Saturday, April 3, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: joseph smith was a great prophet
Stranger: dom dom dom dom dom
Stranger: abortion is "good"
Stranger: women must have freedom of choice
Stranger: but i wouldn't do it
You: How do you feel about infanticide?
Stranger: that's bad
Stranger: and no, that's not like abortion
You: Okay, when should the limit on abortion be?
Stranger: 3 months i guess
You: Why 3?
Stranger: if im not wrong is when the child starts developing the brain
You: I'm pretty sure it's earlier; lemme google that.
Stranger: or something that makes him a human, however
Stranger: ok
Stranger: are you christian?
Stranger: mormon, protestant, jehova's witness?
You: No, I'm not.
Stranger: what, then?
You: Personally, I'm an atheist.
You: I hold no ill will to you if you aren't.
Stranger: I'm an atheist too
You: Okay.
You: So, you think brain development makes an organism human?
Stranger: maybe.. the problem is not that he is "human", but that he can feel "damaged" (sorry for my bad vocabulary, i'm italian and 17)
You: Well, at 2 weeks, 4 days after conception the brain appears.
You: But it takes a long time for the brain to surpass that of many farm animals.
You: In fact, self-awareness takes place around 18 months after birth.
Stranger: oh, so also infanticide is good, for my previous sentence
Stranger: ...
Stranger: wow, you made me think
You: Yeah, clearly picking some sort of arbitrary developmental characteristic does not make for a good determiner of human rights.
You: Biology tells us that an organism with a human genome and human parents must be of the human species.
You: Oh, cool.
You: I love thought ^_^.
Stranger: true, but if he is still a cell, or more cells, without any sort of consciousness or other... mmh
Stranger: so do I :D
Stranger: I love talking about this things
You: Lots of born human beings after infancy have intellectual capacities below farm animals.
Stranger: lol
You: They're called mentally retarded.
You: Also, they're called Christian Fundamentalists.
You: LOL, I jest.
Stranger: uff, i have to go
Stranger: do you have facebook?
You: Just a sec.
You: My email is .
Stranger: mine is [email redacted]
You: Email the code 0024 so I know it's you.
You: Oh, COME ONE you had to make me lose?
You: ON*
Stranger: lol
Stranger: XD you lose
Stranger: and I lost too
You: Yeah, that's the kind of stunt that you really need to become a martyr for.
Stranger: i sent you the mail before you told me about code
You: oh ok
Stranger: yes
You: what's it say?
Stranger: "blabla"
You: Okay, shoot me another with 0024.
You: I won't remember blabla
You: When you have some time, we can think together again =D
Stranger: done
Stranger: yes :D
Stranger: how old are you?
Stranger: and where are you from?
You: USA
You: 16
Stranger: wow
You: Shocked an American is so smart?
You: :P
Stranger: lol yes
You: Okay.
You: cya!
Stranger: and atheist XD
Stranger: i've heard so many stories about fundamentalism of americans
You: Atheists are the fastest growing demographic here.
Stranger: good
Stranger: we there are a lot of catholics
You: Huh?
You: we there/
Stranger: and nobody is protestant
You: what do you mean we there?
Stranger: ops
Stranger: not "we", "here"
You: oh
Stranger: I've never made this mistake before now :/
You: so, "here there"?
Stranger: here, there are a lot of catholics
You: oh
You: commas are important
Stranger: some atheist, some jehovah witness
You: reminds me of an image i saw just a sec
Stranger: ok XD
Stranger: ahahah lol
You: i know!
You: wait i got another one
Stranger: my mom will destroy me if she see that i'm still connected
Stranger: sees*
You: ok 1 sec
Stranger: [Facebook redacted] this is my facebook account, however
Stranger: if you have it
You: found it
Stranger: I saw it months ago
Stranger: but I don't know what a "milf" is .__.
You: mother i'd like to fuck
Stranger: oh, lool
Stranger: and she knows it? .__.
You: yeah
You: i doubt it
You: someone probably told her it meant a hot mom
Stranger: XD
Stranger: do you have a youtube account?
Stranger: yahoo! answers?
You: huh?
Stranger: anything else?
You: yes i do
You have disconnected.
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