Saturday, May 22, 2010

Europe and the USA are the only countries that exist.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hey.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: whats there to feel
Stranger: i dont care
Stranger: only idiots want to ban that
You: Really?
Stranger: yeah
You: How about late-term abortions, like at 8 or 9 months?
Stranger: off with their heads i say
Stranger: do you know what its like to raise a sick child?
You: How about abortion?
Stranger: i just told you
Stranger: i'm pro choice
You: Okay.
Stranger: if parents dont want it then they dont want it
You: How about infanticide?
Stranger: infanticide? you mean killing infants?
You: That's what "infanticide" means.
Stranger: i know what it means
Stranger: why would anyone kill an infant
You: Why not?
You: Maybe it's disabled or unwanted.
Stranger: look there's a difference between birth control and infanticide. if you're religious say so now i wont waste my breath on you
You: I'm not religious.
You: And I've got nothing against birth control.
Stranger: okay then we're on the same page
You: No, we aren't.
Stranger: aight so whats your point then
You: We agree on birth control and infanticide.
You: We disagree on abortion.
Stranger: eh
Stranger: why then
You: Why what?
Stranger: why are you against it
Stranger: if you're not religious
You: Why am I against abortion?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: thats what i asked
You: Same reason I'm against infanticide and murder and war and the death penalty: it kills an innocent human being.
You: And deprives him or her of his or her future.
Stranger: you're american arent you
You: Yes, I am.
Stranger: yeah i figured
Stranger: you guys are so fucking confused when it comes to shit like this
Stranger: rest of the world isnt even discussing this anymore
You: What do I have wrong?
You: Is the fetus not a human being?
Stranger: theoretically it is yes
You: Theoretically?
Stranger: but if you fuck your girlfriend and she gets pregnant at like 18 what are you gonna do?
You: You mean technically?
Stranger: have the baby?
You: Yes.
Stranger: now why would you do something so stupid
You: Well, fuck my boyfriend.
You: But still.
Stranger: well as i said you can have the baby if you want, i'm pro choice it's yours and if you want to ruin your life go ahead what do i care. but you cant dictate anyone your morals
You: But you'd dictate people your morals on infanticide?
Stranger: one is murder, the other is birth control
Stranger: alright so let me tell you this
Connection imploded.
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