Saturday, July 31, 2010

no i cant answer your questions

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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You: Hi there.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: totally against it
You: Me too.
Stranger: oh good. now we are on the same page. What do you think about Rilo Kiley?
You: Whom?
You: Oh, I'm not really into music.
You: What are your views on religion?
Stranger: it depends which religion
You: Do you belong to any religion?
Stranger: well I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and i belong under being a "christian" but the world has skewed the word of what it means to be a christian, and given us a bad name, so i say i have a personal relationship with Christ
You: So you're a theist?
Stranger: noooooo, im not athiest all at. I love God.
You: A theist, not an theist.
Stranger: OHHH
Stranger: my bad
You: LOL
Stranger: haha, uh sure, yeah you could say that
You: What characteristics would you assign to your God?
Stranger: All knowing, all powerful, gracious, never ending love
You: Are you familiar with the problem of nonbelief?
Stranger: just like people not believing or what?
You: Yeah.
You: You say God is all-loving (omnibenevolent).
You: Does this mean he wants everyone to be saved?
Stranger: of course
You: You say God is all-powerful (omnipotent).
You: First, I want to ask you a question.
You: What is needed for one to be saved?
Stranger: repentence
You: Define "repentance".
Stranger: stop going in the direction you are going with your like and do a 180 in the opposite direction. repent for your sins, ask him into your heart. live you life for jesus
Stranger: life*
You: Okay.
You: In order to do this, wouldn't you need to be sure that God exists first?
Stranger: yes
You: If God is omnipotent, he should be able to make his existence abundantly clear.
Stranger: it is abundantly clear. he is everywhere, his creations are everywhere
You: Yet his creations are entirely consistent with a naturalistic worldview.
Stranger: just because one cant see him doesnt mean he doesnt exsist. He is kinda like the wind, although you can't see the wind, you know its there
You: He's all-powerful, right?
Stranger: yep!
You: So he could easily make himself visible, and remove all doubt, thus sparing millions of souls from Hell.
You: Yet he chooses not to.
You: Why?
Stranger: he gives us free will to do what we want
You: I'm not asking him to force us into anything.
You: How would showing us that he exists undermine our free will?
You: We would still be free to choose to not repent.
Stranger: right right, but he gives us free will to make that choice whether we can see him or not.
You: You believe that God interacted with numerous people in the Bible, correct?
Stranger: wait wait, before we go any further, I have a question for you and then ill answer yours.
You: Okay.
Stranger: do you belong to any religion?
You: Not as of today, no.
You: You believe that God interacted with numerous people in the Bible, correct?
Stranger: yes
You: Were they deprived of their free will?
Stranger: no
You: God is all-knowing (omniscient), correct?
Stranger: yep
You: So God knows full well he could make his existence abundantly clear without impairing our free will.
You: And he also knows that plenty of people are going to Hell not because they want to rebel, but because they simply remain unconvinced of his existence.
You: And he's omnibelevolent, as we have established earlier, so he does not want us to go to Hell.
You: AND he's omnipotent, so it is entirely within his power to make his existence abundantly clear.
You: Why, then, is his existence so highly contestable?
Stranger: because people only believe by seeing, so if people can't physically see him then hes not real. but his exsistance is abundantly clear. Why do you not think it is abundantly clear?
You: It is entirely within his power to be seen.
Stranger: so because you cannot physically see him, you don't believe hes real?
You: This isn't about me.
You: If he appeared physically and interacted regularly and openly with us, his existence would not be a question.
You: He's not doing this.
You: Why?
Stranger: because its all about faith
You: You can have faith in anything, from Christianity to Islam to the Invisible Pink Unicorn.
You: God has done nothing to distinguish the claims of Christianity from the claims of every other religion.
You: Why not?
Stranger: yes he has. he is the only God to die, and come back to life. no other God has done this
You: That's my point.
You: How do we know he did this?
You: Why are we to believe this actually occurred?
You: Why does God not come down in person, or at least carve "Hey, God here, just wanted to let you know I'm real!" on the moon?
Stranger: because he doesn't need to do that in order for people to believe.
You: He does for some people.
Stranger: look how many people believe and he didnt carve that into the moon
You: But so many more people would believe.
You: How much has God done to prove his existence? How many things?
Stranger: so many things. just look at the sky at night. how can you look up at the sky and claim that there is no God
Stranger: and i dont mean you personally
Stranger: just in general
You: You mean stars?
You: You DO know how stars are born, right?
You: We've seen it happen.
Stranger: yes, yes. but God is the one who created it all
Stranger: from the begining
Stranger: everything
You: He could make it a bit more obvious; everything in the universe is entirely consistent with a naturalistic worldview.
You: He could make his existence much more obvious than it is now, but he chooses not to, with the full knowledge that not doing to damns millions of well-intentioned souls to everlasting torment.
You: Either he is not omnipotent, not omnibenevolent, or not omniscient.
Stranger: i mean im not sure what you want me to say haha. thats what i truly believe. he is all three of those. and if im not giving a clear enough explaination then i am sorry that im not answering what your looking for. its just what i personally believe
You: Why does God not make his existence more clear than it is now?
You: If he wanted to, he could appear in physical form simultaneously to every human being on the planet and declare his existence to them in their native toungue.
You: tongue*
You: Why doesn't he?
Stranger: im not God, so i do now know why he doesn't do that
You: If he is omniscient, he knows he can do it, and if he is omnibenevolent, he wants to do it, and if he is omnipotent, he is entirely capable of doing it.
You: Yet he does not.
You: Those 3 characteristics are inconsistent with the universe we live in where his existence is in such dispute.
You: They're also internally inconsistent.
You: For example, does God know the future?
Stranger: I feel as if this conversation is going to keep going in circles
You: This is a different question.
You: Does God know the future?
Stranger: I have a question for you, since your asking them all
You: Sure.
Stranger: Are you trying to prove me wrong just for the hell of it, or are you genuinely interested in what i have to say?
You: It can't be both?
Stranger: I don't know. I feel like your soley out for the purpose of proving me 100% wrong
You: If you can address my qualms and demonstrate God's existence that's be great.
Stranger: I can't tell you what you want to hear. so that will never be able to happen
You: You can't answer my questions?
Stranger: no i cant answer your questions. but they arent what you want to hear. so therefore no matter how many of your questions I answer, it wont go anywhere
You: What do I want to hear?
Stranger: you want to hear that your right about everything, hence the reason your trying to prove me wrong haha
You: If I'm wrong, I'd like you to show me how I'm wrong and not just expect me to believe without evidence.
Stranger: then we would need more time then this. I must get going right now though. I am sorry If I did not fufill your conversation needs. Im just glad you brought up an interesting topic to talk about.
You: Yeah.
You: You want to discuss it over email later?
Stranger: yeah, i wouldn't mind that. What is your e-mail address?
You: [email]
Stranger: okay, thank you. I will email you sometime in the near future
You: Cool.
You: See you.
You have disconnected.
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