Sunday, September 5, 2010

i kinda feel like beating the hell out of you right now

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: hey there
You: Hey there.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: bad
Stranger: it's mean
You: Yeah.
You: You always against abortion?
Stranger: yep
You: Rape?
Stranger: well thats a shady area
You: It is?
You: Why is abortion bad?
Stranger: Cause it kills babies
Stranger: that's pretty much it
You: Is it okay to kill someone for the crimes of his or her father?
Stranger: no
Stranger: that's why im against it
You: So how is it shady?
Stranger: well if i girl gets raped it pretty much ruins her life to have to take care of the baby
Stranger: How do you feel about the mosque at ground zero?
You: Yeah, but does that justify killing the babt?
You: It's not a mosque; it's an Islamic community center.
You: And it's blocks away.
You: I'll be right back; wait a minute.
Stranger: 2 blocks
Stranger: away
You: Sorry, laundry.
Stranger: np
You: There's this little thing called the First Amendment we have here in America.
You: You may have heard of it.
You: It's part of the Constitution, the basis of our government.
Stranger: i know
Stranger: but this is special
Stranger: its a monument to 9-11
Stranger: im sure uve heard of it
You: How so?
You: It's an Islamic community center.
You: It's in no way a monument to 9/11.
You: In fact, there's a mosque in the city already.
Stranger: if its not a monument to 911,
Stranger: then why dont they just agree to build it somewhere else?
You: Because they have every right to build it wherever the hell they want.
You: In fact, even if it WAS a monument to 9/11, they would STILL have every right to build it on private property.
Stranger: that's not what im agruing about
Stranger: it's probably legal
You: Freedom of speech isn't cancelled because the viewpoint is unpopular
Stranger: im not saying it is
Stranger: im just saying im against this instance
Stranger: not free speech
You: If you get to say what speech is and isn't free, that's not free speech.
You: You can't only support the free speech of people you agree with.
Stranger: As a matter of fact,
Stranger: my right to free speech give me the option to let my opinion be known
You: Yes, it does.
You: It does NOT give you the right to prevent others from doing so.
You: As soon as you say one group can't voice their opinions, you no longer have free speech.
You: What you want is for people you agree with to speak their minds and those you disagree with to be silenced.
You: That's not free speech, and it's not what this nation was founded upon.
You: It is, frankly, unamerican.
Stranger: broski, im afraid that you're missing my point
Stranger: im not saying it's illegal to build it there
Stranger: im not saying it's umamerican to build it there
You: But you're saying you're against it.
Stranger: im just against building it there
You: That means you're against free speech.
Stranger: incorrect
You: Free speech doesn't end because you disagree with something.
Stranger: ok stop repeating yourself
Stranger: do you agree that it is like a slap in the face to the 9/11 families?
You: No, I don't.
You: To do so would be to equate all Muslims to terrorists.
You: Do you agree that to forbid it is a slap in the face to peaceful Muslims, and the families of the MUSLIM victims of 9/11?
Stranger: no way
Stranger: any rational person can see that this is a sensitive issue
You: You're essentially saying all Muslims are terrorists.
Stranger: wrong again my good sir
Stranger: ok hypothetically
Stranger: since im christian
You: Incorrect. Any emotional person sees it as a sensitive issue.
You: Any rational person sees the underlying principle of free speech.
Stranger: would you agree to building a Japenese temple right next to Pearl Harbor?
You: I don't think Japanese is a religion.
Stranger: obviously
Stranger: im saying a temple to the national pride of Japan
Stranger: or something
You: I'm not sure they do that.
You: And to be analogous, it'd just be a meeting place for Japanese people.
You: Remember, this is a community center.
You: Not a mosque.
Stranger: no its a worship center
Stranger: there will be a mosque in there
Stranger: worship/ community center
You: There may be a mosque inside it.
You: Is my local mall a McDonald's?
Stranger: what?
You: There is a McDonald's in the mall.
You: Does that make the mall a McDonald's?
Stranger: no
Stranger: but if there was a church in the mall
Stranger: it would be a semi religious center
You: Most American muslims are outraged by 9/11.
You: Do you think that the mosque in the Pentagon should be dismantled?
