Sunday, July 25, 2010

I guess newborns aren't persons. o_O

You: what would u do if u got a girl pregnant
Stranger: Hahahhaha I would skip town
Stranger: Or suggest the abortion.
You: Abortion? Really?
Stranger: Yea
You: seems a bit mean
Stranger: No.
Stranger: To each their own
You: i mean not just for the kid it can mess up the mom too
Stranger: Having the kid can mess up the mom.
Stranger: Abortions are totally safe
Stranger: I always use a condom anyways.
You: what if she kept it secret
You: and u only found out after the kid was born
You: would u suggest she kill the kid then?
Stranger: I'd skip town.
Stranger: No because now its actually an independant being.
You: to each his own
Stranger: It's not killing when it's in the womb.
You: how isnt it?
Stranger: Because it isn't alive. It's just growing.
Stranger: It is alive, sorry
You: how the hell can the kid grow if its not alive???
You: ok
Stranger: But it isn't a "person"
Stranger: Murder is killing a person.
Stranger: But to be a person
You: how isnt it a person
You: its a human being
Stranger: You have to be a logically think independant being.
Stranger: You have to have reason.
Stranger: And a fetus does not have reason.
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