Thursday, April 15, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: howdy
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: good question, I guess
Stranger: why do you ask?
You: Because by asking, anyone who's here for sex leaves immediately.
Stranger: hehe!
Stranger: mh. where are you from? :)
You: USA
Stranger: uh. ok
You: I'm against abortion, BTW.
Stranger: and why?
You: homicide is wrong no matter how old the victim is
Stranger: yes, thats right. but... if the child has no chance for a good life and will suffer due to underfeeding or something like that... perhaps an abortion is the better way. a way to protect the baby...
You: Protect the baby by killing her? Would you EVER consider shooting a toddler just because he's in a poor family?
Stranger: no, I would not. but that's not what I'am talking about
You: It's the same child, just younger.
Stranger: and a life in pain is better than no life?
You: You have no way of knowing how her life will turn out.
You: Would you kill a newborn who MAY grow up hungry?
Stranger: what a question... of course not!
You: Well, what's the difference?
Stranger: but... argh... my english...
Stranger: I don't know the words for a difficult subject like this one =/
You: okay
You: well, she's the same baby; if she can't be killed after birth, she can't be killed after birth.
You: If she's poor, we need to help her, not murder her.
Stranger: do YOU help her?
Stranger: ... if yes - how?
You: Yes.
You: My taxed pay for numerous social programs
You: taxes*
You: medicare, medicaid, unemployment.
You: if i could vote, i would vote for more programs
Stranger: mh, do you know metro ministries?
You: no
You: ill bookmark that thanks
Stranger: I think that's a good one. I "sponsor" a boy from new york. I hope I can help him somehow :)
You: anyway, why wouldn't you kill the same baby with the same future after she;s born?
Stranger: well. I guess because I can see her. After the birth it's... it's something other... I know, it sounds weird. But I don't know how to explain
Stranger: btw, how old are you?
You: [age]
You: no matter if you can see her she's the same person
You: plus, she can be seen through ultrasound and fetoscopy
Stranger: that's a serious subject for a person in your age. why are you that interested in it?
Stranger: are you a girl, I guess?
You: I'm interested in it because for 8 and a half months I was denied my basic human rights.
You: No, I'm a dude.
Stranger: ok.
Stranger: mh, what do you mean with "for 8 and a half months I was denied my basic human rights"?
You: From when I was conceived to when I was born, I was considered subhuman.
You: Ugh, gotta go

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