Stranger: no
Stranger: but a new one shouldn't be built near the crash site
Stranger: Any way
You: Back to the question you asked.
You: Yes, I would.
Stranger: the guy building the mosque
Stranger: wow way to go left wing
Stranger: i suppose u like gay marriage, abortion, and no death penalty too?
You: Yes, no, and yes.
Stranger: how about taking god of money?
Stranger: off*
You: Yes.
Stranger: ur gay right
You: Nope.
Stranger: ur a muslim right
You: Nope, atheist.
Stranger: that was my next guess
You: If the Japanese legally obtained land near Pearl Harbor, I'd support them building everything you want there.
You: I think if your position is so tenuous you need to suppress opposition, you should rethink your position.
Stranger: have you ever taken an iq test?
Stranger: im just against terrorism buddy
Stranger: no islam
You: Have you ever taken a citizenship test?
You: Islam ≠ terrorism
Stranger: lol
Stranger: not* islam
You: If you're not against Islam, stop equating it to terrorism.
You: The only way an Islamic community could be "like a slap in the face to the 9/11 families" is to do so.
Stranger: I dont even see why you care, being an atheist
Stranger: like is just a series of struggles untill impeding death
Stranger: to an atheist
You: I care because I'm an American.
Stranger: until*
You: We Americans value things like freedom of speech.
Stranger: Jesus with the free speech again
You: We already went over this.
Stranger: please dont tell me this again
You: Scratch that last comment.
You: You don't seem to value free speech. Yes, you recognize it as law, but you don't support it.
Stranger: Oh im all for free speech
You: But not for muslims.
Stranger: I just hate terrorists
Stranger: not islam
Stranger: im cool with muslims
Stranger: not terrorists though
Stranger: and the guy founding to Mosque
Stranger: his dad is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
You: That tripe again?
You: That crap's been debunked so much I'd be surprised if it's not on Snopes.
Stranger: i kinda feel like beating the hell out of you right now
Stranger: no offence
You: All Muslims are not responsible for 9/11, and they shouldn't be punished for it.
You: Oh, the feeling's mutual.
Stranger: lol
You: It's scum like you that we're fighting against, no offense.
Stranger: It's fagwad atheist were fighting against, no offence
Stranger: lol
Stranger: owned
Stranger: and since you told me what the first amendment is like 6 times, I can legally say that
You: Really? I thought we were fighting against people willing to ignore the rights of others to promote their cause.
You: You can legally say it.
You: It doesn't make it true.
You: You can legally say the moon is made of beef jerky.
Stranger: nah
Stranger: true
Stranger: and i can legally be a nazi
You: The terrorists are fighting against Western values such as equality and freedom.
Stranger: dosen't make it right
Stranger: no they're fighting cause the kar'ran told 'em to
You: If we don't allow the community center to be built, they've essentially won.
You: Yes.
You: Well, their interpretation of it.
You: And they interpreted it to mean they must attack everything Western.
Stranger: no they have interpreted it as meaning to kill all infidels
Stranger: jews and christians = infidels
You: And what defines an infidel?
Stranger: to them
You: Don't forget shariah law.
Stranger: that too
You: Shariah is antithetical to freedom and equality.
Stranger: yep
Stranger: Well do you agree that it is at least in some ways, morally wrong?
You: It's morally wrong in pretty much all ways.
You: Shariah law, not the community center.
Stranger: Well do you believe that the community center is in some ways, rightfully offensive to 9/11 victims?
You: Nope.
Stranger: well then you are too close minded to debate with
Stranger: if you wont even acknowledge that fact
Stranger: then you just arent worth the effort
Stranger: no offense
You: It may offend some people, but not rightfully.
Stranger: do you believe in democracy?
Stranger: well i mean
Stranger: do you support it?
You: Pure democracy is mob rule. One's rights cannot be voted away.
Stranger: mob rule= anarchy
You: Plenty of historical atrocities came from democracy.
You: Heck, plenty of Muslims vote for Shariah.
Stranger: nah
You: I have to go.
You: I'll see you.
You: Do you want to continue over email?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: got nothing better to do
Stranger: what ur email?
You: Okay.
You: <email>
Stranger: alright see ya
You: See ya.
Stranger: im going to subscribe you to gay porn sites
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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