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Stranger: hi
You: Hey. :) How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: pro-choice
You: Why?
Stranger: cuz i feel that if a woman wants to abort, then let her
You: Does that apply through all 9 months?
Stranger: i suppose
You: So if a woman wants to get an abortion and she's past her due date, she should be allowed?
Stranger: if she wants
You: What if she gives birth prematurely? Should she be allowed to kill the newborn?
Stranger: well thats not abortion, now is it?
You: What's the difference? Why does the exact same person have a right to live or not based solely on his or her location?
Stranger: im not saying its right or wrong, im saying technically its not called abortion naymore
Stranger: anymore*
You: Is it right to kill a born baby that was premature?
Stranger: personally, i dont think its either, and weather something's right or wrong is a label created by the individual based on their personal ethics
You: Should she be allowed to kill the premature born baby if she wants to?
Stranger: it wouldnt affect me at all so i dont see why not, but at the same time, it's rather cruel, so i dont see why she would
You: A teen mom a few months ago tried to kill her 4-month-old son to "make life easier".
You: Should she have been allowed to?
Stranger: as unfortunate that might look in the eyes of society, its is rational
You: What if the baby was four years old instead of four months?
Stranger: im talking rational in the sense of removing the child from her life, example through killing, but she aslo could have gave it away, or let her parents or someone she trusts care for it, as another example
Stranger: both examples being justified in that her life is now "easier"
You: Should she have been allowed to kill the baby?
Stranger: theoretically, yes
Stranger: although
Stranger: it would probably be in the best interest of all to go with the latter example
You: If the baby had been 4 years instead of 4 months, should she still have been allowed to kill him?
Stranger: again, yes, but like i just said it would probably be a better idea to let someone else care for it
You: What if he was 14?
Stranger: at that point hes old enough to partly care for himself, and also the mother would probably be both too emotionally attached to him, and could be able to care for him as well
You: Should she be allowed or not?
Stranger: idk why she would, but if she really wanted to
You: What if he wasn't her son, and just some random teen. Should she still be allowed to kill him?
Stranger: now its not even close to abortion where are we going with this
You: I just want to know when you get to have your life protected in the law, since you think she should be allowed to kill her 14-year-old son.
Stranger: well law is just a set of rules created by society to keep order, and by their definition, any form of killing afore
Stranger: afore mentioned here*
Stranger: outside of the womb is illegal
You: But should it be?
Stranger: well that is where you have the conflict between law and personal ethics
Stranger: so the answer is different for everyone
Stranger: to a degree
You: Should the law just let anyone do whatever they want?
Stranger: no, thats exactly what the law fights against, so ensure people just go do whatever they want.
Stranger: just dont go*
You: But you said that she should be allowed to kill her son
Stranger: by my ethics yes,
by law no
You: According to your ethics, when shouldn't she be allowed to kill him?
Stranger: when it becomes impractical to do so
Stranger: meaning
Stranger: when the child is no longer a burden to her
You: So she should be allowed to kill her son as long as he's a burden on her?
Stranger: basically untill she has no justification to do so
You: That's... kinda sick.
Stranger: like if he's 14, he's not going to bare her down, he can do things on his own, she has no need to kill him, but at the same time, as an infant, she is completely dependent on her
Stranger: not saying that 14 is the turning point, of course
Stranger: its a gradual turning point
You: You can't half-kill someone. She can either kill him or he can't.
Stranger: that isnt half killing, its either killing or it isnt, she kills him when he's an infant, or she never kills him
You: At what point can't she kill him?
Stranger: like i said its a gradual turning point
You: There can't be a gradual turning point for a yes or no question.
You: Either she can kill him or she can't. At some point, the answer switches from yes to no.
Stranger: so then tell me, at what exact age does an individual become able to for the most part, do things on their own? not legally, but physically capable of it?
Stranger: whats the exact age?
You: What doe you mean by that?
Stranger: like, take me for example, im 17, i can mostly do stuff without the help of my parents, i cant legally be on my own, but i can physically care for myself for the most part
Stranger: whats the exact age in which someone can do that?
You: It depends on the person.
Stranger: exatcly
Stranger: and thats why the turning point is gradual
You: It varies, but it's not gradual.
Stranger: but its not like one day you wake up with the ability to care for yourself like i described
Stranger: its something you gradually become able to do over time
You: You get better and better at it until the point when you can take care of yourself.
You: But I digress.
You: If the boy is handicapped and can't take care of himself even at 22, can she kill him?
Stranger: and wheres the exact point that someone becomes just a bit better and switches over to the "capable" side?
Stranger: there isnt a specific point
You: What part of "I digress" didn't you understand?
Stranger: oh i didnt see that sorry
Stranger: i was typing
You: That's okay.
You: If the boy is handicapped and can't take care of himself even at 22, can she kill him?
Stranger: theoretically yes, but why would she? at that point she would definitely be too emotionally attached to do so, and by then she would have acquired a job most likely, and just like any other functioning household she can care for him without it being a burden to her
You: That's... pretty disgusting.
You: Can you not see how sick that is?
Stranger: i see how one can view it as such
You: I...
You: No offense, but you're evil.
You have disconnected.
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