Sunday, August 1, 2010

9 months abortion is bad, wait good, wait it doesnt exist, wait good. Why? IDK

You: abortion isnt cool
Stranger: So is having a baby at 16
You: yeah but
You: i mean is it better to kill the baby?
Stranger: ...
Stranger: I don't know... but Its wouldn't be a baby yet ...
You: what do u mean?
Stranger: It wouldn't feel a thing...
You: So it's okay to kill someone if they don't feel pain?
Stranger: It's not even someone...
You: Why not?
You: The embryo or fetus is a huma nbeing.
You: human being*
Stranger: in progress but like no...
You: What species do YOU think the embryo or fetus belongs to?
You: Because going by the species of the parents, the laws of genetics show it's H. sapiens.
You: The subspecies H. sapiens sapiens, to be specific.
Stranger: Meh... Whatever... It would be my decision if i wanted to get an abortion cuz i,m the girl...
You: Through all 9 months?
Stranger: it's not at the 9th month you get an abortion... but yeah... if i was pregnant i would have the saying on what i want to do through all the 9 months...
You: You think it's acceptable to kill a perfectly healthy baby the day before she's born?
Stranger: No... That would be cruel... but i wouldn't have to kill he or she cuz it wouldn't be in there anymore...
You: You said through all 9 months.
Stranger: Whatever dude... I'm not gonna be pregnant 'till i'll be like ready to have babies so i won't need abprtion...
You: But you think it's an acceptable choice in general?
Stranger: Yes...
You: But not through all 9 months.
Stranger: What ??
Stranger: you don't get abortion through all nin months...
You: You: You think it's acceptable to kill a perfectly healthy baby the day before she's born?
Stranger: No... That would be cruel... but i wouldn't have to kill he or she cuz it wouldn't be in there anymore...
Stranger: yeah so...
You: Some people do. It's rare, but it happens.
You: When do you think it becomes immoral to kill the embryo or fetus?
Stranger: idk... When the docs says it is...
You: There are doctors that perform abortions VERY late in the pregnancy.
You: Some doctors left babies that were born alive to die.
You: Some doctors think it's wrong from the beginning.
You: Do you think it's ok to kill an unborn baby 9 months after conception?
Stranger: no i don't...
You: Why not?
Stranger: cuz In that time they can feel...
Stranger: but when like during the 2nd month... they don't
You: So if the baby was anesthetized during the abortion, it would be okay then?
Stranger: the anesthezy would kill the baby...
You: No, it wouldn't.
You: Not in the right dosage
You: But okay, let's say ignore that issue and say that the baby just can't feel pain.
You: Would it be okay then?
You: Is the only relevant factor whether the baby feels pain?
Stranger: Let's say you are a girl... okay ?
You: Answer my question first.
Stranger: Now you get rape and you are now pregnant
Stranger: would you like to have the baby ?
You: I wouldn't enjoy it, but that doesn't justify killing the baby.
You: I'd track the rapist down and beat him to death with my bare hands, but I wouldn't punish his baby for what he did.
You: We don't even give rapists themselves the death penalty.
You: Now answer my question.
You: Would it be okay to kill a 9-month-old fetus painlessly?
Stranger: Well... since Abortion is a right i would use it... no matter what... you think it's wrong... I don't care... you can't judge people on their beliefs....
You: I'm not judging you.
Stranger: and i believe abortion is okay
You: But not at 9 months.
You: Would a painless abortion be okay at 9 months?
Stranger: It's usually during the 12th week of pregnency you get abortion... not at the 9th month...
You: Key word: usually
You: Not always
You: I'm asking you a question.
You: Would a painless abortion be okay at 9 months?
Stranger: You can't have an abortion at nine month... not in civilized population.....
You: Answer my question.
You: If a baby was aborted at 9 months but felt no pain, would you be okay with that?
Stranger: you can't have an abortion at 9 months...
You: Why not?
Stranger: Cuz it's the ninth month.... if you have waited 9 month... have the baby and put it to adoption...
You: Why would it be wrong to kill the baby then?
Stranger: But since abortion are during the 3rd month... i think it's okay to have an abortion.
You: Is it okay to have an abortion in the 9th month?
You: Yes or no.
Stranger: Oui calisse de d'imbécile plein de marde c'est correcte Caliss
You: It's a simple question.
Stranger: yes it is.
You: Answer it.
Stranger: you got your answer... i think it's okay.
You: It's okay to kill a baby at 9 months?
Stranger: Well... i told you abortion are at the 3rd month... but you keep asking the same question... an impossible thing to do in civilized places... so you want an answer... here it is ; yes it's okay...
You: MOST abortions are at the 3rd month.
You: Not all
Stranger: But ALL LEGAL abortion are during the 3rd month
You: Not here.
Stranger: yes
You: In the USA, it's legal until birth.
Stranger: Well... i'm not living in the US
You: If an American woman aborts her child at 9 months, is that okay with you?
