Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Her: Ur the kind of ignorance that is killing this world
Me: What?
Her: U don't even know what ur talking about.. And all twisted
Her: Now go look up a human population graph
Me: Oh so now homicide is am acceptable solution to overpopulation?
Me: How about we kill all the Jews? That's curb our numbers!
Me: Or maybe we should flip a coin whenever a baby is born o decide whether or not to shoot him/her.
Her: U short minded ppl will look like idiots when ur kids don't have food and there babies are dying of diseases... Or we could have 1 billion ppl always happy
Me: Answer my question.
Me: Would you be okay with killing kindergarteners or newborns to cut down on the population?
Her: I think if every 2 people have 1 babe it will always decrease the population. That's my view.. And when I have my kid it will be when I'm older and can provide for it to have a happy life
Me: I think that too
Me: I just don't believe in homicide
Her: And I bet u believe in the death penalty...
Me: You just lost the bet.
Me: Any other bets you wanna make?
Her: U don't at all? U think they should sit in prisons after killing and raping many ppl.. And then we pay for all they're food and everything they need?
Me: I don't think we get to decide someone else is not worthy of life
Me: I also think we should focus more on rehabilitation than on vengeance.
Me: But what does this have to do with using homicide to deal with overpopulation?
Her: I'm saying that if I had a nuke and I could drop It on India I would... And ppl would hate me but in the long run everyone will have a better quality of life
Me: Do you seriously believe that?
Me: You'd nuke an entire country of innocent people?
Her: Ya. It's not like I would ever have that though..
Me: You think that's an okay thing to do?
Her: A country that has grown to have an average of 10 babies per woman...
Her: And ya I do
Me: Wow.
Me: The entire population of India?
Me: All >1 billion people, brutally and coldly murdered?
Her: It would be quick... Better than in 200 years when there are 20 billion people starving to death
Me: ...or we could just give out free condoms and stop using IVF
Me: Would u support hunting down and murdering any child after a woman's firstborn?
Me: Would you?

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