Sunday, September 5, 2010

i shapp praise you for your knowledge

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: hola
You: Howdy, pardner.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: if its necessary its a must
You: Um, okay?
You: That's a bit of a tautology.
Stranger: if you got raped its amust
You: A must?
You: Because plenty of rape victims don't abort.
Stranger: yup why would someone keep the baby
Stranger: its disgusting
Stranger: your whole life you will have that kids
Stranger: and be reminded of the raper
You: Why would you punish a baby for the crime of her father?
Stranger: its either that or be mentally unstable for the rest of ur life and during the pregnancy
Stranger: its a health risk for the mother
Stranger: because most pregnant women get depression when preggo
You: Okay, let's say there's a woman impregnated by rape, and she actually pushes through it.
Stranger: and since she is raped she will be more depressed
Stranger: then she is a strong woman
You: She gets therapy, and is able to raise the child.
You: She is a strong woman, and lives her life.
Stranger: how likely is that
Stranger: say the person get rapes has a husband i dont think the father would accept that child
You: You obviously don't think highly of women.
Stranger: im a women
You: Okay.
You: Well, let me finish my scenario.
Stranger: and i wouldnt want to have a baby with someone i hate so much
Stranger: ok
You: At 4 years old, as the baby grows, his facial structure changes and he looks like the rapist.
You: She has nightmares of the rape, and she can't bear to look at him.
You: She's a psychological mess.
You: Would it be acceptable in your mind for her to kill the 4-year-old child?
Stranger: u can kill that baby its against the law!!
Stranger: cant*
Stranger: its already humna
Stranger: human*
You: Why can't you kill the child?
Stranger: and to preven tthat to happen get an abortion
Stranger: because thats murder!
Stranger: she raised it already and took it as her own
Stranger: might as well keep it and get over her nightmares of the rape
You: If we were to legalize it, would it be okay?
Stranger: theres a chance that the kids can be a raper
Stranger: so better to abort
Stranger: here is a scenario and 13 year old gets raped get s preggo and
Stranger: she has to decide to abort or keep the child
Stranger: answer that question please
Stranger: she is not gna have a normal live
Stranger: life8
Stranger: life*
Stranger: is she keeps the child
Stranger: she will be foreced to grow up faster
Stranger: it still wouldnt be okay the baby is already born
You: sorry
Stranger: its ok
You: technical difficulties
You: give me a sec
Stranger: k
You: There's a chance anyone could be a rapist!
Stranger: have u take psychology yet?
Stranger: genetics!!
You: Nature versus nurture
Stranger: humans are corupt
You: Why would it be wrong to kill the born child?
Stranger: because its already been born dumb ass its human
Stranger: sorry for using that language with u
You: What about the minute before birth? Can the baby be killed then?
Stranger: im just mad
Stranger: then whats the point taking it to that point when it could be prevented from the start
Stranger: ?
You: Would it be okay or not?
Stranger: not okay
You: Why?
Stranger: it developed to a human
Stranger: and has a heart
Stranger: organs and a brain
Stranger: and fingers and toesies
Stranger: and can mvoe
Stranger: move*
You: All the organs are in place by week 8!
Stranger: okay the brain is developed fully by birth
You: That's actually not true.
You: Newborn babies act purely on instinct.
You: And the brain continues to develop for decades.
Stranger: okay what is considered a human being to u?
You: The heart starts to beat in week 3.
You: A human being is any organism of the species H. sapiens, especially the subspecies H. sapiens sapiens.
Stranger: and?
You: That do you mean and?
Stranger: whats ur pint?
You: A housecat is any organism of the species F. catus.
Stranger: point*
You: You asked what a human being was, and I defined it.
Stranger: okay i meant what week to consider the baby to be human?
Stranger: do you*
You: As soon as the baby is an organism of the species H. sapiens, especially the subspecies H. sapiens sapiens.
Stranger: lamens terms please
Stranger: im sorry im not very bright
You: As soon as the baby belongs to the human species.
Stranger: so birth?
You: No.
You: What species is the unborn baby?
Stranger: sapein
Stranger: sapien
You: What grade are you in?
Stranger: id rather not say
You: Okay.
Stranger: i will just get more depressed
Stranger: if i tell u
You: Well, have you learned about sexual reproduction yet?
Stranger: yes i have
You: Okay.
Stranger: im in a bio213 class
Stranger: which is sex germs and diseases class
Stranger: and now u know i am in college and not very bright
You: I meant from the biological end.
Stranger: yes i took human anantomy and physiology
You: You know that a new organism is created from the union of gametes, right?
Stranger: yes i know thats high school stuff
You: Okay.
Stranger: which i forgot coz i have bad memory
Stranger: but i can recall that
You: Can an organism change species throughout life?
Stranger: into a differenc species?
Stranger: different*
You: Yeah.
Stranger: i think not
You: Correct.
Stranger: we stay the same
Stranger: through life and just age
Stranger: and then expire
Stranger: and die
Stranger: and go to the next life
You: If the baby is one species after birth, what species was the baby before birth?
Stranger: h. sapien
You: Keep in mind that organisms cannot change species.
You: Correct.
You: You can check this by examining the DNA.
Stranger: your schooling me lool
Stranger: okay i got ur point
You: Also, if 2 organisms of species X mate, what species will their offspring be?
Stranger: and in the end u think abortion is not right
You: We're not there yet.
You: Now we're discussing the underlying biology.
Stranger: lol can u rap it up i got to get rady for church
You: How soon? Could you email me?
Stranger: im guessing u wanna be a doctor
Stranger: lol i have an hour to get ready
You: Actually, a programmer or game designer.
Stranger: mass is at 5 and my mom likes to be there an hour early
Stranger: and we are talking about this why?
You: Because it's a pretty important issue.
Stranger: lol i should know these things im in biology
You: lol
You: But yeah, the unborn baby IS a human, and has been since he or she was created.
Stranger: if i give u my e-mail u can explain it all on there for me?
You: And when is a new organism created?
You: Sire.
Stranger: because i would like to know
You: Sure.*
Stranger: it email
You: Thanks.
You: email
Stranger: what is ur name by the way
Stranger: ?
Stranger: so i can add u as a contact
Stranger: just ur first name
You: You can call me Nulono.
Stranger: k got is
Stranger: it*
Stranger: and you are how old nulono?
Stranger: coz u are smart
You: I don't see how that's relevant.
Stranger: coz u know all about reproduction
You: Not to insult you, but all I've gone over so far is high school biology.
You: In fact, middle school.
Stranger: so ur in middle school?
You: No.
Stranger: u meant u learnt that in middle school
You: But I've been talking about middle school biology.
You: Correct.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: so u burrow urself in books
Stranger: ?
You: No.
Stranger: coz ur fascinated with life
You: Like I said, it's basic biology.
You: You have to learn about it in school.
Stranger: most kids dont pay attention
You: Well, you have to pay some attention to pass.
Stranger: i did with an A
You: Same here, usually.
You: But I see you forgot. :P
Stranger: yes i did sadly lol
Stranger: i forget everything once the class is over
You: That actually was supposed to be a :), but :P works just as well
Stranger: haa smarty pants over here
Stranger: i shapp praise you for your knowledge and not forgetting
Stranger: shall*
Stranger: *Praise*
You: LOL
You: You don't know how recent the classes were for me.
Stranger: thats true
You: Well, go off to church. :P
Stranger: coz u wont tell me coz ur evil
You: Or not.
You: I'm an atheist.
You have disconnected.
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