Saturday, May 1, 2010

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You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: pro-choice
You: Does that mean you support it?
Stranger: yes, if thats what the girl chooses
You: What about really late-term?
Stranger: are you talking about that one lady who had an abortion at 22 weeks?
You: Huh?
You: There's been abortions later than that.
Stranger: yea, but this one was like, one of the doctors saw it breathing and they rushed it to a natal facility, but then it died a couple hours later
You: Wow.
You: No, I'm asking if you think it's okay to abort at, like, 8 months?
You: If that's what she chooses?
Stranger: doctors wont do it that late
Stranger: shes better off putting it up for adoption
You: I'm not asking that.
You: I'm asking if you think it's morally wrong to do so.
Stranger: its her body, she can do what she wants with it
You: What about at 9 months?
Stranger: way to late
You: Why?
You: What's wrong with that?
Stranger: lol by that time, that would be called a C-section, not an abortion, and the baby would be put up for adoption if the woman really didnt want it
You: Not necessarily.
You: If the child was killed and then delivered...
Stranger: truw
Stranger: true
You: Would that be okay?
Stranger: i dont know. if the woman really wanted to have an abortion, why would she wait till so late to do so?
You: Maybe she didn't know she was pregnant.
Stranger: how could you not know youre pregnant, unless youre going through menopause?
You: There's a whole show called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant with women who GIVE BIRTH without ever knowing they were pregnant.
You: It's on TLC.
Stranger: i know, i still dont understand how they could not know they were pregnant
You: Some women still experience period-like bleeding.
You: It baffles me too but apparently it happens enough to make a show out of.
You: But you're dodging the question.
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