Saturday, May 1, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: well, i'm not against it
You: y not?
Stranger: Because i don´t look at it like killing a person.. and some girls just can't raise a child
You: What about really late-term?
Stranger: i think it isn't allowed
You: Should it be?
You: (FYI, it varies by jurisdiction if late-term abortion is legal.
You: )
Stranger: i don't think so.. If someone want´s an abortion it should be done as quickly as possible, not as a last resort
You: Some moms don't find out they're pregnant until very late.
Stranger: hmm, i don´t know then
You: Have you seen the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?
Stranger: nope, i havn't
You: It's a series on TLC.
Stranger: I'm not from the us
You: Okay.
You: Basically, all these women tell their stories of how they gave birth after having no idea they were pregnant.
Stranger: ah, well.. there's a word for that ;)
Stranger: a sentence*
Stranger: Shit happens
You: Some women have period-like bleeding while pregnant.
Stranger: didn't know that
You: So it apparently happens enough for a series.
You: Anyway, should she be allowed to kill the infant she didn't want?
You: She had no chance for an abortion.
Stranger: not if it's too late, then it should be adopted
You: Why is it too late?
You: It's not that hard to kill a newborn.
Stranger: i mean, if the fetus is almost ready... Sorry i couldn´t find a better way of putting it out (English is not my native language)
You: What do you mean by "ready"?
Stranger: umm.. sec, trying to find a word for it
You: You can say it with more than one word.
Stranger: If it's a person
You: It's not a person before?
You: Someone that's not a person can become a person by growing older?
You: Or is it birth?
Stranger: umm..
Stranger: if it has grown, nerves and brain and stuff..
You: Well, "nerves and brain and stuff" come much earlier than 8 months.
Stranger: i'm no doctor..
You: The brain is the first organ to appear, at 2 weeks and 4 days
You: But it's the same person at any point along the developmental spectrum.
You: It's not like we're ever "done".
You: We continue development until we die.
You: Whether that be at 15 or 115.
Stranger: thats true
You: If there's any point it can be said we're "done", it would be puberty.
Stranger: yeah
You: I don't think anyone would say a 5-year-old can be shot because she hasn't bled yet.
Stranger: well, it was an interesting conversation.. i have to go now, my friend is coming and i have to get ready
You: You got email?
Stranger: i do
You: ok could u email me?

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