Friday, April 2, 2010

Do you have any coherent point?

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: huh?
Stranger: thats like asking how do i feel about penecilin
You: Last I checked, no human beings were killed by penecilin.
Stranger: haha you never did check
Stranger: many have
You: Well, certainly the intention is not to kill them.
Stranger: you cant kill which is not living
You: Penicillin is supposed to save lives.
Stranger: so is abortions
Stranger: not physically... but mentally
You: Are you saying the unborn child is not alive?
Stranger: i am
Stranger: I'm saying a born child isnt alive for some time too.
You: How does a nonliving entity undergo cell division?
Stranger: the same way trees do
You: Trees are alive too.
Stranger: they are living, but dofinately not alive
You: Um, those 2 words mean the same thing.
Stranger: under many context, yes, but I hold my ground to the point that if you can kill trees you can kill babies
You: At what age is it wrong to kill babies?
Stranger: age doesnt matter, as long as you're killing them with purpose... reasonable purpose
You: What is a reasonable purpose?
Stranger: Theres too many variables to answer that.
You: Okay, what about a five-year-old girl? Is she not alive?
Stranger: She is alive, but shes not getting or having an abortion on.
You: Okay, but as a newborn she's not alive?
Stranger: Definately.
You: Okay, what about at four years old?
Stranger: When you acquire a conscious, I'd say you're alive.
You: What do you mean by a conscious?
Stranger: The ability to think other than your natural urges.
You: What do you mean "natural urges"?
You: When you get down to it, everyone behaves based on their urges.
Stranger: The subconscious instinct that newborns live off of.
You: You think that you DON'T behave based on your natural urges?
Stranger: Of course.
You: Give me one example.
Stranger: It all comes down to rational, Instead of eating the whole loaf of bread I make a sandwich which please as many of my natural urges as possible. The urge to make it into a sandwich is not natural tho.
You: Your urge to make a sandwich was greater in that case that your urge to eat the loaf whole.
Stranger: An acquired urge over time.
You: Where did that urge come from?
Stranger: It was learned from the people around one's self and the environment.
You: You had more primitive urges that, upon learning the existence of sandwiches, you realized they could be fulfilled by a sandwich.
Stranger: Yes.
You: If you want a sandwich, you aren't going to decide to at one point shove the knife in your thigh instead unless you have a reason to do so.
Stranger: Rational.
You: If you did not behave based on a cost-benefit analysis, your actions would fit the very definition of randomness.
You: I think we can all agree that randomness is not free will.
Stranger: Of course something a infant cant do.
You: Really?
Stranger: To an extent
You: An infant doesn't do things that with his or her knowledge seem to be the most appropriate action at the time?
Stranger: Especially not a fetus >.>
You: All that changes as we grow up is we learn how to better satiate our natural urges.
Stranger: and?
You: It would actually be impossible to behave in a way that is not a cost-benefit analysis.
You: Even if you decided to flip a coin for every decision, you would be deciding that the benefit of "proving" yourself right is more than the cost of your "free will".
Stranger: Fetuses cant analyze anything.
You: Fetuses have limited knowledge to do so.
You: They can react to stimuli in ways that they are genetically programmed to respond.
You: Over time, we accrue knowledge to help us make decisions.
You: Eventually, he can recognize his parents' voices.
Stranger: and how does all of this make having abortions wrong?
You: Well, you said that abortion was okay because the fetus was not alive.
Stranger: I'd kill my grandma on her death bed.
You: This is not true, and you seem to have moved to rational decision-making.
Stranger: For the sake of taking away the emotional stress she puts on the people around her.
You: You would?
Stranger: I would.
You: Would you kill your grandma before her deathbed?
Stranger: Yes, as so I'd kill the 5 yo girl.
You: Would you kill a 17-year-old girl?
Stranger: Again purpose.
You: If she was bothering the people around her?
Stranger: Shes not putting a life long bowling ball into someone's gut >.>
You: You said you'd kill your own grandmother.
Stranger: What about it?
You: You seem to think that causing other people stress makes you loose even the most basic human right.
Stranger: Humans dont have rights, besides things we place on ourselves.
Stranger: You don't have the right to live.
You: I am asking whether that excuse would work on a 17-year-old girl, or a 43-year-old man, for that matter.
You: Do you have a right to live?
Stranger: I'd kill em both.
Stranger: I don't.
You: So I could just walk up and slit your throat and that'd be perfectly fine?
You: No problem with that?
Stranger: It would be fine.
You: What if I instead beat you to a bloody pulp but didn't kill you? Would that be fine too?
Stranger: It would, life or death or pain is not the ultimate value soem things are worth more.
You: Okay, what if I cheated you in a business deal? Is that okay?
Stranger: Of course.
You: Okay, what if I wanted to burn your house down?
Stranger: You can "want" many things im not gonig to stop you.
You: Okay, what if I burned your house down?
Stranger: It'd be "fine".
You: What if I raped you?
You: Is that fine?
Stranger: get to the point
You: Okay.
You: What if I introduced legislation that made abortion illegal? Would that be just as "fine"?
Stranger: Yeah.
You have disconnected.
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