Stranger: oh im 16
You: You are an adolescent.
You: You are a HUMAN adolescent.
You: The fetus is a fetus.
You: The fetus is a HUMAN fetus.
Stranger: a fetus none the less!
You: Zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, child, adolescent, adult
You: All just stages in development for a human being.
You: You, at one time, were a fetus.
You: One day, if all goes well, you will be a senior citizen.
You: Your argument is tantamount to saying "Yes, she is a HUMAN kindergartener, but a kindergartener none the less!"
Stranger: kindergarten is a human concept thing
Stranger: it doesnt exist in nature
You: Okay.
Stranger: so its not really a stage of develpment
You: Your argument is tantamount to saying "Yes, she is a HUMAN newborn, but a newborn none the less!"
You: Biologically, the only truly relevant stages are "child" and "adult", the change occurring at puberty.
Stranger: ah!
Stranger: new argument
Stranger: what if
Stranger: a girl gets pregnant
Stranger: and cant afford to keep her child because her parents wont help her
Stranger: and the guy just dips
You: I would suggest adoption in this case.
Stranger: and she has to become a crack whore to keep her child
You: How about this:
You: A family has 2 parents working to support 9 kids.
You: The mother loses her job and they're tight on funds.
Stranger: child labor?
You: Could they kill half their kids to balance the budget?
Stranger: im pretty sure thats illegal
You: Why is it?
You: You apparently have no problem with homicide for financial reasons.
Stranger: idk man, it seems like a pretty stupid law to me
You: You think the anti-murder laws are stupid?
Stranger: no im being sarcastic
You: Okay.
You: You can never be too sure; some people seriously believe that.
Stranger: hmm
You: As the saying goes, the Internet doesn't make you stupid; it just makes your stupidity more accessible to others.
Stranger: about that
Stranger: dont mention anything that you care about on the internets
Stranger: well
You: Why is it that the exact same child can or cannot be killed for the exact same reason based on her age?
Stranger: cuzz
Stranger: its not the same child
You: It is too.
Stranger: its not even a child
You: Same child, different age.
Stranger: its a fetus
You: Do I need to bring out the dictionary again?
Stranger: noo
Stranger: kay i wanna change the subject
Stranger: are you for or against drugs?
You: S: (n) child, kid (a human offspring (son or daughter) of any age) "they had three children"; "they were able to send their kids to college"
Stranger: of course you are
Stranger: let us argue!
You: I don't really care one way or the other.
You: I'd like them to be legalized.
You: But that's not high on my priorities.
Stranger: you suprise me
You: How?
Stranger: against abortion but not against drugs
You: Don't assume you can put people into neat little boxes, especially if you only know their position on one issue.
You: I'm also an atheist.
Stranger: actually i figured that
Stranger: cuz you would of metioned more things like
Stranger: "youll go to hell"
Stranger: and whatnot
You: Ah, I guess so.
You: Though lots of religious people use secular arguments to be more persuasive.
Stranger: i also guess that you dont do drugs
Stranger: :D?
You: Not yet; I'm only [age].
Stranger: do you consider pot a drug?
You: I don't do pot either way.
Stranger: ok
You: But back on topic.
You: Why can the same human being be killed for the same reason at a different age?
Stranger: noo
You: You supposedly oppose killing toddlers for economic reasons.
Stranger: first could you explain why you want drugs to be legalized?
You: I just don't see why not to legalize them.
You: Nobody is harmed if Joe Smith tokes up one day.
Stranger: oh and its because if the mother has no emotional attachment to the fetus
Stranger: nothing happens
You: So a mother with no emotional attachment to her toddler can kill her toddler?
Stranger: noo
You: Why not?
Stranger: cuzz
Stranger: its illegal
You: Abortion is illegal in some places too.
You: And infanticide wasn't always illegal.
Stranger: i cant think of anything to say anymore :(
You: We aren't talking about legal and illegal; we're talking about right and wrong.
Stranger: ah
Stranger: oke
You: How about abortions at 9 months?
You: Are they okay?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: that doesnt really make any sense though
You: Why not?
Stranger: well if a girl wants an abortion
Stranger: she would want to do it asap
You: What country do you live in?
Stranger: canada
You: Do you know of TLC?
You: The Learning Channel. It's a TV channel in the US.
You: They have a show called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, where women, for one reason or another, only find out they were pregnant WHEN THEY GIVE BIRTH!
