Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Stranger: Hey
You: Heya!
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: Hmm..
Stranger: I've never had a child so i don't think my opinion should really count. ;)
You: Do you really think that's sound logic?
Stranger: Perhaps not
Stranger: But it's mine. ;]
You: What's your opinion on child abuse?
Stranger: It's wrong..
Stranger: O_o
You: Do you also think your opinion on child abuse shouldn't count?
Stranger: Nope.
Stranger: But i've never had to make a decision as controversial as having an abortion.
You: Hmm.
You: Do you have a wife?
You: Or husband?
Stranger: Nope
You: What's your opinion on beating your husband and/or wife?
Stranger: Wrong of course.
You: Should that opinion count?
Stranger: Yes
You: What do you do for a living?
Stranger: But you can't judge someone for choosing to have an abortion or not.
You: Why not?
Stranger: It's all a matter of beliefs.
You: It is?
Stranger: Yes
You: If someone believes women to be inferior to men, can you blame him for beating his wife?
Stranger: I can.
You: If someone believes blacks to be inferior to whites, can you blame him for owning a slave?
Stranger: There's a difference between having a belief that -makes sense-.
Stranger: And something as disgusting as believing another human being is inferior because of their shell.
You: Any less disgusting than believing another human being is inferior because of their age or location?
Stranger: Not at all.
You: Can you email me? I have to go and would love to hear more from you.
Stranger: Err okay.
Stranger: Do you have hotmail?
You: Email works across providers
Stranger: I know
You: Mine is <email>.
Stranger: I meant windows live, not hotmail.
Stranger: Okay.
Stranger: email
You: Shoot me an email.
You: Thanks.
You: Just a sec.
You: Email me 0054 so I know who u r.
You: :)
Stranger: Okay ;p
You have disconnected.
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