Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You won't change my mind.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: I for it
You: You are?
You: Why?
Stranger: cuz there are already so many people on this world. If you don't want the child you created then thats fine
You: How about infanticide?
Stranger: Honestly, I don't know what that is.
You: The killing of an infant.
Stranger: That has already been born?
You: yes
You: That's what "infant" means.
Stranger: That's a little more harsh, but still, I'm not against it.
You: What about killing a toddler?
Stranger: I would be against that. The reasons I have my opinions is because I'm a animal lover. Thousands of animals are killed everyday because of overpopulation. We're overpopulated too so why is killing an unborn child such a crime?
You: Why is killing a toddler a crime?
You: After all, we're overpopulated.
You: Why, can't I just go outside with an Uzi and reduce the population?
Stranger: I didn't really mean crime. More like people see it as murdered, and it is in a way, but being killed at such a young age doesn't have the same effect of killing a toddler. The kid has already live the first few years of his life.
You: And the newborn has already lived the first few months.
You: And the fetus has already lived the first few weeks.
Stranger: I'm going to put this in terms that are easier for me to understand. I breed fish and I cull (kill) any fry that I feel don't meet the starndards I'm looking for. Culls that are killed are either ill or deformed or have something that will negatively throughout their life. Culls that may have developed a weird fin are just adopted out for free. The point is, I believe healthy babies should deserve to life, but if they aren't then killing them would be best. This way we wouldn't have as many babies and the ones we do have would be healthy.
You: So, if a toddler needs glasses, can she be killed?
Stranger: No
You: Why not?
Stranger: Because people that need glasses can lead a normal life.
You: What if she's missing a leg/
Stranger: If she was born like that then yes
You: A legless toddler can be killed?
Stranger: Yep
You: What about a legless 6-year-old?
Stranger: No
You: Why not?
Stranger: Anything above 1 year is a no
You: Toddler is 2-4
Stranger: May I ask why you asking me these questions?
You: Because you apparently support killing innocent newborns
You: For birth defects that they didn't choose and that could be aided with prosthetics.
Stranger: And I'm guessing you're against it.
You: As any decent person should be.
Stranger: People die everyday. They didn't choose to die. Puppies and kittens die everyday. They didn't choose to die either.
You: True.
You: People die in earthquakes, for example.
You: Does that make it okay to kill the same people with genocide?
Stranger: We're going to die some way or another.
You: Is it okay to murder a 12-year-old girl?
Stranger: What I'm trying to get at is the overpopulation is killing the earth. The planet that we live on. Without it none of us would be alive.
You: Okay, then we stop making babies.
You: That doesn't make it okay to kill each other.
Stranger: We aren't killing each other. We're killing things that haven't even been born yet
You: You also said it's okay to kill anyone up to a year AFTER birth
You: and the unborn child is still one of us.
Stranger: So if a 13 year old gets raped, do you expect her to give birth to and raise the baby?
You: No, she can give the baby to an infertile couple.
You: You're the one wanting to punish her baby for something that's not his/her fault.
You: I mean rape itself doesn't get the death penalty.
Stranger: How am I punishing it? It's not born. It doesn't know what's going on. It's killed humanely.
You: You give the child the death penalty.
You: The child is killed.
You: That's a punishment.
Stranger: It's not like I killed that baby myself.
You: You support it, though.
Stranger: Yes I do.
You: You think it's okay to punish someone for something they never did.
You: The baby is completely innocent.
You: I know some people who were conceived in rape.
You: They're just as human as we are.
Stranger: I know someone who blew a kitten up with a bomb. That kitten didn't do anything to deserve to die, but it got brutally murder. The babies are humanely killed, and no they don't do anything that would make them deserve to die. We don't need more people on this earth though.
You: The babies are torn limb from limb.
Stranger: They don't have to be.
You: True, they can be chemically burned.
You: Or they can have their brains sucked out and their skulls crushed.
You: Or they can be poisoned.
You: Or starved.
You: It's still not their fault.
Stranger: Why not just remove the baby and give an overdose of anesthesia.
You: I mean, Juda Myers was conceived when 8 men gang raped her mother. She's a nice woman and 100% innocent.
You: Because that still kills.
Stranger: It kills humanly though
You: Also, that would be harder for the mother.
You: Can I murder an 11-year-old girl if I do it with a painless bullet between the eyes?
Stranger: suuuure
You: Do you really think that?
Stranger: no
You: Why not?
Stranger: An 11 year old and an unborn baby are different.
You: How?
You: And if it's done "humanely", does it matter?
Stranger: The baby isn't born and the girl is.
You: So vaginas are magical?
Stranger: Yes. It's like when you open a cerel box and find the prize
Stranger: There's things in life we are against. We can try to stop them but it may not even matter.
You: It's the same person no matter where he/she is.
You: I mean, a 6-month premature baby is born but a 9-month postterm fetus isn't.
Stranger: Nope
You: What?
You: Are you saying a premie isn't born?
You: Or that a postterm fetus is?
You: Or maybe that who you are changes based on your location?
Stranger: I don't know what you're trying to do. You won't change my mind.
You: Are you saying we get rights at birth, or a year after birth?
Stranger: When you move out of your parents house is when you get rights. Otherwise you are owned.
You: So, is it okay for a dad to rape his daughter?
Stranger: I never said that.
You: He owns her, doesn't he?
You: She has no right to not be raped because she still lives in his house.
You: Stranger: When you move out of your parents house is when you get rights. Otherwise you are owned.
Stranger: If you get raped by your dad that's just wrong.
You: How is that wrong if you only get rights when you move out?
Stranger: Your rights and my rights, they're different.
You: Stranger: When you move out of your parents house is when you get rights. Otherwise you are owned.
Stranger: Stranger: Or maybe that who you are changes based on your location?
You: That's what you seem to believe/
Stranger: ok w-e
You: How old do you need to be for it to be wrong to murder you
Stranger: 77
You: Now you're just fucking with me.
You have disconnected.
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