Friday, April 9, 2010

and i can't sustain my argument, clearly.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
[bunch of random personal stuff]
You: How do you feel about abortion?
Stranger: spontaneous question, but i suppose i'd consider myself 'on the fence' about it. i don't like idea when i think about it, but then again, there are a lot of people who shouldn't be looking after children.
Stranger: like the idea*
You: Do you think that the solution for bad parents is killing the children or finding better parents?
Stranger: better parents would be more wise, but if there is none available (highly unlikely, i know), it'd have to say kill the child. there's no point them growing up if they're only going to be hindrances on society all because of their parents bad upbringing.
You: Do you think the same thing about all children, or just unborn children?
Stranger: i don't really think about it so i'm not entirely sure to be honest.
Stranger: i'd be more leaning towards unborn.
Stranger: but it's the same either way.
Stranger: it's cruel.
You: The solution to child abuse is not doing the abusing earlier; it's not doing it at all.
Stranger: yes, you're right.
Stranger: well you clearly have a passion for this topic.
You: There's also no crystal ball you can look into to see if someone will be "a hindrance on society".
You: Of course I am.
You: From [month of my conception] to [month of my birth], I was considered someone with no legal rights whatsoever
Stranger: but obviously someone who is brought up badly is more susceptible to becoming one.
You: I wasn't even legally someone.
You: Some of history's greatest people had less-than-perfect-upbringings
You: and some of history's worst psychopaths had wonderful upbringings
Stranger: and vice versa.
You: Nonetheless, you don't loose your right to live because of the circumstances of your upbringing.
Stranger: regardless, do you really believe that you're achieving a lot by voicing your strong opinion via omegle: a playground to paedophiles.
You: If your parents were abusive, for example, I couldn't just shoot you.
Stranger: it depends how i turn out.
You: The baby has yet to "turn out" one way or the other.
Stranger: i wasn't referring to the baby.
Stranger: i was referring to me.
Stranger: if i was physically abusing others.
Stranger: because my parents did the same to me.
Stranger: i surely wouldn't want 'me' around.
Stranger: nor would you.
You: I would.
Stranger: you'd want me hurting others?
You: No, but it's not like the only way to stop you is murder.
You: There are therapists.
Stranger: i know it's not only murder.
Stranger: and they don't always help, you know that.
Stranger: i've witnessed people like i described.
Stranger: nothing helped them.
You: Yet you are okay with murdering an unborn baby for what she MIGHT grow up to be
You: whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Stranger: i told you i was not certain about it.
Stranger: say, if the baby was being looked after by a teenage mother who had no one to support her; no money; no food; no nothing.
Stranger: and it was all because she decided to recklessly have sex with no protection.
You: So anyone with a teen mom can be killed?
Stranger: i'd hate to be that child.
Stranger: there are different circumstances for each case, and i wouldn't say that.
You: You just did.
You: tranger: say, if the baby was being looked after by a teenage mother who had no one to support her; no money; no food; no nothing.
Stranger: and it was all because she decided to recklessly have sex with no protection.
Stranger: yes, i'm not blind like you (as you said).
Stranger: though i don't think every teen mum should be killed.
Stranger: because there are different circumstances.
You: No, I said everyone WITH a teen mom
Stranger: *not teen mum, the child
Stranger: i realised that.
You: Okay.
Stranger: i see your point.
You: Just having a teen mom doesn't make you subhuman.
Stranger: and i can't sustain my argument, clearly.
Stranger: i didn't mean to imply that.
Stranger: but the child would not be raised properly which is just as bad.
You: So, the solution to bad parenting is killing babies?
You: I would've thought the solution was parenting lessons or adoptiong
Stranger: the baby wouldn't be around.
Stranger: it'd be inside still, well that's how i was thinking of it.
You: *adoption.
You: It's the same baby whether she's born or 9 inches away inside her mother.
Stranger: well the mother can't really go to parenting lessons if she has no money or anything like that, nor would i think she'd even look into it.
You: So, wouldn't the solution be free parenting lessons?
You: And not murdering the innocent baby?
Stranger: go ahead and organise that then.
Stranger: rather than questioning me on omegle.
Stranger: you're no achieving much by it.
You: Well, you had to reconsider your views.
Stranger: that's one person.
You: I would consider this an acheivement:
You: Stranger: and i can't sustain my argument, clearly.
Stranger: there are many others who have much worse outlooks than me.
Stranger: and i am aware that i had to.
You: Trust me, I've spoken with several.
You: One person thought nothing was immoral.
Stranger: why do you talk to them via omegle though? wouldn't it be better to raise awareness and hold events in your own town, etc.
Stranger: instead of this site.
Stranger: sure you're getting to some people.
Stranger: but that's it.
You: Right, and be limited to my hometown?
You: And not get many people who haven't thought their views through?
Stranger: a site mostly full of horny men helps too then.
You: Are YOU a pedo?
Stranger: hahahaha.
Stranger: i added mostly.
You: You said "a playground to paedophiles"
Stranger: earlier on, yes.
Stranger: that's what this site is, basically.
Stranger: i've run into so many.
Stranger: goodluck convincing them.
You: It's not luck; it's practice.
Stranger: right.
You: Whenever you think of an excuse for abortion, ask yourself if it would also justify killing a 2-year-old.
Stranger: as i said, it's not a topic i think about at all. so as riveting as this has all been, i must go to continue my biology eei which is due next week. better luck arguing with your next omegle victim.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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