Friday, April 2, 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: go for it
Stranger: obviously not as blunt or straightforward as that
You: LOL
Stranger: but yeh, the 24 week limit should be lowered, but other than that, i have no problem with it
Stranger: except when you get 14 year old slags who use it as a method of contraception
You: Why 24 weeks?
Stranger: then it irritates me
Stranger: 24 weeks is the legal limit where i live. not sure about you
Stranger: i just think the baby is too big then
You: Wait, so big people have more of a right to live than little ones?
Stranger: it can potentially survive outside the body, and they can feel pain around .. 20 weeks, or something, i've heard
Stranger: yeh
You: So, is a it better to kill an 8 year old than a 41 year old?
You: is it*
Stranger: i'm not talking about people who are already living
You: The unborn baby IS living.
Stranger: i'm talking about things inside a woman's womb who cannot yet live if they're not feeding of their mother
Stranger: up until a certain age, if removed from the womb, it cannot survive
You: Would a dead person need food in the first place?
Stranger: sorry?
You: You said the fetus is not alive because he feeds off the nutrients in his mother's bloodstream.
You: However, only living things need nutrients to survive.
You: As far as survival ex utero, that's really dependent upon the medical technology at any time or place.
Stranger: alright, well, perhaps living was a loose term to use
Stranger: regardless of our medical technology, a 2 week old foetus is not going to be able to survive outside the womb
You: As far as the ability to feel pain, not all born people can feel pain.
Stranger: the vast, vast majority can
You: Are those who cannot less human?
You: Gabby Gingras, for example, cannot feel pain.
You: Is it okay to murder her?
Stranger: who is she?
Stranger: right, okay, i just googled her.
You: She's some kid with congenital insentitivity to pain
You: Would it be okay to kill her just because she has a never condition?
Stranger: well, no, it's not okay to murder her, because she is already able to survive outside the womb and is, in that respect, independent
Stranger: she is also aware of her surroundings, unless i'm mistaken on that
Stranger: a few week old embryo is not aware of its surroundings
You: What do you mean by "aware"?
Stranger: if she was being murdered, she would know it, unless it was being hidden from her, obviously. she can feel emotions.
You: Would you say that someone in a coma or under anesthesia is subhuman?
Stranger: they have previously felt emotions, and can survive outside the womb
Stranger: also, they are capable of feeling emotions
Stranger: they just happen to be under anaesthesia or in a coma
You: Babies that could survive outside the womb here cannot survive in third world countries with lower standards of medical care.
You: Babies that can survive outside the womb today couldn't've 300 years ago.
You: Viability is a poor standard of measuring one's human rights.
Connection imploded.
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