Stranger: i dont think i need to answer that
Stranger: what??
You: I know.
Stranger: thats sort of funny
You: Apparently it happens enough to make a show out of.
You: One lady thought she was constipated.
Stranger: have you seen any of the monthy python movies?
You: Not in ages.
Stranger: !
You: But you still haven't answered my question.
You: How about abortions at 9 months?
You: Are they okay?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: theyre stupid
You: Are they acceptable?
Stranger: hmmmmmmmmmm
Stranger: i guess
You: What about killing a baby born 2 months prematurely?
You: Already born, but 2 months younger than the fetus you're fine with killing.
Stranger: its going to be handicaped no?
You: No.
Stranger: so its life will be terrible
Stranger: ya ya ya
You: It depends on the kid and the medical care.
Stranger: still
Stranger: 2 months is pretty big
You: But much more premature babies can lead healthy lifes.
You: lives*
Stranger: how
You: Modern medicine.
You: Incubators and the like.
Stranger: moderne medicine is a large expense no?
You: Okay, fine.
You: One month premature.
You: Can an 8-week born baby be killed?
You: 8-month*
Stranger: its still gonna need money for medicine
You: Can a 41-week postterm fetus be killed?
You: That is, a fetus that has passed the due date?
Stranger: yah
Stranger: i doubt itll resist or have any fire arms to defend itself
Stranger: haha
Stranger: get it?
You: Be serious.
You: The fetus's due date has come and gone, but the fetus is still in his mother.
You: Can he be killed?
You: Would that be okay?
Stranger: again, sort of pointless to keep the baby that long but i guess so
Stranger: i mean
Stranger: if the mother is okay with it
You: Not all births happen on the due date.
You: I've got a friend that was born 2 weeks late.
You: And to this day, she's a procrastinator.
You: :-P
Stranger: haha :p
You: At 2 weeks after the due date, doctors induce labor.
You: So you'd allow a postterm fetus to be killed?
You: That would be acceptable?
Stranger: kay if i say that abortion is bad can we stop talking about this?
You: It's a yes or no question.
You: Would it be acceptable in your view to kill a postterm fetus?
You: The fetus's due date has come and gone, but the fetus is still in his mother.
You: Can he be killed?
You: Would that be okay?
You: Yes or no.
Stranger: abortion is innacceptable in every way
You: Why?
Stranger: because killing a human is worng
Stranger: wrong* oups
You: *oops
You: And why is the fetus a human?
Stranger: because it is the result of two humans reproducing
You: and...
Stranger: its a human but just at a different stage of life?
You: What's in the nucleus of every fetal cell?
Stranger: dna of human?
You: Human DNA
You: You're just saying this so we can change the subject, aren't you?
Stranger: yes
You: Fine.
You: Are you an atheist?
Stranger: yess
You: Hmmm.
You: How do you feel about public indecency laws?
Stranger: i think we should have a conversation instead of an argument
You: Okay.
You: Hmm.
Stranger: :D
You: At the end, that wasn't really an argument.
You: I was just trying to get you to answer a question.
Stranger: haha i guess
You: What's your answer?
Stranger: i think its okay
Stranger: you dont
You: To kill a postterm fetus?
Stranger: and thats why we were having the argument
You: What if the same human had been born a week earlier?
You: Exact same age, different location.
You: Would killing the born-a-week-ago baby be okay?
Stranger: i guess not
Stranger: but i want to talk about something else
Stranger: pleaaaaaaase
You: okay
You: tacos
You: Tacos are much more awesome than abortion.
You: Let's talk about them.
Stranger: yaaa
Stranger: i havent had one in a while
You: You prefer hard or soft shells?
Stranger: humm
Stranger: soft i guess
You: Same.
Stranger: yay
You: Are you a guy or a girl?
Stranger: im a guy
You: Same here.
You: yay
Stranger: oh shit
Stranger: i wouldnt have thought so
You: Yeah.
You: I like vaginas; I just don't think passing through one magically changes your worth as a human being.
Stranger: hmm
You: You do.
You: That's why we were arguing up there.
You: You think the exact same person can be killed or not killed based on his or her location.
Stranger: im gonna disconnect the conversation if you keep bringing abortion up
You: That's the only difference between the postterm fetus and the born-a-week-ago infant: location
You: okay
You: sorry
You: cheese
Stranger: lol its k
You: what's your favorite cheese?

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