Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You: Then you're essentially saying we should legalize the wholesale slaughter of innocents. Stranger: yes.

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You: Hey there.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: I'm for it.
You: Through all 9 months, or only early on?
Stranger: only early on, like on the first three months.
Stranger: I like how the Netherlands do it.
You: Why not later?
Stranger: because allowing it completely in all circumstances would make the system much more propense to abuse.
You: What do you mean?
You: Is there something wrong with an abortion at 8 or 9 months?
Stranger: I believe the state should have a more adequate system for adoption, so aborting developed fetuses shouldn't be necessary.
Stranger: yeah, it's pretty much a whole person by that time.
You: What do you mean "a whole person"? There's a whole person before then too.
You: People aren't built; we grow and develop.
Stranger: yes, there's a whole person at all times.
Stranger: abortion is one of those cases where safety should come before justice.
You: What do you mean?
Stranger: it's not fair to the baby, but it has to be done sometimes.
You: Like when?
Stranger: in an ideal world, no woman should have to make the decision to terminate her pregnancy. everyone would plan carefully and have their babies with men they love and the child would grow in a happy and wealthy home.
You: Are you saying it's okay to kill an innocent human being because his or her family is poor
You: ?
Stranger: but that's not the case, and women get pregnant in unfavorable and traumatic circumstances and their lives might be ruined by what is to come.
Stranger: will you let me finish?
Stranger: abortion is like prostitution, there'll always be people doing it regardless of legislation.
Stranger: and if it's bound to happen, the government should do something to protect the practitioners from harm instead of outright condemning it.
You: Prostitution is not immoral to start with.
You: Should the government make rape safer for the rapists?
You: As it stands, rape is very dangerous for the rapists.
You: In fact, any would-be murderer can be protected by legalizing hit men.
You: It's not the job of the government to make it safer to violate someone's rights.
Stranger: (I don't think prostitution is immoral either, but I'll disconnect if you keep interrupting) the fact is that hundreds of thousands of abortions will be performed whether you like it or not, and that will injure and maybe kill women who do it. not to mention the psychological impact of doing it behind the bushes, which generates a great amount of guilt and invites in depression.
Stranger: what happened was, in most cases, not those women's fault and turning a blind eye to that is a violation of human rights in my opinion and a form of violent agression in itself.
Stranger: healthier way of institutionalizing abortion:
You: Can I say something now?
Stranger: the pregnant woman has psychological counseling throughout the entire process and participates in group therapy with a specific focus on understanding what has taken place in a non-accusatory way. she is given the option if giving her child up for adoption, which should be done in a safe manner. if she chooses to go through with it, she's entitled to a safe, clean procedure which will leave no physical evidence. she is then required to get an IUD which will prevent her for getting pregnant for about 7 years so it won't happen again and she'll have plenty of time to make plans and heal whatever traumas she might have.
Stranger: alright, now you can.
You: Should we institutionalize the rape to make it safer?
You: We could drug/strap down the women so they won't fight back and screen them for STIs.
You: After all, rape still happens even when it's legal.
Stranger: unlike rape or murder, abortions are not performed (or should not be performed) with no intention but harming the baby.
You: Huh?
Stranger: rape is done for instant gratification, while abortion is done so that it doesn't ruin the mother and/or the child's life. you don't abort because you don't give a shit about the baby.
Stranger: doing so would be abusing institutionalized abortion.
Stranger: and yes, it's going to happen if it's made legal.
You: Should parents be allowed to kill their toddlers to balance the checkbook?
Stranger: nope, they should receive a pension from the state if they aren't able to make ends meet.
You: If one of the parents loses a job or tragedy strikes otherwise, should they be allowed to kill them to make ends meet?
You: Why not?
You: They're just trying to make ends meet.
Stranger: look, I'm not saying abortion is fair to the child to be in any way. it's an emergency procedure and yes, ironically it does save lives.
Stranger: it should only be done in extreme cases.
You: Then you're essentially saying we should legalize the wholesale slaughter of innocents.
Stranger: yes.
Stranger: it's weird, but it's the right thing to do.
Stranger: we live in a fucked up world, we need fucked up rules.
You: Should parents be allowed to kill their newborns?
Stranger: I wouldn't get an abortion myself, but I realize I would be indirectly harming women in worse conditions than mine if I were to prohibit it.
You: By allowing it, you are condemning millions of unborn babies to grisly deaths.
You: The purpose of the government is to protect rights, not to make it safer and easier to violate them.
You: Banning rape harms rapists, but we don't legalize it because of that.
You: If you want to harm someone else, you take a risk.
You: You don't institutionalize a violation of human rights to make it safer for the perpetrators.
You: That someone may hurt themselves while committing a violent crime is no excuse for allowing it.
You: You do agree that an unborn baby has a right to live just like anyone else, right?
You: Hello?
You: You there?
Stranger is typing...

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