Monday, May 24, 2010

forget the laws

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi asl
Stranger: hi there
Stranger: 19 f canada here, you?
You: 17 m usa
Stranger: cool
You: sup
Stranger: so what's up?
You: lol
You: not much
You: summer
Stranger: lol true enough
You: yep
You: so how do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: it seems like a good option
You: late-term abortion too?
Stranger: sure
You: through all 9 months?
Stranger: yup, i'd say the cut off is at birth
You: so a 6-month premature baby can't be killed but a 9-month fetus can?
Stranger: like i said, birth is the cut off
You: look i've got nothing against vaginas but they aren't magic; passing through one doesn't change who you are.
Stranger: alright then
Stranger: to be completely honest
Stranger: this pro choice stuff is lame'
Stranger: instead
Stranger: we should have pro-abortion, or pro-death if you will
Stranger: mandatory abortions
You: Then why stop at birth?
You: We've got enough nukes to end all life on the planet.
Stranger: because babies are easier to kill
You: You seen Hiroshima?
Stranger: yes, i was there back in the day
You: People can be vaporized.
Stranger: the whol;e thing was blown way out of porportion
You: Or we could just poison the atmosphere.
You: Everyone's gotta breath.
Stranger: go for it
You: You're shitting me, aren't you?
Stranger: more or less
Stranger: bottom line, women have the right to do whatever the hell they want to to something that's inside of them
Stranger: at least that's how i see it
You: Does the same apply to men?
Stranger: yes
You: Okay, what if I were to shrink you down and swallow you, and then slowly and painfully digest you in my stomach?
You: Would the murder be okay because it happened inside me?
Stranger: yes, if you invent a shrink ray, then i think you've earned the right to kill whoever you want
You: What if I just stole one?
Stranger: that would be fine too
Stranger: all things shrink ray related arte fine in my books
You: What if I used a grow ray on myself?
Stranger: grow rays are fine too
You: What if I just got really fat?
Stranger: you would have a hard time catching people to eat
Stranger: you'd be too slow
You: I'd use a Segway and a stun gun.
Stranger: this is acceptable to me
Stranger: maybe when you're done eating people you could wash it down with a few fetuses
You: It is?
You: Are you serious?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i hate babies
Stranger: kill as many of them as you want
You: I'm talking about midgets, not babies.
Stranger: those are fine too
Stranger: eat anyone slow enough to be cuaght and eaten
You: What about you? Are you fine?
Stranger: its natural selection
Stranger: yup, you could eat me too
Stranger: i have it coming
You: What if I just put you in my ear and hacked you to death with a chainsaw?
Stranger: put me in your ear?
You: yes.
You: The thing you hear with.
Stranger: i'm aware
You: Would that be okay?
Stranger: sure, go right ahead
You: But not if I killed you first?
Stranger: no, that would be fine too
You: What if I killed you and didn't put you inside me afterwards?
Stranger: go for it
Stranger: kill whoever you want
You: You're shitting me again.
Stranger: no sir
Stranger: forget the laws
Stranger: and the social convention
Stranger: just do anything you want
Stranger: who am i to tell you not to?
You: Do you really think that?
Stranger: yes
You: You're trolling.
You have disconnected.
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