Saturday, May 22, 2010

Um, are you asleep?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi.
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: I'm getting a blowjob
Stranger: I think abortion is necessary
You: When?
Stranger: At any point a women chooses to under 5-6 months of pregnancy.
You: Why 5-6 months?
Stranger: 5-6 months is when a fetus starts to develop a heartbeat, regular blood flow, and operating brain patterns
Stranger: And muscles start to grow and operate
You: A heartbeat happens WAY before 5-6 months.
Stranger: A regular heartbeat. Before 5 months a fetuses heart beats are extremely irregular
Stranger: I used to work with abortion doctors
You: Okay, so people with irregular heartbeats can be killed?
Stranger: If you are a pro-lifer hell bent on taking away a right of the American woman
Stranger: Leave me alone
You: You are a pro-choicer hell bent on taking away the right of the American baby.
Stranger: It is a fucking fetus. It isn't a person. You all act as if they wait for the baby to be born and then stab it
You: So, a baby born prematurely at 5 months can be killed?
Stranger: So you think banning abortion is the right thing to do? Cause it'll "save the lives of babies"?
You: No, I don't.
You: Abortion can't just be banned outright; what am I, insane?
You: We need to put in place prevention, education, and social services first.
You: Getting rid of abstinence-only education and for-profit health care should be a good start.
Stranger: Of course we do. But abortions should still be readily available to all women. You can educate and give them tons of social services
You: Followed by things like universal paid maternity leave and streamlined adoption.
Stranger: That won't take away ectopic pregnancies and rape babies
You: Are you saying those concieved in rape can be killed?
You: For a crime committed before they even existed?
Stranger: I'm saying a woman should not be forced to go through childbirth if she was raped and conceived a child against her will
You: What did the fetus do to deserve death
Stranger: What did the mother do to deserve to be raped and then forced to have an unwanted child that she has to birth
You: Nothing, which is why rape is illegal.
Stranger: Yeah so is murder, still happens.
You: And murderers get justice.
You: But the rape issue is really a red herring; you support abortion for any reason.
Stranger: And so do rape victims. They also get the CONSTITUTIONAL right to abort the pregnancy
You: Where in the constitution is the right to abortion?
You: I've got it on my iPod.
Stranger: Yes I do. But if a woman is using abortion as some crude contraception, then that's wrong
You: Point me to the article and section, or amendment and section
Stranger: No they have s constitutional right to choice and freedom. They have a constitutional right to healthcare now. And abortions are health care. Or should be covered as such
You: The health care bill was modest reform, and is a statutory thing.
You: You claimed that the right was constitutional. I'm asking for where it is in the Constitution.
Stranger: The health care bill has directed a universal health care plan to all Americans. They have a right to be CARED for. If they do not wish to have a child, they should MIT be forced to
Stranger: It is not in the constitution. But to strip us our right to choice is unconstitutional
You: Are you talking about Obama's bill?
Stranger: Yes obama's bill.
You: Obama's bill was stripped of universal coverage early on; it's just a system of insurance exchanges that don't take affect until 2014.
Stranger: It isn't a completely universal health care plan, but he paved the way fir the most part
You: Tell me exactly where in the Constitution the right to abortion is.
You: I can find a copy of the constitution if you need.
Stranger: The bill instructs businesses with over 50 employees to cover health care as a benefit.
Stranger: I already said it isn't on the constitution. But our right to choice is a foundation on America.
You: "Choose" is a transitive verb. Right to choose what?
Stranger: Choose to have a child or not.
You: We have a right to choose what to wear and what to say, but we don't have a right to choose to commit arson.
You: A pregnant woman already HAS a child.
You: I'm just saying she can't kill him/her
Stranger: We have a right to commit anything. I can choose to commit murder right now. Or I can choose to commit an act of burgalary. I have the right to choose that. I don't have the right to choose the jailyime I would get
You: You have the ABILITY. You do not have the RIGHT.
Stranger: I have the RIGHT of CHOICE
You: So if I killed you, would that be okay?
Stranger: No it wouldn't. But it is okay that you were able to choose that. And you weren't forced to by some jackasses in DC
You: Why wouldn't it be okay?
Stranger: You'd get jailtime for your choice
You: Why?
Stranger: Because murder is illegal. Choice isn't illegal
You: The choice to murder is illegal.
Stranger: You choose to commit a crime
You: Yes, and you are punished for that choice.
Stranger: No the act of murder is illegal. The choice is not
You: If I killed you on accident or because I was forced to, I would get a lesser sentence.
You: It's known as mens rea.
Stranger: If I said "I choose to murder you" I would not be arrested. If i DID murder you, I would be
You: True.
Stranger: Even on accident or forcibly it is still manslaughter in some degree
You: There are 2 elements to any crime.
Stranger: And you'd still be processed and arrested
You: Mens rea and actus reus
You: I said LESSER sentence.
Stranger: Yes you said lesser sentence. But I was referring to your stance on abortion. The government can not FORCE me to have a child
You: No, they can't.
You: But they CAN stop you from killing one.
Stranger: Which is in turn forcing me to have one
Stranger: Which is unconstitutional
You: You can't kill a child you don't already have.
Stranger: Listen to me. I conceive a child I don't want, ccondom broke. I have the right to choose the abort that pregnancy.
Stranger: I will nit be FORCED to have a mistake baby
You: Okay, if a woman doesn't find out she's pregnant until the 8th month, you'd not let her abort?
You: By your logic, that's forcing her to have a child.
You: The point is, you are going against the CONSTITUTIONAL right to live
You: One I can actually source.
You: Amendment 5: No person shall be... deprived of life
You: Amendment 14: nor shall any state deprive any person of life... without due process of law
You: An innocent human being should not be KILLED.
You: Hello?
You: Helloooo?
You: So you're speechless.
You have disconnected.
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