Stranger: Yes damn... Told you that Twice already... If It's Okayy With Her... Then I Don't Mind
You: At nine months?
Stranger: Yes
You: Okay, if the child is born early at, say, 8 months, is it ok to kill that child?
Stranger: no... put it to adoption
You: Why is it that it is okay to kill the same baby in a different location?
Stranger: I Don't Know
You: An OLDER baby even.
You: All that's changed is a short trip down the birth canal.
You: It's the same person being killed.
Stranger: I don't Fricking Know !!!
You: You don't know why, but you still believe it?
Stranger: I Don't CARE !
You: But you care if a born baby that is younger is killed?
Stranger: No i don't...
You: Do you care if a 4-year-old is killed?
Stranger: Sure...
You: do u care if a 1-year-old is killed?
Stranger: Sure...
You: Do you care if a full-term newborn baby is killed?
Stranger: Sure... he's born...
You: Do you care if a premature baby is killed?
Stranger: Yes... He's born
You: What if the baby was born 3 months premature?
Stranger: Well... his chance of surviving are slim to none but yes i care... He's born
You: But if the same baby was still in utero you'd say kill away?
Stranger: Yes... If it's what the girl who's pregnant want...
You: But not if the baby is ex utero?
Stranger: Exactly...
You: Why?
Stranger: If he's ex utero like you say he or she can be adopt...
Stranger: but It's the girl choice to go to term or not....
You: So the same baby can be killed if she just is somewhere different?
Stranger: Yes...
You: Why?
Stranger: Cause it's life and it's what i believe in...
You: What do you mean "it's life"?
Stranger: It's an expression...
You: Do you have any reason at all for what you believe or is it just "because I believe it"?
Stranger: Yes... If it's a right.. a Legal right... why should it be wrong to get an abortion ?
You: So if abortion was illegal you'd be against it?
Stranger: Yes
You: If slavery was legal would you be for it?
Stranger: No...
You: Why not?
You: If it's a right.. a Legal right... why should it be wrong to own a slave ?
Stranger: Cuz it's against human right... right for freedom...
You: Abortion is against human right... right for life...
Stranger: Touché
Stranger: ...
You: Something being legal does not automatically mean you should be for it, and something being illegal does not automatically mean you should be against it.
Stranger: Well i am PRO abortion... no matter what you think, no matter what you say, it helped the womans right to a right to abortion...
You: Is the right to live a human right?
Stranger: Sure it is.... But abortion is a right too.......
You: Define "a human right".
Stranger: I don't Care... Abortion is a right... i'll get an abortion if i wanted to...
You: Why is abortion a right?
You: Why does a mother have the right to violate the right to live of her unborn child?
Stranger: Cuz some dude said it is ok to legally have abortion..... to cause less death
You: Why does a mother not have the right to violate the right to live of her born child?
You: Less death?
Stranger: Cuz if she didn't wanted her child, she could have put it to adoption...
You: What if she can't?
Stranger: Less...yeah.. in illegal abortion, before it waas legal, lots of women died
You: 1. That's not actually true; abortion deaths dropped when pennicilin was invented.
You: 2. The abortion rate shot way up after legalization, resulting in a net loss of life anyway
Stranger: Still... lots of women died cause of abortion...
You: Lots more babies are dieing.
Stranger: they are not dying... they never lived...
You: What do you mean?
You: Even the dictionary acknowledges they die.
You: Main Entry: abor·tion
Pronunciation: \ə-ˈbȯr-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 1547
1 : the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus
Stranger: ...
You: Riddle me this: if an organism is not alive, how can said organism grow/develop, react to stimuli, metabolize food into energy, exhibit heredity, and maintain homeostasis
You: ?
Stranger: Ok... You're right with that but still abortion is just a matter of the mother being able to handle a loss.
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: At least with an abbortion there is no pain unlike something barbaric like a landmine
You: No pain for whom?
Stranger: Both the embryo and the women...
You: Are you aware that some people can't feel pain even after birth?
Stranger: Yes but it's SO rare it's like 1 in a million
You: Would you be okay with someone murdering such a person?
Stranger: Are you stupid or what... I'm not Talking about murder... I'm just sayin that it's the woman choice if she wants or not a baby...
Stranger: And that abortion is okay with me
You: She already has a baby.
You: You're saying it's okay to kill said baby through all 9 months if she wants to.
Stranger: Yes If she Wants to It IS okay.
You: But it's not okay if she wants to kill the same baby ex utero.
Stranger: No it's not
You: Why?
Stranger: Cause he's ''out''.. he can now be put to adoption. but if he's in utero it can hurt the pregnant woman and during the birth, the pain can be unbearable...
You: The baby's going to be born, dead or alive.
You: So it should be legal to kill a baby to make birth easier?
Stranger: Dude... It's a women choice to get an abortion... so just shut up already
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